Subtle Eclectic Grandpa Elements You Can Add To Your Outfits

The newest trend to come out of our social media feeds is based on the people we most respect — our elders. Specifically, the quirky, slightly eccentric ones with delightfully eclectic taste that can only be gained with years and years of fashion experience. And while we're sure those years are worth the hassle, we aim to imitate it now, without the need of all that experience.


People are calling this elder-inspired look the "eclectic grandpa" aesthetic, and it is exactly what it sounds like. The comfy, funky style is a combination of the business casual attire many older men sport daily, and the more colorful, fun, and full-of-personality aspects that certain people develop with the passing decades. Some retro eyeframes here, a fun print there, and a pair of good quality loafers, and you have yourself an eclectic grandpa look.

If you're looking for outfit ideas that reflect your love of style but still incorporate the quirkier aspects of this new trend, this is the place to look. We've rounded up five elements to add to your outfits for that cool grandpa feel.

Tightly wound scarf

The first thing you need to know about this aesthetic is that it is all about comfort. Think dad sneakers, cozy sweaters, loose pants, warm trenchcoats — pretty much anything your own grandfather would wear. And sometimes, the most comforting thing you can throw on is a chunky scarf.


The scarf element can be introduced into any cold-weather outfit for that subtle eclectic grandpa look. All you need is a long scarf and the right technique. It's all about wrapping your scarf tightly for a functional touch that looks just as endearing on you as it does on Grandpa.

Scrunch socks and loafers

An indispensable staple for the eclectic grandpa look is a good black or tan loafer. While you can certainly get away with a comfy dad sneaker, the authenticity of the look is never the same without the traditional grandpa dress shoe.


You can pair this versatile footwear with any outfit — dresses, jeans, shorts, and skirts all look elevated with the right pair of loafers. Our preferred way to wear them is with a pair of shorts (or a skirt) that show off the legs, and a pair of scrunch socks for that stylish senior feel.

Baggy dress pants

Not to confuse office chic with eclectic grandpa, but elements of the two often coincide. Many stylish grandfathers were once office men at one point, too — and it shows. Their sleek and professional personal style has bled into their post-workforce taste, in the best of ways. 


We love to see people incorporate baggy work pants into their looks for a comfortable yet chic approach to this aesthetic. While you might be used to seeing a tighter, more structured version of dress pants in the office these days, we like our grandfathers' baggier versions better.

Oversized glasses

One thing you should never underestimate about this quirky aesthetic is its smart use of various accessories. It's all in the name: eclectic. When we see our well-seasoned, stylish elders out and about, what we notice most are the extras, not the basics of the outfit. We see the funky frames on their glasses, the pretty pattern of their ties, their statement jewelry, and their colorful socks.


To incorporate more accessories into your subtle eclectic grandpa look, go for color. For example, any neutral outfit can be enhanced with the addition of oversized sunglasses with colorful frames.

Ties and cable-knit sweaters

A simple yet underrated accessory that pairs perfectly with this trend is the classic necktie. Though briefly popular with the dark and light academia aesthetics, this accessory doesn't seem to be as beloved as the scarf or the statement necklace. But with the rise of the eclectic grandpa look, we think it's high time we sing its praises.


A necktie can go a long way in establishing this aesthetic. Pair any of your chunky cable-knit sweaters with a button-down shirt and a colorful necktie — bonus points if it sports a funky pattern.