Kristin Juszczyk: What You Need To Know About The NFL Wife Turned Fashion Designer

Kristin Juszczyk is a name that's been making waves beyond the NFL sidelines. While many may recognize her as the supportive spouse of San Francisco 49ers star Kyle Juszczyk, her journey has extended beyond the world of football fandom. After graduating from Towson University in Baltimore in 2014, she embarked on a career in real estate, working as a realtor in Maryland. It was during this time that fate intervened, leading her to cross paths with Kyle when he was with the Baltimore Ravens. Their love story quickly unfolded, and the two had their Instagram debut a year later. In 2019, they tied the knot. "He inspires me so much because there is nobody I know that loves his job every single day," Kristin gushed about Kyle to Niners Nation in 2021. "That man wakes up with a smile on his face, and he comes home with a smile on his face ... it makes me want to go after my dreams, too."


And going after her dreams is exactly what she did. Through dedication, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Kristin has carved out a niche for herself in the competitive world of fashion. From her signature custom-made puffer jackets to the pieces in her unisex brand, everything she has created thus far has been a success. And while she's certainly a new name on the scene — one that we'll undoubtedly hear more of in the future — Kristin's story is already a clear testament to the power of passion and the pursuit of one's dreams.

Kristin Juszczyk is the name behind Taylor Swift's iconic Kansas City Chiefs jacket

Kristin Juszczyk's rise to fame in the fashion world took an unexpected turn when her creation caught the attention of pop star Taylor Swift, who is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. Juszczyk, known for her original designs, experienced a surge in recognition after Swift wore a custom Kansas City Chiefs jacket to an NFL game in January 2024. The jacket not only showcased Juszczyk's undeniable talent and opened new opportunities for the designer — but it also shed light on an underexplored area in fashion.


In a candid Instagram story, Juszczyk revealed the sacrifices she made in pursuit of her craft, showing just how painful creating these masterpieces can be. "The scars on my fingertips from stabbing myself by accident with a needle are getting crazy," she revealed. Of course, the pain just serves as a testament to her dedication and passion, proving just how far Juszczyk is willing to go to perfect her craft.

After Swift was first spotted in the jacket, fans believed that it was a custom piece by Nike. However, Kristin's husband made sure everyone knew she was the name behind the jacket. "I just wanted to make sure she got that credit," he said in a YouTube video uploaded by reporter David Lombardi. "At first, the announcers were like, 'Taylor Swift can get Nike to do anything!' And I was like, 'Ahh, come on! We got to let people know this was all Kristin.' I'm really happy to see her get that credit."


She fell in love with sewing thanks to Halloween

The designer's journey into fashion began unexpectedly, sparked by the creative energy of Halloween. "I rediscovered my love of sewing one Halloween when I decided to make a costume for Kyle and I," she recalled on her website, Designs By Kristin. Using her creative energy for costumes ignited something within her: "After finishing that project, I got a feeling like I've never felt before, a feeling like this is what I should have been doing my whole life."


From there, her passion for crafting unique pieces blossomed. The designer started by practicing on clothing she already owned. "I then began reworking my game day outfits for Kyle's games," she explained, adding, "I started reworking old T-shirts, jerseys, and even footballs into fresh designs." A majority of her pieces can be seen on her Instagram profile, where she shares her best work. With each new creation, Juszczyk bravely pushes her creative boundaries. "I continue to challenge myself to create new styles and broaden my skill set," she shared.

Kristin Juszczyk didn't study fashion and is entirely self-taught

Kristin Juszczyk's story is definitely marked by determination and self-discovery. Despite not having a formal education in fashion, she embarked on a path of self-teaching, drawing inspiration from her grandmother's crocheting sessions and the extensive resources available online. "Everyone always asks if I studied fashion in college, and the answer is no!" she revealed on her website. "I am completely self-taught. I've learned everything I know from YouTube. My love for sewing was kind of instilled in me at a young age. I spent countless nights crocheting with my grandma while watching 'Wheel of Fortune.' I definitely hung up my needle and thread for a few years — more like 20 years."


