Rihanna's Blond Hair Is Just The Start Of Summer 2024's Hottest Color Trend

It's official — anything Rihanna touches turns into an instant hit. Whether it's her out-of-the-box style, impeccable makeup, or sleek manicures, the superstar reigns lifestyle trends like no other. Naturally, when she lightened her strands in 2023, the world lost its mind (well, we did). Not only did the rich honey blond look fabulous on the beauty mogul, but it became the hottest hair color trend overnight.


With summer just around the corner, you might be itching for a change, and switching up your hair color ranks among the easiest ways to revamp your look. If we have any say in the matter, we'd recommend going lighter. Granted, not everyone will look equally good in the same shade of blond, which is why it's crucial for you to entrust your locks to a professional hair stylist. "For personalized advice, it's best to consult a professional hairstylist who can assess your skin tone and help you choose the most flattering blonde shade," colorist Abby Haliti emphasized when speaking to Grazia.

Nevertheless, you can still come to the salon with an idea — or our list of the five hottest blond shades for summer 2024. With a variety of undertones, there's a type of blond here for everyone. From the warmth of honey to the cooler allure of platinum and chantilly, you're sure to find your new blond go-to.


Warm honey blond might be the hottest hair color of 2024

Warm honey blond is the color version of the melting honey highlights, and it seems poised to reign supreme for the rest of 2024, keeping the summer spirit alive once the season fades away.

For optimal results, skip the box dye and head to your nearest hair salon. The stylist will tailor the coloring formula depending on your existing hair color, but the end result should be a warm-toned blond hue. While it looks beyond fabulous on darker skin tones, anyone with a warmer undertone can easily pull it off.


Chantilly blond is a creamy summer dream

The trend of naming hair colors after food shows no signs of stopping. Popularized by Beyoncé, chantilly blond is a cooler-toned hue that resembles the color of chantilly, a creamy French dessert infused with vanilla.


Characterized by creamy highlights, chantilly blond is regular blond's cool cousin. While the upkeep might be a hassle, the advantage of this vanilla-inspired shade is that it complements most skin tones. What's more, it's the ideal layover to platinum town if you started out with a darker hair color, giving you the best of both worlds.

A soft blond shade will brighten your summer

A soft blond shade is ideal for those looking to switch their hair color up without commitment. The slightly lighter iteration of the warm-toned "earth-blond," soft blond can be tailored to suit your preferences.


Darker skin tones can benefit from both a darker and a lighter shade, while fair-skinned individuals typically look best with a lighter soft blond. Another great thing about this natural-looking shade is that it can easily be achieved with techniques like balayage or babylights, making it easier to maintain (a crucial aspect during the summer).

Platinum blond: The icon that never left

Platinum blond is like the popular girl in high school — everyone wants to be her friend, but they're kind of afraid of her. If you ever wanted to dip your toes in the platinum pool, summer 2024 is high time to do so.


Despite being one of the harshest shades on your strands, platinum blond offers more than it takes. Not only will it give you a glistening summer effect, but the sun will work in your favor and keep your platinum shade looking as fresh as the day you got it. 

The bravest should go for an icy blond

Despite being one of summer 2024's hottest hair color trends, this shade of blond is as cool as it gets. Although its name might not be reminiscent of fun in the sun, icy-blond hair will be the ultimate transformation you need this summer season.


Perfect for seasoned blonds, icy blond will come out looking best when done by a professional; experimenting over a sink isn't recommended. Once you're out in the world with the boldest blond possible, you might find yourself feeding into the "blonds have more fun" myth.