Beth Miller

Tusculum College, University Of Virginia Charlottesville, University Of Tennessee Knoxville
Mental Health, Wellness, Relationships
  • Beth began her love affair with books as a little girl and the romance carried her all the way through to a PhD in literature, which she received in 2013.
  • In addition to her passion for reading, Beth is an avid writer and has taught writing and literature courses at the university level for more than 15 years.
  • When Beth's not reading, writing, or teaching, she's decorating, and she has recently put the finishing design touches on the little house she moved into more than a year ago.


Beth has always been fascinated by the power of words to help and to heal. This fascination carried her into the field of higher education, where she earned her doctorate in English. From there, she embarked on her career as a writer and teacher. To this day, Beth remains immeasurably grateful for the opportunity to earn her living doing what she loves and does best. Writing is Beth's superpower.


Beth received her BA in English at Tusculum College in Greenville, Tennessee, an MA in English at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and a PhD in English at the University of Tennessee Knoxville

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