Alongside her rather new career in fashion, Juszczyk holds a license as a real estate agent in Maryland, where she and her husband met when he played for the Baltimore Ravens. While she contemplated expanding her horizons to the California real estate market, she ended up deciding against it. "I was really able to look myself in the mirror and be like, 'Okay, what do you want to do? Do you want to go after real estate?'" she revealed in an interview with Niners Nation. Juszczyk's passion for fashion ultimately prevailed, guiding her towards a path where her creativity could flourish unrestricted — and judging from her success, she made the right decision.

Her family's incredibly supportive of her fashion career

Kristin Juszczyk's success in fashion wouldn't be as remarkable without the unwavering support of those closest to her as she chased her dreams. From her husband Kyle to her extended family members, she has found a pillar of encouragement and inspiration in their consistent belief in her talent and dedication. Kyle, in particular, expressed admiration for her relentless work ethic and creative process. "She's been grinding for years now and working so hard. I'm so happy to see her get her stuff out there; everybody sees it and recognizes it was hers," he revealed in David Lombardi's video. "There's times I'm waking up three or four in the morning and she's not in bed, she's downstairs working, I'm so proud of her. I think she's extremely talented, and the things she's putting out there are one of a kind." Kyle's acknowledgment of Kristin's dedication only underscores the sacrifices she's been making to pursue her dream.


For Kristin, the support of her family extends beyond mere encouragement as they also serve as an inspiration for her. "Most of the members in my family are all entrepreneurs, starting their own businesses," she told Niners Nation. "I've always had the support from my family and inspiration from my dad and his brothers." While her talent would have shined regardless, with a family that supports her aspirations, creativity, and ambition, Kristin is surely empowered to dream even bigger.

Kristin Juszczyk used to have an online shop called Origin

Prior to her newfound fame, the designer had an online shop called Origin. For this project, Kristin Juszczyk curated a collection that surpassed conventional fashion norms. "I always say that you don't go to Origin if you're just looking for a white T-shirt and plain leggings," she revealed in her 2021 interview with Niners Nation. "You're going for that signature piece that people ask, 'Oh my god, where did you get that? That's so unique.' That was the overall brand I wanted." Origin quickly gained traction among fashion enthusiasts seeking to elevate their wardrobe with fun pieces. Crucial to Origin's success was its presence on social media, where Juszczyk showcased her designs and connected with a broader audience. "Instagram has been everything for my business," the designer admitted.


A defining characteristic of Juszczyk's Origin design was its versatility and inclusivity. Embracing a unisex approach to fashion, she challenged traditional gender norms. "A lot of my line that I'm coming out with, in my eyes, is very unisex," she revealed at the time. "My fashion is very oversized clothing, and even my hoodies that we're launching are unisex. There are no men's sizes, and there are no female sizes. It's just unisex sizing." Her commitment to inclusivity certainly underscores her vision of fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment for all — something the world certainly needs more of.

She signed a deal with the NFL to use its logos on her creations

Kristin Juszczyk's creative designs caught the attention of the NFL, and that ended in a collaboration. "We have known about Kristin and her work for some time now and had an ongoing dialogue with her," an NFL spokesperson told Sportico in early 2024. "We're continuing to explore opportunities to work together."


With her innovative approach to fan fashion and her ability to capture the essence of NFL's culture, Juszczyk secured a deal with the league to incorporate its iconic logos into her designs — one that was made public at the end of January 2024. This partnership marks a major milestone for the designer, as she gains access to NFL marks for use in both men's and women's apparel. This is of huge importance for her future work, as Juszczyk continues to push the boundaries of fashion worn to sports events.

In fact, she has managed to skillfully capture the attention of both sports fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. "Honestly one of the cooler things of this was it merged two different worlds: The football world was interested in it, the fashion world, the Swifties," her husband admitted (via Yahoo! Sports). "All that, and they all came together."


Kristin Juszczyk's social media has been blowing up

The fashion designer's social media presence has experienced a meteoric rise following the viral moment when Taylor Swift wore one of her signature puffer jackets. This exposure catapulted Kristin Juszczyk into the spotlight, and in a matter of days, she ended up getting hundreds of thousands of new followers on her social media. Her Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 945,000 followers, while her TikTok audience exceeds 400,000 followers.


