Colors You Need To Ditch From Your Wardrobe ASAP

The colors you choose to wear say a lot about you and your personality. The colors you wear also send a loud message to the people around you about how you want to be perceived. It's abundantly clear that people in society are treated differently based on the way they look. While we can't control biological things like our height, we have endless power when it comes to the clothing we choose to rock every day. 

Each color of the rainbow represents something different, holds a different vibration, and attracts various levels of energy from other people. If you aren't cognizant of what all the different colors mean when you wear them on a regular basis, you might not be aware of how your clothing is impacting your personal and professional life. Based on the hopes you have for your future and the goals you're actively trying to achieve, these are the colors you should ditch from your wardrobe immediately.

Avoid wearing multicolored tones if you want to live inconspicuously

There's nothing inconspicuous about wearing multicolored tones and bright colors. Whenever you wear an outfit that's been designed as a combination of all the colors of the rainbow, you're undoubtedly going to catch attention from other people. If your goal in life is to live a little more inconspicuously, multicolored toned clothing is one of the first things you should remove from your closet. People who prefer living inconspicuously aren't always inherently antisocial, either. 

Sometimes, you just want to be able to visit your local coffee shop or bookstore without anyone striking up a conversation with you. If you've just gone through something traumatic or overwhelming and you're not interested in casually conversing with anyone, it makes the most sense to avoid wearing multicolored tones that give off a more welcoming and inviting essence. Whenever you notice someone else wearing an outfit covered in multicolored tones, they likely come across as someone who would be easy to approach and easy to get along with. Avoiding multicolored tones will allow you become more unnoticeable and easy to look past.

Avoid wearing neutral tones if you want to stand out in a crowd

If one of your goals is to stand out in any crowd, then it's in your best interest to stop wearing too many neutral tones. The most common neutral tones happen to be tan, beige, and gray. Neutral tones can easily be discovered in nature whenever you're admiring the beauty of the planet we live on. We're not saying that neutral colors are ugly or unattractive. It's just that they simply don't work in your favor when it comes to standing out in a crowd. 

If you know that you're going to be surrounded by loads of people at an event such as a soccer game, political rally, or amusement park, then wearing neutral colors will cause you to blend in with everyone around you. There's nothing wrong with wanting to stand out or desiring to live your life as the main character. You can be the star of your own show in neutral colors if you so choose, but the road to receiving attention is easier to find when you're wearing more eccentric colors. 

A prime example of neutral colors being used in low-key ways directly relates to Kim Kardashian's shapewear brand, Skims. She sells an abundance of shapewear pieces including tummy control underwear, waist trainers, and smoothing bodysuits. The bulk of her line is sold in neutral colors, which flawlessly match most skin tones. The majority of items she sells are meant to be worn underneath the outfits you wear when you go out. In other words, her neutral-colored shapewear isn't meant to capture anyone's attention or significantly stand out.

Avoid wearing white if you're a messy or clumsy individual

There's something so crisp and clean about wearing a color like white. It is totally unmatched because of its pristine and polished finish. White is considered the lightest color on the chart compared to all others since it's achromatic without any hue whatsoever. The color white might remind you of milk, chalk, snow, or the beauty of a stunning wedding dress made of silk or lace. Regardless of what comes to mind when you think of a color like white, it's a color you probably need to forget about if you are an inherently messy or clumsy person. 

Wearing white is super risky because if you spill something on yourself, brush up against a dirty surface, or press against something unsanitary, your white clothing will instantly be destroyed. To make matters worse, it's pretty difficult to dab a pesky stain out of white clothing when you're out and about. You can always bring out the big guns by bleaching your favorite white pieces after you get home, but that doesn't account for the discomfort you'll feel rocking an unsightly smudge or stain while you're still out. 

There's nothing wrong with being a messy individual if that's what makes you happy. There's also nothing wrong with being a clumsy individual if you're prone to minor accidents every once in a while. Falling down and bumping into things at random might even be considered endearing to the people closest to you. It simply makes the most sense to avoid wearing a color that easily showcases those potential flubs.

Avoid wearing black if you hope to attract good luck

Wearing black is one of the most classy, chic, and elegant things you can do. There's a reason people are taught to keep specific black staples in their closet including little black dresses, long-sleeved black cardigans, and basic black heels. On top of that, the color black is known to be the most slimming color ever for folks who want to look thinner while enjoying a night on the town. 

