12 Risky Fashion Trends Of 2023 And How To Pull Them Off

Fashion is an art form that allows an expression of oneself through different colors, materials, and shapes. As fashion often doesn't obey any rules, it's possible to be whoever you want to be when dressing up in front of the mirror every morning. And that may mean trying risqué trends from time to time. After all, Marilyn Monroe once said: "... it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."


Whether at work, at home, or on the streets, taking risks is a part of daily life. Those who aren't afraid to take fashion risks, specifically, are able to better express their creativity, have fun, and even reinvent themselves. "Fashion shouldn't always be serious," stylist Zerina Akers told The Fashion Spot. "Taking risks reminds you that you can add a little fun into your day-to-day life."

The fashion industry has already made its suggestions for 2023. Among the new styles that are emerging, "risky" is the name of the game. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and turn heads in the 12 high-risk fashion trends that are taking over this year?

Sheer fabrics

See-through clothing is taking over the fashion world this year and wearing them is always a risk. A true symbol of sensuality, sheer materials — which we most often see used on wedding dresses — include organza, lace, muslin, voile, tulle, and gauze, according to Fabricolore. The variety means there are so many different ways to adopt sheers into your everyday wardrobe.


According to Yung, sheer fabric was considered a luxury in ancient times. It also symbolized freedom, which is quite apt due to the way it appears to give the body a sense of lightness and airiness that evokes a free spirit.

Most ideally worn during hot weather seasons, sheer clothing items can be combined with lingerie underneath and ... nothing else! It's a risqué look, but that's what you will be going for by choosing to wear it. To raise the modesty bar a bit, you can always add a jacket or a high-waisted pair of denim, or simply ditch the bralette in favor of a bodysuit instead. Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian have helped to make this sexy material trendy. Now it's your turn to try it for yourself.


The no-pants look

Recently, the no-pants style began to appear in the fashion world. It typically took the form of oversized t-shirts and bare legs, but it was Kendall Jenner that took this head-turning style to new heights by replacing her pants with tights (per She Finds). To quote Jenner's sister, Kylie, when she dared to show off the no-pants look on her Instagram page: "No pants no problem." That's the motto you should adopt if you want to feel freer in your clothes.


Adopting the style yourself is simple. You just need to be bold enough to go out in the streets in full-bottom panties and tights, à la the Jenners and the latest fashionista to adopt this trend, 35-year-old entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni. The latter dared to wear only a pair of polka-dot tights and panties during Paris Fashion Week (via Instagram). 

Yes, this style looks ultra risky, but it is simple to make it super glamorous, too. One option is to play with the length of the garment you are wearing as a top. When styled with a mid-length blazer or a slightly oversized sweater, and high heels to lengthen your silhouette, the no-pants trend screams high fashion. Just remember to check the weather before you leave home!


Hot pink

Every December, Pantone unveils the color of the (upcoming) year, which will inevitably be seen everywhere in the fashion world. 2023's color is Viva Magenta and fashion design houses are already using it as inspiration for an even more eye-catching hue: hot pink. Seen on the catwalk of the Valentino show for the Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection, this bold color will awaken your mood (via L'Officiel).


This color was popularized by many trends, including Barbiecore and dopamine dressing, according to Business of Fashion and it will soon be everywhere. Those who don't stray away from bold colors know hot pink will bring a little extra something to an outfit and make it pop. But if you are not used to wearing such a bright hue, it can be difficult to decide how to work it into your wardrobe. 

If you think that wearing an outfit made entirely of hot pink can be difficult to pull off, you can add this color to your life with small touches instead. Consider a coat or pants paired with other more neutral colors, such as white, black, and gray. Or for even more discreteness, try a bag, a scarf, or jewelry. Considering these tips will make hot pink not so intimidating to style and wear. 


The low-rise mini skirt

It seems that everything has become micro in fashion, from tiny bags to crop tops that reveal the underboob. And the Y2K era has spoken and tells us that micro mini skirts are back, too. And it is the ultra-low-rise waistline that sets this look apart. 