On both platforms, Juszczyk offers her followers an exclusive look into her creative process, particularly as she creates each of the looks for her husband's games. From sketching her designs to stitching each piece, the designer provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the delicate craftsmanship behind her creations. Fans eagerly anticipate these insights, gaining a deeper appreciation for the dedication and artistry woven into every piece. Her transparency and authenticity on social media resonate with her growing audience, as many feel a connection with her and admire her work. And just like that, Kristin Juszczyk has grown a loyal fan base that can't wait for her next fashion move!

Taylor Swift isn't the only celebrity to support the talented designer

Kristin Juszczyk's creative designs weren't only noticed by Taylor Swift. In fact, prior to the pop star rocking the custom-made puffer, other famous names have been seen wearing a Kristin Juszczyk original. NFL wives Brittany Mahomes and Simone Biles have both proudly showcased Juszczyk's creations. 


Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, received a customized pair of white pants to wear to a game — and she was actually the one who passed along the famous puffer jacket to Taylor Swift. Meanwhile, Simone Biles, the celebrated gymnast, rocked a striking green vest artfully crafted from her spouse Jonathan Owens' Green Bay Packers jersey. Beyond the sporting world, actor Taylor Lautner also embraced Juszczyk's craftsmanship as he rocked a custom Detroit Lions jacket during a game against the Los Angeles Rams. With her designs gaining traction among such high-profile figures, Juszczyk's influence continues to grow, and she is cementing her status as a talented force in the fashion industry. Each celebrity endorsement not only elevates her brand's visibility but also validates her talent and originality as a designer.


Kristin Juszczyk's current focus is sportswear

Embracing a holistic approach to design, Kristin Juszczyk draws inspiration from her own everyday experiences, seeking to infuse her looks for the games with the same comfort and versatility found in casual, everyday attire. In a January 2024 interview with California's KRON-TV, Juszczyk shared insights into her creative process, emphasizing the importance of feeling a certain way in her clothing. 


"Women want to wear things that they feel comfortable in," Juszczyk said, underscoring a commitment to prioritizing functionality in her designs. However, creating fashionable and pretty pieces is also of major importance for the designer. "For me, I try to take silhouettes and shapes of things that I would wear in my everyday life, like if I was going out with my friends or going out to dinner and I'm like, 'Okay, how can I mimic this shape into sportswear?'" Through this very personal approach to fashion design, Juszczyk continues to showcase new options for athleisure, proving that sports and fashion are a match made in heaven.

She has been candid about her life as an NFL wife

Kristin Juszczyk's transparency about her experiences as an NFL wife certainly shed light on some of the unique challenges faced by those in a relationship with professional athletes. In her candid 2021 interview with Niners Nation, Juszczyk talked about the complexities of balancing personal aspirations with the demands of being married to an NFL player. "If you're a woman married to someone in the NFL and you want a career of your own, most of the time, it really has to be something that you are doing on your own," Juszczyk admitted. In fact, having a career that requires them to remain in one spot can put major pressure on their relationship, as football players are no strangers to traveling and moving around. "Most jobs you can't go in just for football season," she added. "A lot of people have homes elsewhere, not where they play for their team, so it's definitely tough navigation for your career path for the women."


Juszczyk's openness about her experiences certainly resonates with anyone whose partner often travels for work. Of course, while the designer has adapted to her husband's work, it's clear that she has managed to still find something for herself. Through her journey, she unknowingly also encourages others to embrace opportunities for personal growth and self-expression, all while demonstrating that adaptation in a relationship does not mean sacrificing one's individuality.

Kristin Juszczyk designed the iconic puffer jackets to support her husband

The designer's inspiration for the iconic puffer jackets came from her desire to support her husband in colder weather games while still showcasing her team spirit. "Everyone wants to represent their favorite player, and on those cold games, you're wearing a big jacket that's covering your jersey," Kristin Juszczy said (via New York Post). Her goal was to find a solution that would allow her to display her husband's jersey prominently, even in winter conditions.


"How can you represent your favorite player in winter gear so you're not covering up that jersey? You see a lot of guys wear their jerseys over sweatshirts, but they just get so big and bulky," she observed. So, the result of her creative brainstorming was the puffer vest, which offers team support while keeping her warm during chilly games. "There's so many different ways you can wear a puffer vest, you can layer it in so many different ways with sweatshirts or jackets underneath or sweaters," she added. And just like that, the classic that Juszczy customized for plenty of famous faces was born.