The Best Crystals For Attracting Good Luck

Have you ever felt like absolutely nothing is going your way? Maybe you're having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day à la young Alexander. You know those days — you sleep through your alarm, miss the bus, forget your lunch, and by the time you're off work, you've called it quits. Surely tomorrow will be better; your streak of bad luck can't last that long, right?

As it turns out, there may be an unexpected aid to your seemingly never ending string of bad luck. We're talking about crystals, and how they can be used to replace your bad luck with some, well, good luck, for a change. New to the idea of incorporating crystals into your life? Crystals have been used in rituals and a variety of spiritual practices for centuries, with evidence found of ritual use dating all the way back to Mayan civilizations.

Different crystals have been said to have effects on diverse areas of your life, and some can even bring you good luck. Before you get started on your crystal journey, make sure you know how to get the most out of your healing crystals. You'll want to cleanse them before you do anything else; popular cleansing methods include placing crystals in a windowsill on the night of a full moon, or holding them briefly under a running source of fresh water. Here are the different types of crystals said to bring luck to the user.


First up is citrine. This dazzling amber- or yellow-colored gemstone is the birthstone of all November babies — like its sunny color suggests, it's been said to give you a good dose of luck in certain endeavors. Some even believe that citrine has health benefits and can aid digestion, clear your mind, and balance your chakras. 

As far as its good luck benefits, citrine has been touted as a crystal that can boost your self-esteem and help you be more optimistic. While these may not seem like doses of luck in and of themselves, think about how confidence and a positive attitude tend to affect your internal and external circumstances. Want to ask your boss for a raise? Carry citrine around in your pocket — it just may help give you that boost of confidence that will make your boss say yes to your ask. Or wear a citrine necklace and see how your attitude toward a normal day changes. You may notice you see even seemingly mundane moments in a new, positive light. 

Green jade

There's a lot of ancient symbolism surrounding jade. Green jade has been used for centuries in making weaponry (it's incredibly durable), healing rituals, and rituals honoring the dead. Jade has also been used to make offerings to spirits of departed ancestors, and has even been believed to slow down the decomposition of dead bodies. Given all the power jade's been said to have in the past, it's unsurprising that it carries associations with good luck today.

Jade is said to bring good fortune, especially in matters of love and friendship. Now, we're not saying that carrying jade around in your pocket for a day will guide you into a meet-cute with the love of your life (but if it does, let us know). Rather, jade is closely associated with the heart chakra, and Cosmic Cuts explains the stone can help you open your heart to greater love, empathy, and understanding, all of which provide a great foundation for a long-lasting friendship or romance. So before you head out the door to go on that first date, or to meet a new friend, or to get together with someone you may be at odds with, arm yourself with jade — it just may bring you good luck in deepening valuable relationships.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is said to be a particularly powerful stone that can be especially effective at bringing good luck your way. Don't sleep on this crystal just because it's not pigmented — that's actually what makes it pretty special. As a clear crystal, it's an incredibly adaptive stone that My Crystals notes can harness the properties of all light colors, making it a versatile choice for your crystal collection. 

Clear quartz is great filtering crystal to have in your life. It can help cleanse your environment of any negative energy flowing through it, and as such, it's been said to have good luck properties. The good luck that clear quartz can bring you isn't limited to one area of your life — this crystal is said to enhance your good fortune in every area of your life. Yes, this includes money, but it also can help improve your mood and put your best qualities on display. So the next time you're feeling down on your luck, or your vibes are just off, or you need some cleansing in your life, carry around some clear quartz and see what it does to improve your day.

Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye was named for — you guessed it — its close resemblance to the colors of a tiger's eye. It's a type of quartz that ancient Egyptians would use to fashion eyes for their statues of the gods. Ancient Romans would also carry the stone into battle with them, as it was considered an incredibly powerful force of protection, and at one time, it was even more expensive than gold. As such, tiger's eye has long been believed to be an incredibly powerful crystal, especially when it comes to matters of luck and abundance. 

