Ayo Edebiri's 3D Iridescent Nails Prove Mermaidcore Isn't Going Anywhere

Multi-talented actor and comedian Ayo Edebiri is on fire. She's one of the hottest young stars on screen and the 28-year-old has amassed a dedicated fan following thanks to her major role in the TV series "The Bear," alongside actor Jeremy Allen White. The "Bottoms" actor has racked up an impressive resume with a growing list of films, TV series, comedy sketches, and even screenwriting credits. What's more, Edebiri proves that she's also skilled in the art of beauty and fashion. For instance, the "Black Mirror" star wore a mermaid-inspired manicure to Pixar's "Inside Out 2" premiere and we simply cannot stop thinking about it.


The "Dickinson" celeb rocked several summer 2024 beauty trends with her opalescent mani, including the ocean-loving mermaidcore aesthetic and the whimsical 3D gummy nail trend. Edebiri was quick to remind us that mermaidcore isn't going anywhere. This ethereal ocean aesthetic found its way into several spring/summer 2024 runway looks and Edebiri was quick on the uptake. She even paired her sea glass manicure with a tropical blue capri suit by Bottega Veneta and loose mermaid waves. Edebiri is clearly in her water nymph era just in time for summer, and we're excited to hop on the beachy bandwagon.

Create a marble effect by combining colors

To recreate the actors' 3D nails, you'll first want to decide on the color combination. Manicurist Eri Ishizu opted for a marble color effect and chose to mix pearly white, navy blue, and burgundy polishes for Ayo Edebiri's premiere mani, as shown in her Instagram post. But hold up, let's backtrack: You always want to begin with a solid base before applying any polish. Before moving in with a base coat, remember to push back your cuticles, buff the surface of your nails, and give your nails a trim. Edebiri went for an ultra-mini manicure this time around, so if you want to copy her exact look, cut your nails short. Alternatively, keep your long nails for a dramatic marble manicure or consider a French manicure option. 


Next, swipe on a clear base coat polish and cure it with a UV lamp if using gel. To achieve the subtle marble design, refrain from covering your nails with polish from cuticle to tip. Instead, use your colored polish sparingly and lightly dab with a sponge or applicator brush. Repeat the same technique for the other polishes and combine the colors to your liking. For instance, choose a different base polish for each nail and add a swirl of other shades in the center, or you can keep it uniform and apply the same amount of color to each nail. This specific manicure design allows some leeway, so experiment with the marbling process until you create your perfect look.

Dust with iridescent powder and a scoop of top coat

After applying the colored polishes, swipe on a non-wipe top coat and cure (or air dry) once again. Now, it's time to create the goopy 3D texture that makes this nail design so irresistible. First, Ayo Edebiri's manicurist goes in with a dusting of iridescent or chrome powder to create the distinctive pearly sheen. You'll want to spread the powder evenly for maximum shine, so use a sponge nail applicator — or a clean eyeshadow sponge — to swipe on the powder. Apply a thin layer and be sure to coat your nails evenly, while buffing it out with the sponge. If you apply too much, use a brush to gently swipe off the excess powder.


Lastly, scoop a tiny glob of clear top coat polish on each nail and use a micro detailing brush to mold the 3D design. This part requires some patience, but it'll all be worth it when you see the finished product. Additionally, consider adding a few rhinestone gems and seashell decals. Then, cure your nails as the final step — et voilà! You're now ready to embrace your inner sea siren.