Beauty Brands That Aren't Sold At Ulta (But We Wish Were)

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When you walk into Ulta, the clouds open up, angels sing, and you're instantly transported into a magical land of almost every beauty product at your disposal. Rows upon rows of brands such as Fenty Beauty, NYX, and Lancôme are there for you to peruse and purchase without having to step foot in multiple stores. However, when looking for a specific line, you might find Ulta lacking as they don't carry every beauty brand under the sun — which we admit is impossible.


It's disappointing when Ulta doesn't have your fave beauty brand in stock, as it's more profitable to stack up on your points with one store, as opposed to buying one thing there and another at Sephora. And, while there's no shortage of substitutes at Ulta, we direly hope these labels will make their way into the nationwide chain. Hopefully, the higher-ups will hear our wishes and start carrying them soon. Our OPI-polished fingers will be crossed until then!

We're raring to see Rare Beauty on Ulta shelves

Ever since Selena Gomez's cosmetics line Rare Beauty launched in 2020, fans have been impressed with the quality of the products. The range of colors and simple but elegant packaging had us all itching to get our hands on every single item. From foundations with a range of almost 50 shades to its pigment-perfect Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, there's undoubtedly something for everyone. And, we love that the line is vegan and cruelty-free.


Unfortunately, Rare Beauty is only sold on the company's website, Amazon, and at Sephora. Ulta lovers are holding out for hope that Gomez and Co. will make the jump to their favorite beauty chain. "Do y'all think Rare Beauty will also come to Ulta soon? I am super excited about Fenty, Chanel, etc and hopeful that it means more brands that were exclusively with Sephora will hop over too," a Reddit user asked. "I hope so ... My safe place is Ulta and once Rare Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury is in Ulta, I'M SET!" a fan responded. Some reviewers have predicted that Rare Beauty will head to Ulta after its contract expires with Sephora — until then, we'll just have to get our Rare Beauty fix elsewhere.


Haus Labs would be a hit at Ulta

Haus Labs is another celebrity-owned beauty brand founded by none other than Lady Gaga. When she launched the line in 2019, it only consisted of liners, lip glosses, and a liquid-to-shimmer powder named Glam Attack. All of her products were designed to be multi-use, including the shimmer powder. "The applicator [a flat, doe-foot with a liner-sharp point] on the Glam Attack gives you the opportunity to apply it very heavily, or lightly and shade it out, or to do both. You can use it as a highlighter. You could use it on your lips, with the exception of Dynasty [an emerald green]," Lady Gaga told Allure.


Back then, Haus Labs was only available on its website and on Amazon. However, in 2022, the line became available at Sephora and expanded to offering multi-purpose pigment paints, lipsticks, eyeliners, and bronzer. The brand now boasts a wide range of foundation colors, concealers, tinted lip oils, and brushes, to name a few. YouTube vlogger juicyjas tested some Haus Lab products and raved about the quality. According to her, a few must-haves are the eye paints, lip oil, and lip lacquer, which are sadly not available at Ulta as of yet.

Huda Beauty purchases would reap many Ulta reward points

Huda Kattan is one of the biggest success stories in the beauty world. The makeup guru started out as a beauty blogger who gained fame by creating a line of false lashes in 2013 with just $6,000. It became a hit at Sephora and now Huda Beauty is a billion-dollar company offering everything from foundations to gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. "I genuinely love each and every one of our products. If there's anything that I feel like could be improved on, we keep going until we make it perfect! One of the products that we're bringing out this year took four years to get right!" Kattan shared with Sephora.


There's no shortage of stores where you can find Huda Beauty. In addition to Sephora and its website, the brand is sold at Kohl's and Walmart. Sadly, it's not available at Ulta stores, much to fans' disappointment. In fact, one even started a petition to have the line at their fave makeup chain. "Huda Beauty is an awesome line of makeup that should be carried in Ulta not only so we can get the benefits of their point system but because they have stores everywhere and because of that more makeup lovers will be able to get these products!!" they wrote. The petition is just 42 signatures short of reaching the 100 goal so Ulta lovers need to get on it stat.

Tower 28 is a fan-favorite

For those who love clean beauty that's budget-friendly, Tower 28 is the way to go. Launched in 2019 by Amy Liu who worked in the beauty industry on the business side, the brand is great for those who need gentle products for their skin. The University of Southern California alum, who has eczema, tailored her products to those with skin sensitivities. "I felt like there was a lot of products available for sensitive skin in skincare but not necessarily in color. And a lot of the products for sensitive skin weren't nontoxic, and products that were nontoxic weren't great for sensitive skin, because they had essential oils and things like that. I felt like it was something I could do," Liu told Women's Wear Daily.


Tower 28 can be found at Sephora, Kohl's, Credo Beauty, and Amazon so it's readily available for buyers. We think it would do well at Ulta given the line's price point. The products aren't so expensive that one item is a splurge and a couple of purchases can go towards maximizing your Ulta Rewards points if you use them strategically.

Oribe would be a great addition to Ulta's luxe hair brands

While there's no shortage of haircare products at Ulta, the one popular line that's missing from its collection is Oribe. The luxe beauty brand isn't easy on the wallet, with the Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo going up to $170 for its largest size at Sephora but many users think it's money well spent. "I have used this shampoo & conditioner for almost two years now and is hands down the VERY best I have ever used. Not only does it smell amazing, my hair has never been so soft, looked so shiny, felt so healthy. WELL worth every single penny!" one reviewer wrote.


If you want to splurge on haircare at Ulta, there are other options, however. Pureology's Nanoworks Gold Shampoo is similar to Gold Lust Repair and is cheaper at $104. Olaplex is also highly reviewed and is another great alternative to Oribe. However, Ulta, if you're listening: Oribe fans would flock to your store if you carried the line.