Lover-Era Nail Ideas For Your Next Taylor Swift-Inspired Manicure

Every Swiftie has their favorite Taylor Swift era, and if yours happens to be "Lover," chances are you appreciate all things romantic and colorful– especially when it comes to your manicure. The pop star's seventh studio album is known for its happy, upbeat songs, like "Cruel Summer" and "ME!" as well as its dreamy aesthetics. During that era, we saw Swift wear everything from pastel-colored hot pants to rainbows jackets and sequin blazers. 


So if you're looking to tap into that "Lover" energy with your manicure, you've got plenty of options. We're talking glitter, lots of soft pinks, and tie-dye. And, we can't forget about little heart motifs to replicate the pink glitter one around Swift's eye on her album cover. From cloud-like designs to dip powder manicures, here are ways you can have your hands look ready for your own "Lover" era.

Recreate Taylor Swift's Lover album

You can literally have Taylor Swift's "Lover" album art at your fingertips with tie-dye nails. If you think you need to head over to the salon for this look, it's a lot easier than you think and you can totally DIY it. After applying a base coat, simply add a few drops of blue, pink, and yellow polish  to a separate dish  of water and swirl around with a needle. Once you've mixed it, submerge your fingernails into the container. As you remove your hands, the polish design should adhere to each nail.


You can also paint three stripes directly on your nails and swirl it around with a tiny brush.

Don't worry about the effect looking uniform, as each nail should have its own pattern. And, don't forget to draw a pink heart on one nail once everything dries!

Matte pink nails with accent colors

Pink is definitely a prominent color for the "Lover" era and a nail polish in a pastel shade is the perfect base for a manicure that pays tribute to it. Swift herself even references the color directly in "It's Nice to Have a Friend" singing, "Light pink skies light up the roof."


Apply the to all but your middle and ring finger — you'll want to leave those for a couple of accent colors such as glittery fuchsia and opaque white. For added charm, draw a small heart or "TS" initials on the ring finger.

Clear polish with pastel hearts

For a subtle nod to Taylor Swift's "Lover" era, go for a shiny clear base and draw pastel hearts in various shades all over your nails. The color scheme is a nice callback to the many pastel shades the singer wears in the "ME!" music video. If the thought of drawing tiny shapes is daunting, Ipsy has the perfect hack. All you need is a thin metal nail tool or bobby pin. Using the rounded tip, draw two small dots next to each other and then drag the sides down into a point. Voilà — instant heart.


Glossy baby pink nails with a glitter accent

Nothing says "Lover" era more than a soft, pastel pink polish. Whether it's Valentine's Day or you're celebrating an anniversary, this shade is the perfect one to woo your beau with. Instead of going pink all around, color your middle or ring finger an opaque white shade. Now for the fun part — apply glitter to your nails like a pro by dragging the polish from the base to around the halfway point for an ombré effect.


Easter egg-colored nails

Taylor Swift loves leaving her fans Easter egg clues in her lyrics and music videos, so painting your nails in various pastel shades is so fitting. You can alternate between a pink and lilac shade or why not go for it and use a bright yellow and robin's egg blue? Or, for a new twist on the classic mani, pastel French tips are the minimalist way to embrace spring colors.