We Tried 8 Olive & June X Colleen Hoover Nail Polishes & 1 Is Our New Go-To Spring Shade

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Warmer weather is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to plan your first spring manicure of the year. Pastels are always great picks, but a new collab has hearts aflutter in the nail community and book circles everywhere: the Colleen Hoover x Olive & June nail polish collection. Yes, you read that right, #BookTok fans. Hoover herself, who Publishers Weekly called the "Queen of 2022's Bestseller list," has teamed up with one of our favorite lacquer lines to produce a stunning display of manicure-ready magic. With everything from whimsical press-ons to eye-popping polish colors, the extensive assortment has everything you need to turn heads as you turn the pages of your favorite reads this spring.


From pretty pink lacquers to shimmery sapphire pearls, each release in the Colleen Hoover x Olive & June Polish Set is inspired by one of the bestselling author's books, like the 2016 novel "It Ends With Us," which is slated to be released as a feature film starring Blake Lively this year. Designed in Los Angeles, California, and crafted in Korea, these aren't your ordinary nail colors. These polishes are not only gorgeous but also easy to paint with — and chip-resistant for up to 10 days. So, throw on your readers, and get ready to shine with these thrilling shades from Olive & June just in time for summer beach read season. 

Island Time is an idyllic lavender lacquer

It's hard to pick one favorite from the Colleen Hoover x Olive June collection. That said, Island Time is definitely near the top of my list. I didn't expect to fall for this lavender lacquer, but my fate was sealed as soon as I brushed on the first coat. You don't have to be a Taylor Swift superfan to know all about her Eras Tour outfits, and Island Time is like her best "Enchanted" dress in polish form — sparkly, hypnotizing, and, of course, with a purplish tint.


This purple nail color is pretty enough after one coat, though it really shines when you paint on two to three. Island Time contains a fine micro-glitter with an iridescent sparkle, and its warmish hue is romantic and super-flattering. In fact, it can look almost pink in certain lights, which is worth noting if you're expecting a cooler-toned lilac. Since it's on the thinner side, it's also one of the fastest-drying shades in the Colleen Hoover x Olive & June collection. Given its many glowing attributes, I can already tell that Island Time will be one of my new go-to colors for spring.

Brave Blush is a perfect glossy pink

You've heard of blueberry milk nails, the trendy pastel shade that took over social media last summer. But if you're looking to pull off strawberry milk nails instead, Brave Blush is an absolutely stunning selection. This Colleen Hoover x Olive & June shade is an exceptionally creamy pale pink polish that dries to a super glossy finish. Richly pigmented, Brave Blush is also opaque enough to cover each nail completely with just one coat, though I opted for two for my manicure. Olive & June's polishes never fail to impress, and Brave Blush will blow you away from the first brushstroke.


It may be one of the softest colors in the lineup, but Brave Blush delivers a powerful performance. Like other solid colors in the Colleen Hoover collection, this light pink has a slightly thicker consistency than its shimmer, glitter, or pearl shades. Still, it dries remarkably fast, and its high-shine formula makes it easy to skip the top coat.

Atlas is the perfect winter-to-spring transition shade

Named after Atlas Corrigan, protagonist Lily Bloom's old flame in Colleen Hoover's 2016 novel "It Ends With Us," the lightest shade in the collection is an alpine white pearl polish. Initially, Atlas struck me as more of a winter color than a springtime shade, but it proved to be one of my favorites nonetheless. It has an almost opalescent shine that makes each nail look lit from within. I loved how this luminescent white looked on its own, but could see it being a beautiful accent color in spring nail art. The shimmery pearl would make some adorable daisy petals or sweet polka dots over a pastel pink like Brave Blush.


Olive & June produces some of the best nail polish on the market, and Atlas is proof of this. The iridescent shade dries very quickly — in under two minutes per coat, to be precise. While one layer of polish provides a pretty, translucent sheen, I decided to use two on each nail for optimal coverage. Once it sets, Atlas develops a satiny, semi-gloss finish that emphasizes its pearlescent glow. It's super easy to remove, even around the cuticles — an impressive feat, considering shimmery shades can be a pain to peel off. 

Corrigan's mint green is a refreshing change of pace

If you need more Atlas Corrigan in your life, Colleen Hoover and Olive & June have you covered with yet another shade inspired by the "It Ends With Us" hunk. Unlike the aptly named Atlas, however, Corrigan is a delicate green shade that gives off serious Shamrock Shake vibes. It wouldn't be spring without a mint green manicure, and this may be my new favorite polish for the job. I've used dozens of pastel green shades in the past, but Corrigan is in a different league entirely.