The high-rise trend which had been in for some time now isn't any longer, and it's because the low-rise has taken over wardrobes. The pleated mini skirt from the Spring/Summer 2022 Miu Miu fashion show was a great example of this trend and it made a huge sensation on the catwalk and in editorial magazine spreads (via The Cut). During the '00s, the low waist mini skirt was predominantly worn by pop singers such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Fergie. Today, it can be adapted to every woman's silhouette, hence the element of risk in wearing it. But without risk, there is no reward, right?

Thinking about styling, as the Y2K trend requires, you can pair your low-rise mini skirt with a large belt, a light tank top, or a colorful crochet top. For colder days, opt for a very classic knitted turtleneck. In terms of color palette, go for seasonal ones: dare to wear bold colors in the summertime and stick to neutrals in winter.


Corduroy pants

Corduroy pants appeared on the catwalks of major fashion houses last year and they will continue to be a big trend in 2023. And for good reason as the material features everything to please the senses: softness, resilience, and an irresistible dash of '70s vibes. 


If you have them lying around, you can style classic corduroy pants with other pieces from your wardrobe to modernize the material that is often associated with our grandfathers and the clothing they loved to wear for comfort. According to the Toronto Star, Gucci X Adidas has made corduroy the flagship material of their 2022 collaborative collection, proving how popular the fabric is with the latest generations.

To make corduroy pants look chicest, you need to pay special attention to their cut. Straight leg, bootcut, flared ... there is a wide range of cuts. Keep the high waist in the spotlight, especially if you prefer styles with wider or flared legs. Pair the pants, which can have a rather loose fit, with a t-shirt worn close to the body for balance. To stay in the spirit of the '70s, add a pair of vintage glasses with tinted lenses and a baguette bag that is also making a huge comeback right now.


Bras as tops

Wearing lingerie as a top is now a thing in the fashion world among all the it-girls and the item may very well become your new fashion ally. Lingerie has no limits today as hundreds of stunning designs are created every day around the world to allow consumers to feel beautiful in their bodies. Some pieces are real works of art, so why not show them off? 


No matter your body type — tall, short, large-breasted, or not — this trend can suit you. From triangle bralettes to underwire bras, you can wear anything as long as you feel comfortable. 

To style this trend during the daytime, opt for pairing your bra with high-waisted faded jeans, or a monochromatic pants-and-blazer combo. "For a more modest take, simply keep the blazer buttoned to leave a bit of the bra-as-a-shirt peeking out the top," advises fashion blogger Michelle Rothenburger of Harm Free Fashion. And for a touch of sexiness for a perfect evening out, opt for a bra in elegant lace material.

Glossy vinyl

Vinyl does not allow you to go unnoticed so it can be a risky choice to wear pieces made of it. And yet it is one of the growing trends of 2023. According to Fashion United, the glossy material has made its way to more and more brands' offerings, including fashion house Courrèges, of which Nicolas di Felice is the artistic director. Although the fabric has often been associated with tackiness, the designer showed no hesitation to offer an entire collection composed of vinyl pieces.


Today, many alternatives exist and it is entirely possible to style yourself in vegan vinyl. Because it is very shiny, this material brings both a futuristic and retro touch to your wardrobe. Its glossy effect may seem difficult to style, but remember there are no rules in fashion. So whether it's a jacket, a coat, pants, or a simple bag, you can rock your vinyl however you see fit.

One idea is to wear black vinyl pants paired with a matching vinyl jacket, which is how most Instagram It girls would style it. Of course, you can let your imagination run wild and try layering different boldly colored vinyl pieces instead. Add a pair of boots and a micro bag, and you'll be ready to face the day.

Parachute pants

Wide-legged pants are in, whether it's in the style of cargo pants, skater pants, or the It pants of the moment: parachute pants. Case in point? Bella Hadid, with her quirky, vintage, and unique style, often rocks the streetwear look when she is out and about. She loves to wear them with crop tops, tank tops, and bustiers that sit close to the body and show off her hips.


Made of nylon — similar to the material that real parachutes are made of — these pants first started trending on TikTok, but they originated in the '80s. "They became quickly associated with break dancers and R&B singers," blogger Bergeron told JNews. "This style allowed for ease of movement and looked very flashy, which suited the larger-than-life styles that the 1980s were known for."