As you may be able to guess from its close association with the tiger, Tiger's Eye can assist greatly in situations that require strength or clarity of mind. Nervous for a hard discussion you're going to have with a friend or coworker? Wear a tiger's eye necklace and see if it makes you feel more capable of holding the conversation well. Conscious Items explains that tiger's eye is a great stone for drawing wealth to you, with minimal effort. It can attract abundance in all areas of your life and make you feel more focused in all your endeavors, so carry around some tiger's eye when you're racing after a goal — you might notice it's easier to accomplish than it seems. 


Amethyst, the birthstone of all February babies, is well-loved for its signature purple hue, which makes it a popular choice for decorative use (like as a stone for jewelry). Besides its gorgeous color, the healing powers of amethyst crystals are numerous — they're said to assist in everything from relieving stress to boosting your intuition, and even keeping nightmares away. 

If you're looking for success in some area of your life, amethyst just may be able to help you achieve it. In fact, The Healthy Journal calls amethyst a "talisman of success," especially when it comes to creative endeavors. Amethyst is also known to help bring you good luck in your relationships, both romantic and platonic. Need an extra boost of luck in a particularly troublesome relationship? Grab a piece of amethyst, but take your time finding one — darker amethyst crystals are said to be more powerful than their lighter-colored counterparts. 

If you need some good luck and positive vibes in multiple areas of your life, amethyst comes in a ton of different forms. You could make an altar with amethyst towers in your house for general cleansing and buy some amethyst jewelry to have with you throughout the day. This way, you'll never be left luck-less. 


We wouldn't be surprised if you already have some amazonite in your jewelry collection — after all, it's a stunning crystal that makes for gorgeous beach-themed accessories. As far as ancient uses, amazonite was used for a plethora of things, like healing, carving, and even as a tablet for writing upon.

Amazonite is a particularly soothing stone, especially when worn around the neck, as it's associated with your heart and throat chakras. Fire Mountain Gems notes amazonite can help balance your emotions as it has a generally soothing effect on everything affected by your nervous system. It also can bring the wearer a great deal of good luck, especially regarding money; in fact, it's even been called the "gambler's stone" because of the financial luck it's been said to attract. Whether you need a healthy dose of healing and calm or you're headed to the casino for a night of fun, try taking some amazonite along and see what good fortune comes your way.


Given malachite's stunning green hues, you can probably guess what area of your life this stone is said to bring good luck to. That's right — malachite is another money crystal, and was even used by traders in ancient times to attract good business. Interestingly enough, Gem Society explains it was also said to protect traders from falling off their camels as they traveled from place to place, and is considered a great stone for general protection from negative energy. 

Nowadays, malachite is still gorgeous, and its uses are still numerous, especially when it comes to wealth, good fortune, and protection. If you have an important business deal coming up, take some malachite along with you and you just may see everything unfold as you want it to. Malachite is also a great stone for shop owners or small business owners to keep on business property, as it could bring in customers. Are you a nervous traveler? The next time you have to get on a plane, pack some malachite jewelry in your carry-on luggage (or wear it!) to protect you on your voyage. Keep it around regularly and you might notice you're less accident-prone than usual, or that you have more cash on hand than you're used to. 


Aventurine differs from the other stones on this list in a few different ways. First, its appearance is enhanced by its natural glittery sheen, called "aventurescence," and it's one of only two stones to have this glittering property (sunstone is the other). Aventurine is also relatively newer than many other crystals on this list — it was discovered and named in the 18th century, and its name refers to the Italian phrase "a ventura," meaning "by chance."

Aventurine is another great crystal to keep around if you want an all-around dose of good luck in your life, but it's especially effective when it comes to fostering newness in your life. Searching for a job? Keep aventurine close by when you're job hunting and you may have an opportunity spring up out of seemingly nowhere. Want to foster a new habit in your life or break an old one? Aventurine can give you the fortitude needed to do so. The Conscious Club explains that aventurine is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well, and can help reduce physical ailments. Its calming properties can also provide balance when your emotions are a bit out of whack. 


March babies may already be familiar with their birthstone, aquamarine. Unsurprisingly, the color (and name) of this stone makes it closely associated with — you guessed it — water. Looking for luck in an aquatic-related venture? Pick up some aquamarine and see what happens!