When it comes to being truly fashionable, it's incredibly hard to go wrong with a color like black. It aesthetically pairs well with almost any other color you might have in your closet. Fashion designers can depend on the color black to be the base foundation of their many creative ideas. As popular as the color black is, though, it isn't a color that has been known to attract good luck. If you're currently on a spiritual journey and you're interested in attracting things like abundance, friendships, and happiness, then wearing a color like black may not do you any favors. 

You've probably already heard about how unlucky it is to walk past a black cat! The color black is considered deeply unlucky because it's so heavily associated to darkness and secrecy. Things that happen in the dark tend to be spookier than anything that happens in the light. At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with wearing black if it's the color that you feel most comfortable in. It's still important to take note of the symbolism behind the color black and its deep-rooted connection to bad luck.

Avoid wearing purple if you don't want to be placed in a leadership role

You might want to ditch the color purple from your wardrobe if the idea of being placed in a leadership role makes you uncomfortable. Purple is a color that has been heavily connected to royalty for centuries. Dating back to the ancient world, the color purple has been tied to kings and queens who ruled over millions of subjects. The reason being is that fabrics sewn in the color of purple was incredibly expensive back then. Purple dye originally came from snails and was difficult to get your hands on in those days. 

Now, people don't instantly think about royalty when they think of the color purple, but the symbolism of power and wealth behind it still lives on. Some people are naturally born to be leaders with ambitious mentalities to match — and they know what it takes to handle authoritative and managerial roles. Some people know how to command the attention of an entire group of people. 

And then there are those who would rather not deal with all of that pressure. Taking on a leadership role can be super stressful because it requires you to be assertive, dominant, and bold. You might be incredibly confident and decisive in your dating life and social circle, but that doesn't always translate to the workplace. And so, you might not be comfortable with the idea of being positioned in a leadership role at your job. Not wanting to be a leader doesn't make you less-than, and avoiding the color purple isn't a problem either.

Avoid wearing blue if you're an outgoing and highly social person

If you consider yourself to be an outgoing and highly social individual, the color blue might not be the most ideal thing for you to wear on a regular basis. The color blue is incredibly calming, soothing, and beautiful. That being said, it's not a problem for you to wear it if you really want to! It's simply interesting to note that blue is considered the shyest color of the rainbow by tons of people. 

Blue represents gentleness, quietness, and tranquility. Imagine an empty blue sky above you without a single white cloud scattered in sight. Imagine a still blue pond without a bird or fish anywhere near to make a splash. These images should be enough to send you into a totally serene mental headspace to enjoy a moment of mindfulness and peace. Despite the fact that the color blue brings so many benefits to the world, it's a shy color to wear. 

If you're the type of outgoing person who doesn't want to come across as reserved and timid, you might want to stop wearing blue on a frequent basis. Anyone who's comfortable enough to make new friends by reaching out in social settings wherever they are doesn't really need to worry about ditching the color blue, though. If you're truly considered a social butterfly, you will naturally thrive in communal settings, regardless.

Avoid wearing green if you are superstitious

Are you the type of person who's overly obsessed with superstitions? It's not a bad thing to believe that you're receiving messages from the universe about various things going on in your life. If walking past a feather on the sidewalk or seeing an angel number on a license plate makes you feel giddy with excitement, you might want to reconsider all of the green pieces of clothing you have in your closet. 

The color green is heavily connected to some super negative superstitions. One superstition says that wearing green will lead you down the path of getting cheated on by your significant other. Another superstition claims that wearing green will cause you to fail during stage performances including falling down and messing up your lines. The worst superstition of all claims that the color green can potentially cause you to have more car crashes. If these superstitions make you feel totally on edge, there's nothing wrong with ditching your green clothing as soon as you get a chance. 

It's also important to keep in mind that you should never let superstitions control your decision-making process on a super serious level. Tweaking the color scheme of your closet isn't the biggest deal ever, but prioritizing superstitions before making extreme life decisions is a little more serious. Green certainly doesn't have the best reputation ever, but it's still fun to wear on a holiday like St. Patrick's Day to avoid getting pinched by all of your closest friends.