Today, fashion addicts say these oversized low-rise pants can easily be worn with a crop top that reveals the waistline as well as with trendy sneakers. For inspiration, check out influencer Jess Hunt, who revealed her monochromatic look featuring parachute pants on Instagram, to her 1.8 million followers.


The topless blazer

Historically, the blazer is very classy and perfectly appropriate for work, making it a must-have piece to have in your wardrobe. According to Maison La Jaquette, the blazer was created in 1885 and was initially only to be worn by men. However, over time, it became more acceptable for women to wear the garment too and it officially became a staple in women's closets in the 19th century.


Recently, women have added a twist to the look with a touch of sexiness by wearing the blazer with nothing underneath. Whether buttoned up or not, a blazer with nothing underneath can reveal quite a bit of skin, so it is natural to be a little hesitant to wear it this way at first. But if you've always wanted to emulate celebrities like Zendaya who dared to wear the look on the red carpet, we say go for it. It is the perfect way to feel elegant, powerful, and irresistible. 

Some styling options include wearing the blazer with a pair of matching pants or wearing an oversized blazer as a dress. Add a pair of tights, boots or heels, and bold accessories to complete the look.

Metallic colors

It's official: Metallic colors will rule in 2023. No need to wait for the holidays to shine in a lamé dress, silver shoes, and light-reflecting clothes. Any time of year is the perfect time to take these pieces out and dare to wear them on the streets. Metallic colors will make your outfit completely unique and bring out your one-of-a-kind personality.


Keep in mind that this trend is not about looking like a disco ball. "The easiest way to embrace all that glitters is by balancing it out with clean neutrals and solid-colored basics," explains Who What Wear. To keep things on the minimalist side, try only focusing on accessories. Or, if you want to go a bit bolder, opt for larger pieces such as silver metallic pants that catch the light as soon as you take a step.

To maintain a balanced look, the rest of the outfit should remain neutral and not too eye-catching. Go for black or white, which are sure bets to go well with the other metallic pieces you want to add to your outfit. And if you don't want to go too bold, you can always settle for a metallic bag that will definitely make a statement in the streets.


Napkin tops

Attention! An ultra-hot trend has just returned. The napkin top is back, having been reinvented from the '90s, and we're here for it! Its name comes from the very unique napkin-like design. Because they only cover the front of the body, with the spaghetti straps in the back, napkin tops give off a very bold, sexy vibe.


In the '90s, the trend was popular and came in fun prints and patterns. "Almost every pop star donned this type of top in animal prints like snakeskin," blogger Kanak Devnani told Miss Malini. Today, they may be tamer but they are just as powerful in an outfit. In bright colors, which are ideal for spring and summer, napkin tops will be a hit for many seasons to come.

To wear napkin tops in 2023, pair them with high-waisted jeans for a bit more modesty or a low-waisted skirt if you are ready to bare it all. Add a ton of accessories to be cool and trendy. If you dare to rock the look in fall or winter, add an XXL jacket or a coat that will cover your back.

The exposed underwear look

Trends are like rumors; they show up out of the blue and no one can figure out where they came from. And the latest one to surprise us is the exposed underwear trend. It might seem silly to some and way too risky to others, but it's a real trend that is being worn by influencers around the world. In the case of bras in particular, costume designer Molly Rogers, who worked on the set of "Sex & the City," doesn't see the point in trying to hide them, especially if they make you feel better in your clothes. "You're more comfortable in the outfit. You feel like you look better. You've got support," she told Coveteur


In 2023 nothing can stop you from experimenting with different styles in any way that you want, so if you're in the mood to dress boldly, be inspired by Bella Hadid or Emrata to try out the underwear trend. These fashionable models stroll in the streets without having any concerns about revealing the color of their underwear, so why shouldn't you do the same? 

To rock the look, pair your favorite low-rise jeans or skirt with high-waisted Brazilian-cut underwear. Add a pair of sneakers, a colorful baguette bag, and a crop top to complete the look.