Dip Powder Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

If you're tired of your regular gel manicure and are looking for a long-lasting polish option that doesn't involve exposing your hands to UV light you may want to give a dip powder manicure a try. Not only do dip powder manicures last just as long, if not longer than gel manicures, but there's no curing involved. "Unlike gel, which is applied like polish and cured with a UV light, dip powder is applied directly to the nail via a three-step process—base/primer coat, color coat until desired coverage is achieved, activator/top coat — and air dries so you don't need a UV light," Juli Russell, a DIY nail expert for Sally Beauty, tells Women's Health.

Dip powder manicures don't have to be one solid color, either. You can still do glitter, ombré, and French tips with dip powder, although gel may give you a bit more options when it comes to nail art. "It's a great option for someone who works with their hands a lot or doesn't have the time to dedicate to weekly manicure maintenance," Russell adds (via Women's Health). If you've been thinking about giving this manicure trend a try, take a look at these dip powder nail designs that are sure to inspire your next manicure.

Mirror nails

Mirror nails are one of this season's hottest new nail trends, and you don't have to go for a regular gel manicure to get this sleek effect. After your nail technician applies the chrome powder to your nails, they'll buff it smooth before applying a water-based top coat to help avoid any cracking. After that, a regular top coat will be added to help make your mirror manicure last even longer.

Tortoiseshell French

Many believe that you can't do nail art or get creative when it comes to dip nail manicures, but that isn't the case. We love how this nail artist created this tortoiseshell French manicure, but instead of opting for the traditional black and brown polishes for the tips, they used shades of blue to make it more interesting.

Red side French

This pale pink manicure features two accent nails with red side French tips. We can't help but be reminded of Valentine's Day with this romantic manicure but is a look that can work at any time of year. Using two different colors of dip powder can create a simple yet striking look.

Snowflake nail decals

To create this seasonal manicure, this nail artist applied a milky white dip powder base to the nails with a subtle French tip, while covering one accent nail in clear polish. They then applied snowflake decals to the accent nail. Nail decals are a great way to add a little fun and personality to any manicure.

Black and pink splatter

Add a little color to your nails with this black and pink splatter design. Dip powders come in a variety of solid pigments as well as mixed versions with matte glitter to give this effect that is reminiscent of paint splatter. This design works for a full manicure or even a lone accent nail.

Neon Yellow

Make a statement with these neon yellow nails. You can add a glitter accent nail like this nail artist did or go for the full neon manicure. You don't have to save your neon nails for the summer of that tropical vacation, either, because this look is a huge trend.

Glorious green

We love how this nail artist incorporated a few different techniques to create this flawless look. After applying the green dip powder to all nails, a glitter coat was applied to create one accent nail and one nail with a gradient glitter finish. Nail gems and intricate nail art help complete this stunning manicure.

Halloween pink

We love a good theme nail! Celebrate with this pretty dip powder manicure topped with Halloween nail art. Mummies, pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders are made a little less spooky thanks to the pink base coat. Thanks to the durability of dip powder this manicure will last you almost all of the spooky season.

Orange and purple

With a little creativity (and a lot of talent) you can create custom looks with your dip powder manicure. This nail artist combined orange and purple powders to create this unique design. In addition to alternating the colors on different nails, this nail artist combined the colors on two nails to complete the look.

Winter white

A white manicure looks good on anyone, which is why it is so popular. White is the ultimate in neutral nail colors, and it will match any outfit while looking clean, crisp, and classy. If you want to try a dip manicure for the first time but are unsure what color to choose, you will never go wrong choosing this winter white dip powder.


White manicures aren't just gorgeous by themselves but they also make the perfect base for some intricate nail art. Whether you choose nail decals or have a talented nail artist who can create nail art like these stunning blue butterflies, everyone will be talking about your nails. A milky white dip powder was the base for this gorgeous mani.

Navy blue

Nail artist Queenie Nguyen explained on Instagram that "2022 is all about 50 shades of blues..." and we couldn't agree more. This navy blue with glitter accents is the perfect shade for the fall. The deeper shade of blue has us feeling all warm and fuzzy, while the sparkle makes this look perfect for holiday parties.

Hot pink

If you're looking for a fun, sexy, and playful color for your next manicure, choose a vibrant look like this hot pink powder. This color oozes femininity and confidence. Although this color is striking on the beach or poolside, you can wear it any time of the year for an extra pop of color when you need it.

Yellow daisies

Too cute! What better way to celebrate spring, or simply brighten your day than with the addition of daisy nail art? Daisies are usually associated with a more youthful look, but this deeper yellow powder used on the solid color nails gives this manicure a more sophisticated vibe while still being totally adorable.

Glitter pink

Adding glitter to your manicure is one way to take a neutral powder from classic to creative. Pink, gold, and silver glitter powder is added over a pale pink base to add some dimension to the nails while also creating a few different looks. It's subtle enough for daytime wear yet has just the right amount of sparkle to work for a night on the town.