Avoid wearing yellow if you're ready to meet your soulmate

If you're ready to meet your soulmate right now, the color yellow should be the last color you're wearing. While it's true that yellow is a bright, joyous, and invigorating color, it's not ideal in the dating world. People who are in the process of trying to meet their soulmate are often willing to experiment with a multitude of things to speed the process along. Some sit down with psychics and pay a pretty penny to find out when their soulmate is coming along. 

Some use visualization and manifestation through the Law of Attraction. Some insist on being set up on blind dates with the help of all their friends. And then there are those who reconsider the colors they're wearing in order to meet potential suitors. Yellow is a friendly color –– and that's where the problem lies. You don't want to be seen as a friend when you're hoping to be seen as a potential romantic partner. Yellow sort of defeats the purpose in that regard. 

The color yellow is fun for platonic meetups with your besties since it's reminiscent of sunshine and warm weather. Still, it's not the best color to wear if you're trying to evoke intimate attention. One of the biggest problems that comes with wearing yellow is that some people find it off-putting and obnoxious because it's so eccentric and visually overwhelming. If the color yellow could make a noise, it might even sound a bit ear-splitting. You don't have to ditch all your yellow clothes at once, but consider skipping out on your yellow sundress on any dates.

Avoid wearing orange if you don't want to be labeled tacky

As unfortunate as this might sound, the color orange is one of the tackiest colors to choose from. It's beyond difficult to pair the color orange with most of the other colors in the rainbow. If you try to pair orange with green, it doesn't look too great. Try pairing orange with red and that doesn't look fabulous either. Attempt pairing orange with purple and you'll also be disappointed. 

You might think you're safe by pairing orange with a color as basic as solid black, but all you'll do is coincidentally remind everyone of Halloween no matter what month you're in. There are tons of fabulous things in life that come in shades of orange. We're talking about carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, orangutans, candy corn, monarch butterflies, and carnelian healing crystals. 

While it's wonderful to admire all of the beautiful orange things that exist in the world, it still doesn't mean you have to wear orange in your day to day life. In fact, it will make your life a lot easier to skip out on orange altogether if you're hoping to refrain from looking tacky. You can play it safe by ditching all the pieces of orange clothing you currently have in your closet. If you are totally set on keeping colors in your closet that remind you of the fall season, you can easily opt for shades of purple, red, or teal instead.

Avoid wearing pink if you don't want to appear too vulnerable

If you are the type of person who absolutely obsesses over the color pink, you should continue wearing it regardless of any negative connotations that might be attached to it. Just so you're aware, though, one of the unfortunate implications attached to the color pink is that it's linked to vulnerability. Although vulnerability can be a beautiful thing within the dynamics of a trusting and loving relationship, some people compare vulnerability to weakness. 

The color pink is heavily connected to feminine energy, which can end up getting painted in a negative light by cynical individuals. Some folks compare femininity to being overly sensitive, shallow, temperamental, and frail. If you know deep down that none of these things apply to you, then you should feel comfortable and confident wearing as much pink as your heart desires. 

If you are in the process of building yourself up and you want to block other people from perceiving you in the wrong way, then you might want to take a break from wearing the color pink. People who are self-assured and composed understand that wearing a color like pink while channeling their feminine energy in a powerful way can work in their favor. Understanding how to channel feminine energy can take a little practice, but it's something everyone is capable of. 

Avoid wearing red if you're happy living a single life

You'll want to avoid wearing red if you're happy living a single life. Wearing red instantly attracts others to you sexually and romantically. If you're peaceful and satisfied with being single, you don't necessarily need to wear a color that attracts advances from others. Men collectively find the visual of a woman in red to be very appealing

In that same token, it turns out that wearing red also makes us feel more attractive from the inside out. The color red obviously has some sort of super power attached to it since it can boost your confidence while making you appear more desirable to other people around you. If you have a first date planned with someone you're really interested in, wearing the color red will work in your favor!

Living a single life has become more enticing to people based on how insufferable modern dating has become. A lot of people are choosing to opt out of dating altogether to focus on self-improvement, personal goals, career advances, the cultivation of solid friendships, and more. Swiping left and right on potential suitors doesn't have the sparkling allure it once did. If you have no interest in entering the dating realm right now because you'd rather focus on yourself, you might want to leave your red clothing tucked away for a while.