Right away, this lacquer reminded me of mint chocolate chip ice cream — it has a barely perceptible grayish hue, giving it a sophisticated edge over similar shades. It has a slightly thinner formula, so one coat will give you a sheer wash of color, while two or more will offer opaque results. Like Atlas, it's an excellent standalone color but could easily work in nail art applications. As with other Olive & June polishes, Corrigan is a dream to paint with, and it dries in a few minutes flat.

Same Day Next Year is a cool blue you'll want to wear again and again

Every good color story needs a wild card option or two. Likely a nod to Colleen Hoover's "November 9: A Novel," Same Day Next Year is one of the more unexpected shades in the Olive & June collection — yet it's also one of the best. When you tire of pink or feel like paying homage to spring's rainy skies, this icy blue shade will be waiting for you. Olive & June describe it as a "shimmery cerulean," and it has serious early aughts vibes. It's a soft blue that's subtle enough for daily wear, though its unique look will certainly garner plenty of compliments.


Same Day Next Year has a pearlescent shine that gives it an added layer of dimension. Additionally, this twinkling blue has a lightweight, free-flowing formula, making it easy to paint with for novices and pros alike. Whether you wear it alone or pair it with another shimmer polish like Atlas for some floral nail art for spring, it's hard to take your eyes off this soothing sapphire shade.

Pull off the manicure of your dreams with Perfect Pinwheel

Pinwheels play a major role in Colleen Hoover's 2020 release, "Heart Bones," and they're also at the forefront of her collab with Olive & June. There are Perfect Pinwheel Tab Press-Ons, a short rounded style available for $8, and a punchy, coral-colored polish of the same name. Somewhere between salmon and flamingo pink, this Lilly Pulitzer-esque shade is practically begging to join you at the beach this spring and summer. Of all the polishes I tried, it was love at first sight with Perfect Pinwheel.


Perfect Pinwheel is nearly bright enough to qualify as neon, but your eyes will never tire of gazing at this gorgeous melon masterpiece. Its consistency is quite similar to Brave Blush, and it's filled with brilliant pigment for a quick and easy paint job. If you've been waiting to give winter the boot for months now, Perfect Pinwheel is a bright and bold way to announce spring's arrival through your polish of choice. Best of all, it's another Olive & June release that dries almost instantly with super-high shine, so you can throw it on quickly without reaching for a top coat.

Diner Date is an ultra-bright, hot-pink delight

I had a feeling that Diner Date had something to do with Colleen Hoover's "November 9," and Olive & June's website confirmed my suspicions. Without giving any spoilers, several diner dates take place in Hoover's 2016 novel, and this punchy pink shade is a lovely tribute. What's more, if you're looking for a Barbie-pink polish to complete your nail polish collection, you've found it — Diner Date is brighter and sassier than any hot pink polish I've seen in quite some time. It's a true neon pink that leans slightly red, and its warm-weather vibes will carry you from spring to summer with ease.


This creme polish performs a bit like Brave Blush and Perfect Pinwheel, with a smooth, self-leveling formula and thicker consistency. It gives great coverage by the first coat and an intense, Day-Glo hot pink effect by the second and third. Despite its rich pigmentation and mirror-like shine, it still hardens within mere minutes. Plus, true to Olive & June's claims, this long-wearing hot pink doesn't chip or crack at all once set. I loved how it looked solo but can't help thinking it would look fabulous as part of a triple-French manicure design.

Lily Blooms is the flirty dark fuchsia you won't want to miss

In case you weren't aware, Lily Blooms is a nod to the main character of "It Ends With Us." The brave and bold redhead will be played by Blake Lively in the upcoming film adaptation — and yes, the stunning "Gossip Girl" blondie has even swapped her hair color for the role. In the polish collection, Olive & June's ode to Lily Bloom is a deep magenta shade with tiny flecks of glitter swirled throughout.


This polish looks quite dark at first glance, especially compared to the pastels and neons that make up the bulk of the Colleen Hoover x Olive & June collection. Still, it pleasantly surprised me throughout the painting process. The initial coat revealed a rather playful, mid-toned pink that was surprisingly opaque — like the darker, sparklier sister of Diner Date. The metallic fuchsia polish has a good mix of pink, blue, and purple micro-glitter, making it the perfect backdrop for some 3D floral chrome nails at your next nail appointment.