The Hottest Color Trends For Summer 2024 Fashion

The color palette for summer 2024 fashion ranges from gentle pastels to passionate primaries. Naturally, these prevailing themes follow closely behind spring 2024 trends, which feature a similarly intriguing contrast of bold and muted shades. For instance, all spring, we've observed trends that touch upon polar ends of the color wheel, including subtle hues like butter yellow and more striking shades like cobalt blue. Now, as the days grow warmer, we can expect to see more airy pastel blends and delightful pops of color.


These color trends are heavily inspired by the prominent spring/summer 2024 runway collections — most notably those of Michael Kors, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Elie Saab, and Georgio Armani. However, the S/S 2024 shows demonstrated a collective preference for the same color categories. The major fashion houses upheld the minimalist trend by focusing on understated shades such as pastels and earthy tones while stimulating the senses with punchy candy-apple red, metallic gold, and silky fabrics. 

Ultimately, fashion-forward babes have endless fashion trends to look forward to this summer if the S/S 2024 collections are anything to go by. Prepare your warm-weather wardrobe by stocking up on these exciting summer shades.


Peach fuzz is the official color of summer

A handful of designers have paid tribute to peach fuzz, the Pantone Color Institute's color of the year throughout their S/S 2024 runway shows. This delicate shade falls somewhere between peach and beige-pink, making it a lovely shade for lounging in the sun. Peach-fuzz dresses were spotted throughout several runway collections, including the summer-ready designs of Michael Kors and Elie Saab's ethereal gowns.


Michael Kors and Elie Saab certainly weren't the only designers to fall in love with this sophisticated hue. For the majority of collections, the central theme remained the same. Models graced the runway in heaps of flowing peach fabrics, sleek cocktail dresses, and elegant peach slips. These light and breezy designs will likely trickle down into the department stores in the form of body-con midis and loose maxis, both of which pair perfectly with sandals, gold accessories, and rattan bucket bags.

Periwinkle is the most beautiful shade

Periwinkle is the trendiest summer 2024 color to include in your wardrobe. It's by far the most versatile color for summer pieces, as there's never a shortage of pastel purple crop tops, blouses, and accessories in summer collections. Lilac, lavender, and periwinkle pastels are also easy to style, as you can get away with combining them with both light and dark colors. Moreover, pastel lilac designs were seen on many runways, including from Georgio Armani, Maison Margiela, and Tom Ford collections. This not only demonstrates this shade's popularity but also emphasizes the likelihood of pale purple pieces hitting the shelves in the coming months.


Generally, people associate pastel purple with dainty dresses and blouses — for good reason. Elie Saab's couture collection featured at least one stunning periwinkle gown fit for a summer gala. However, you're not limited to one style this summer. Instead, experiment with modern styles by considering pieces with ethereal sheer details, quirky fringe embellishments, and unique fabrics.

Summer calls for bold red dresses

Elie Saab's Haute Couture line comprised knock-out designs that embodied summer 2024's complex palette. While many of the Elie Saab S/S 2024 runway looks circled the pastel color wheel, the designer threw the crowd's senses for a loop by displaying three red designs near the end of the show. Bright red tones enliven the senses, making it perfect for the summer. This livewire shade takes spring 2024's deep cherry tone and transforms it to suit the excitement of summer beach days.


To pull off this candy apple red shade, reach for red floral sundresses and spicy beach party outfits. Red cocktail dresses are always a hit, and so are off-the-shoulder midis and maxis. You can also go for a red blouse or skirt and pair it with a neutral piece, such as white, to balance the loud shades. Additionally, consider a vintage-inspired red and white polka-dot dress, as they align with the current polka-dot dress trend. Swipe on your favorite red lippie, and you've created an irresistible summer 'fit.

Dreamy blue-toned fabrics inspired by nature

Warm weather and blue skies signal the arrival of wedding season. So, as the wedding invitations roll in and your weekends fill up, you'll need to coordinate colors and brainstorm dress ideas. Thankfully, pastel blues are always a winning bet when it comes to wedding guest ensembles. You can't go wrong with sky-blue hues, as they complement all kinds of airy and ocean-inspired silhouettes, including the ongoing mermaidcore obsession.


Sky blue was a prominent shade throughout Paris Fashion Week, with designers Peet Dullaerte, and Valentino. Georgio Armani also incorporated cool blue tones into its runway collection with classic silk fabrics and matching accessories. The designer's bandeau and maxi skirt design featured a structured chrome bandeau, which helped break up the dynamic feel of the outfit. Take inspiration from this layered ensemble by combining a tiered dress or skirt with a statement belt or accessory. Sky blue pairs seamlessly with silver — or gold, depending on your undertone — and a blue-toned beauty look.

You can never wear too much gold

It should come as no surprise that gold is one of summer 2024's hottest colors. In fact, the runways couldn't get enough of this decadent shade this year. Models graced the catwalk in glorious golden gowns, gold accessories, and gold-foil hair accents. In particular, Zuhair Murad and Schiaparelli took advantage of this royal color with shimmery sequin beading details and slinky silhouettes.


While it can sometimes feel like you're dressing for a New Year's ball when slipping on a glittering gold dress, you can avoid overdressing by maintaining a balance through your choice of accessories and hairstyle. For instance, pair a deep, V-neck dress with a slicked-back bun, delicate jewelry, and stiletto heels for a fancy night out. On the other hand, let your hair down in laissez-faire beach waves when attending a casual event. In this case, reach for your gold hoop earrings and white platform sandals. To wear satin high-waisted pants, pull on a white blouse and chunky gold earrings and grab a matching clutch.