Truly Experiences notes that aquamarine was traditionally believed to be mermaids' treasure. Sailors would carry it with them when sailing, believing it would bring them good fortune and protection on the rough, open seas. Nowadays, it's still used as a stone of good luck and protection for individuals traveling by water. If you're nervous about going on that cruise you just booked, take some aquamarine with you — it just may help your trip go off without a hitch. Aquamarine is also associated with the throat chakra, making it a great source of luck in any situation where speaking is involved (if you're afraid of public speaking, we're talking to you). In terms of its healing properties, it can also aid in healing any throat-related ailments, from soothing a sore throat to balancing hormones.


Turquoise has been around for quite a while — since about 3000 BCE, to be exact. It was apparently considered just as gorgeous then as it is now, as the ancient Egyptians would commonly use it for jewelry. In fact, King Tut's burial mask was decorated with the stone. It's been used for jewelry ever since then, but it's also garnered a number of other uses. For example, the Persians used it for protection during battle, and the Apache tribe would attach turquoise to bows and firearms, believing it would help them hit their targets.

Nowadays, we wouldn't be surprised if you have a piece or two or turquoise jewelry in your jewelry box. You can wear it whenever you want, of course, but wearing (or carrying) turquoise could bring you luck in a few different scenarios. Most notably, turquoise is a powerful protection stone if you're flying somewhere, so pop on that turquoise necklace the next time you're getting ready to jet set somewhere. Good Luck Symbols reports turquoise is also particularly pertinent to matters of love, and has been used as a symbol of love for centuries — if you want to profess your love to someone, try incorporating turquoise into your grand gesture for added effect.

Rose quartz

When it comes to anything related to love, rose quartz is the crystal for you. It's been used in jewelry making for centuries (since at least 7,000 BCE, to be precise). Rose quartz can help promote calm, healing energy in every area of your life, but is especially pertinent in matters dealing with the heart. 

Rose quartz is closely associated with the heart chakra, making it a sort of good luck charm for love and relationships. Karma and Luck explains that rose quartz doesn't only attract love to you, but it also helps you be more open to receiving love from the relationships you already have. If you've been feeling some disconnect with a loved one, wear rose quartz jewelry the next time you see them, and notice whether you feel yourself soften toward them. If you've just been feeling particularly down, not seen, or unloved, you could incorporate rose quartz into your everyday life by setting up a rose quartz alter or carrying a rose quartz tower around with you. You may find yourself more aware of the love and positive energy constantly flowing around you. 


Garnet has been thought of as a powerful healing and protective stone for centuries on end. It got its name from its distinctive, beautiful red hue, which is reminiscent of pomegranates. In fact, garnets used to be so associated with pomegranates that in areas where pomegranates were more popular, garnets were as well. Like a few other stones on our list, garnet was worn as a protective talisman in battle or while traveling, especially on return trips. 

Regarding matters of luck, garnets are said to be vessels of good fortune, but with one condition — Variance Objects notes garnets will only bring good luck if you're on your best behavior. If not, you might find yourself facing a couple doses of bad luck. Because of this, we could call garnets great vessels of karmic energy. Luck aside, garnets are also associated with your root chakra, and can help you feel grounded and stable in your endeavors. It's also said to help cleanse your body of toxins and inflammation, making it a great stone to carry around if you feel like you're holding onto extra stress. 


Carnelian is unique for its bright orange hue, making it a fun choice if you're in the market for a piece of statement jewelry. Its orange color also associates it with the sacral chakra, located in your pelvic region, which deals with sexual energy and creativity. As such, carnelian is said to be particularly helpful when it comes to fertility and creative endeavors.

Are you trying to get pregnant? Keep carnelian around and it just may help you conceive. If you're just finding that your bedroom life is a little lackluster, carnelian might help bring some vitality back to your sex life. Maybe you're embarking on a new creative venture that has to do with visual art, performance, or media. Carnelian can help you muster up the confidence and inspirational energy you need to make your creative projects a success — in fact, because of this, Truly Experiences notes that carnelian has been commonly called "The Artist's Stone."