Orange ombré

Ombré nails, a gradient of color over the nails, have grown in popularity recently. This is such a fun look and one that is almost easier to create using dip powders over gel polish. What's more, dip powder brand Kiara Sky explains, "It is most common to have a light color at the beginning of the nail, which will gradually blend into a darker color once it reaches the tip."

Winter wonderland

You can create this gorgeous winter wonderland theme nail using a glitter red dip powder and painting a snowflake on one statement nail. This manicure looks like it was difficult to do, but, in fact, this is something beginners can try at home with ease. And since no two snowflakes are the same, you can switch up your statement nail on each hand and not worry if you can't match your snowflakes.

French with gems

There is nothing quite as timeless as a classic French manicure. This nail artist elevates this style by creating a gradient tip on one nail and side tips on another before adding gems on the pinkie nail and a diamond cuff on another nail. Although each nail is different, the look is so cohesive that we can't help but be in awe.

Black tips

Another twist on the French manicure is switching up the color of the tips from classic white to black. We've seen endless variations of this timeless look, but if you're looking for something simple but with a bit more edge than the traditional color combination, you need to try black tips. The almond shape of these nails helps accentuate the look, creating a chic and sophisticated manicure.

Matte red

One quick and easy way to give your manicure a new fresh and chic vibe is to use a matte dip powder. Matte finishes are a huge trend in 2022, especially during the fall months. "When you see matte-finished nails, you immediately think of fall," celebrity nail technician Diamond Tiarrah Walton tells Byrdie. This deep red works so well because dip powders are naturally more pigmented.

Pale pink and marble

"Marble nails are on the top of the list when it comes to popular nail styles this year," Los Angeles-based nail artist Anna Joe said tells Appoint Fix. "Many clients ask for it, but besides the classic marble manicure from the last years, they come with different demands." That includes different color marbling and using this technique on statement nails as this manicure does. Once you do this, you'll never go back.

Pretty in pink

Make your hands look pretty in pink with this classic pink manicure. There are endless shades of pink dip powder because it is one of the most popular nail colors. We love this shade of pink because although it's not quite as Barbie pink as a traditional hot pink, it's still vibrant to give off those fun and playful vibes.

Gradient sparkles and nail art

Glitter polish gives off holiday and evening vibes but creating a gradient effect using glitter makes this manicure great for everyday wear. Accenting one statement nail with gradient glitter is a beautiful way to add a bit of sparkle to your manicure, but we love how this nail artist created dandelion nail art using glitter to add a touch of whimsy as well.

Baby blue shimmer

Blue is one of the hottest shades this year for manicures, which is why we are in love with this baby-blue shimmer look. "Always a favorite, we won't see bright blue going anywhere anytime soon," Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB, predicted to InStyle. "Pastels also feel warm and can brighten any mood." This color is perfect for winter, too! 

Naturally nude

Nude nails are ideal for those that embrace a minimalist look. "A clean, natural nail compliments everything; it's a classic look that won't look out of place at work or for a special occasion," nail technician Metta Francis tells Harper's Bazaar. This look adds just a bit of variation to the otherwise solid color manicure by adding a side tip on one statement nail.

Classic pink

Delicate, soft, feminine, and classic are all words used to describe this classic pink dip powder. Pink nails will always be on trend, and if you're looking for something a bit understated but with more color than the milky white trend that has been popular lately, this soft classic pink is a solid choice.

French love

Add some fun nail art to your French manicure to add a bit of personality. Emily H. Rudman, CEO and Founder of Emilie Heathe, explained to Refinery29 that this is a hot trend for 2022, saying, "Embellished French manicures are everywhere right now. Think of it as a typical French manicure, perhaps in a fun color, with some other design element accompanying it." With this look, your outfits will be elevated to new heights.

Purple perfection

The increase in purple manicures this year is no accident. Veri Peri is a vibrant blueish-purple shade of periwinkle and was named by Pantone as the color of the year. As such, it has been popping up constantly on manicures lately. The above nail artist combined purple, pink, and black glitter to create a fun and on-trend look with this manicure.

Watermelon sugar

Once again, blue nails are hot this year, and so is nail art. Combine the two, and you have this stunning summer manicure. How cute are these watermelon slices painted on these statement nails? If you're not confident in your nail art skills, you can get decals to create different looks to fit your moods and season. Whether this is actually a consequence of Harry Styles' hit song "Watermelon Sugar" or not may be up for the debate, but what's not is that this look is incredibly hot.

Pastel perfection

This pastel manicure featuring a few different neutral shades plus one glitter statement nail is ideal for those who love that minimalist look but want to add just a touch of sparkle. This look is classic enough for daytime but also works for an evening out. We love the addition of the blue polka dot on the thumb for added creativity.