Lana Del Rey's 2024 Grammys Look Proves That Girlcore Fashion Should Embrace Black

When it comes to girlcore fashion, we naturally associate the trend with frills, bows, roses, lace, and most predominantly, pale, blush pinks. From floral babydoll dresses to soft velvet hair bows, the darling aesthetic effortlessly charms with its femininity. But as no color is inherently feminine or masculine, could it be that the girlcore style could do better to widen its essence and include other hues and shades in the same frilly, floral manner? If there was one look at the 2024 Grammys that led us to strongly nod "yes," it's Lana Del Rey's stunning girlcore ensemble — in all black.


The singer — who received five nominations this year, including album of the year, best alternative music album, song of the year, best alternative music performance, and best pop duo/group performance — wore a black floral dress with dramatic puff sleeves, dainty black gloves, and an oversized black hair bow. Del Rey also wore her signature winged eyeliner, as well as a soft-brown lined lip. Her rich, dark hair was beautifully blown out and featured long, round bangs. All in all, her look proved that girlcore fashion should most definitely embrace black.

The vibe for embracing black in girlcore fashion is moody ballerina

You likely didn't miss the waves made by the balletcore fashion aesthetic, which also had quite a bit in common with girlcore fashion. And a moody iteration of that vibe is exactly what we picture when we envision darker girlcore hues, as perfectly demonstrated by Lana Del Rey on the red carpet at the 2024 Grammys. This slightly sullen ballerina aesthetic is the "Black Swan" energy we didn't know we needed more of.


Black bows, black lace, black floral silhouettes — the energy of her look has an edge but is ultimately quite soft. And most importantly, feminine aesthetics like girlcore, balletcore, and the coquette fashion trends are an expression of personal power for women — a reclamation of girlhood and inner child healing. "I think that comes from the need to reclaim femininity away from the negative connotation of 'girly' meaning 'frail,'" Depop's Trend Specialist Agustina Panzoni, told Refinery29. "Now it's reclaimed as a way of empowerment; 'girl' sounds more like a sign of rebellion."

Girlcore could embrace other colors too

As it's been proven by Lana Del Rey that all-black makes for a picturesque girlcore fashion moment, we can't help but wonder what other colors might elevate the aesthetic as well and open the door for a wider expression of femininity — all with the same bows, roses, and frills. Pairing deep reds and burgundies with some classic tones of the girlcore look, like blush pink or snow white, is one avenue in which we could see this expansion totally working. Or simply pairing a pale rose pink with black to achieve that moody ballerina vibe is something we can definitely get behind.


We could also see the girlcore trend working with some of the pale greens of the cottagecore aesthetic, as many of the bows and dainty frills are already present. Essentially, it seems any color could be adapted to girlcore fashion, as the essence of the aesthetic is really more in the details and the soft, feminine energy of the look as a whole. Could this look be pulled off in something like lavender or indigo? We think it's certainly possible. So, if you're feeling eager to exercise your creativity, take on the challenge and try your hand at crafting the unexpected when it comes to the gentle, girlcore look.