Lindsay Lohan's Stunning Hair Transformation

Lindsay Lohan has been charming fans ever since she played the adorable copper-haired twins Annie and Hallie in the 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap." The actor was blessed with naturally red locks, and her hair color quickly became a key part of her signature look. And yes, she's all about her natural hue. As she wrote in a 2023 TikTok post titled "Conversations with Little Me," "I love my red hair!" 


As much as she loves her red hair — and who wouldn't? — she's also experimented with different colors and styles. From brunette to blond and back to red, Lohan can rock just about any color. And, while she favors long hair, there was a brief moment in the early 2000s when she debuted a textured bob. Not one to stay with one style for too long, the "Mean Girls" star frequently changes things up and keeps fans guessing, but it's safe to say that many of her hair transformations have been nothing short of stunning.

Lindsay Lohan's shiny dark brown moment in 2005

While 2005 wasn't the first time Lindsay Lohan had a brunette moment, it was definitely her darkest brunette shade yet. Her nearly black strands were a moody and edgy look for the "Rumors" singer. Needless to say, it was quite a departure from her red or blond looks. As striking it was, the dark brown hue did enhance the shine in Lohan's hair. That year, she also opted for a long side fringe that everyone was rocking in the early aughts. Perhaps she wanted to twin with her pal Kim Kardashian, who was known for her dark brown hair and swooping layers at the time. 


When Lohan was ready to switch it up again, going back to red was not an easy feat. As she once told Allure, "Definitely the hardest color was when I went really dark. I think it was because I was going from being darker I think, and I was trying to get back to my natural lighter red." She added, "I feel like it takes you learning yourself to like, know what suits you best, and over time, after messing with my hair and trying different things ... I ended up realizing like, I loved my hair red the most."

Lindsay Lohan went blond in 2008

In 2008, Lindsay Lohan had a buttercream blond moment. Her side-swept bangs had grown out by then, which allowed her to incorporate some cheekbone-grazing layers into her long tresses. The super rich, multi-faceted tones in the color perfectly complemented Lohan's skin tone. You could see hints of her natural hair color at the roots, which added an extra layer of dimension. Suffice it to say, when she arrived at the "Cloverfield" premiere with this 'do, she flat-out looked like a Hollywood bombshell.


Lohan has played around with different shades of blond over the years and this one was a winner, especially when she styled her hair with big, loose curls, à la Pamela Anderson. The following year, her movie "Labor Pains" hit theaters. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't exactly a smash, with Time Out calling the movie "unfunny, poorly scripted fluff." Hey, at least Lohan's hair was shining. 

Lindsay Lohan's '70s bangs with platinum blond hair in 2012

Lindsay Lohan kicked the blond up a notch with a platinum blond hairstyle. In 2012, the actor attended an amFAR event in New York. There, she showed off her super light blond shaggy curtain bangs and big '70s waves. It was a very Farrah Fawcett look. 


In a 2010 chat with Modern Salon, Lohan's hairstylist, George Papanikolas, broke down everything that went into taking her hair from dark brown to blond. While that particular shade of blond wasn't as light as Lohan's platinum color, it still took Papanikolas around nine hours to bring her hair to a buttery blond shade. "This is a major process. This is probably a colorist's worst nightmare situation just because it's such a drastic change," he shared.

Not everyone was a fan of Lohan's blond hair over the years. She told Vogue that when she first dyed her hair in 2005, some people in her inner circle tried to stop her. "No one wanted me to dye my hair blond. Everyone was like, 'Do not do that, you're going to ruin your red hair.' Especially like, my mom. And this is the problem when you go from red to blond and you do it in a rush, it goes yellow," she stated. Lohan stuck with the platinum shade for a couple of years and then went back to the color we all adore on her.


Lindsay Lohan dazzled with a strawberry blond color in 2021

Lindsay Lohan's strawberry blond hair was one of the most gorgeous shades of red ever. It was anything but brassy — rather, it was a light, honey color with a tinge of warm copper. In a selfie shared on May 10, 2021, Lohan showed off bouncy red waves that brought out her green eyes. "Happy Monday," she captioned the post. Over in the comments section, her fans dropped compliment after compliment — and yes, many of whom pointed out how stunning her hair looked.


 Lohan seems more than happy to stick with her red hair. "My hair was starting to grow back red, and I was starting to look like a white pumpkin with orange roots, so I was like, 'This is a sign that I'm meant to go back to red,'" she told W Magazine in 2018. "With blonde hair, you really have to maintain and everything I wear is different. You feel like you have to be blonde. And I don't want to have to feel like that in life," the actor added. 

Lindsay Lohan continues to embrace her red hair in 2024

Could it be that Lindsay Lohan is done being a bottle blond? It seems the red is here to stay. At the end of 2023, she went a few shades darker than her strawberry blond color with a beautiful auburn shade. "Wishing everyone a Blessed year. May it be filled with Love, Good Health, Peace and Happiness! Full of gratitude," she wrote in a 2023 New Year's Eve Instagram post. With barely any makeup and her hair down in loose waves, Lohan looked happy and glowing against her Christmas tree. When she attended Vanity Fair's Oscars party a few months later, her rich, flowing auburn locks were absolute perfection. 


For the last few years, her hair color has looked a lot like it did way back when she was in "The Parent Trap." In 2022, she played into this a bit, sharing a TikTok where she lip-synced along with one of her two characters' lines of dialogue. (The line? "Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don't.") Clearly, Lohan has embraced her show biz past and her red tresses.