The Zodiac Element That Saturn Retrograde 2023 Will Affect The Most

As the planets in our solar system move along their orbits and interact with Earth's orbit, whether by moving further away or closer to our home planet, there are astrological shifts that can have defining effects on various zodiac elements. This summer, the planet Saturn will enter retrograde and bring with it forces not too unlike having a strict parent holding you accountable. If this sounds a little terrifying, don't be afraid. When moving forward, Saturn is the planet of meaning and structure, after all. Just like a stern parent is someone who holds you to high standards because they want to see you succeed, Saturn moving into retrograde is the planetary version of having a parent with pom poms and a giant sign with your name on it sitting in the bleachers and cheering you on, even if they gave you a tough lecture just hours earlier.

Saturn is going to hold you accountable to core aspects of your life and perhaps dole out some tough love when it comes to making some prodigious decisions. When Saturn officially enters retrograde on June 17 this summer, expect a push to tackle things you've been postponing or procrastinating on. Until Saturn's retrograde ends on November 4, be prepared for feeling some heat. Just remember that Saturn always puts the ball in your hands and lets you decide which direction you're going to go in, though be assured that Saturn will make its opinion clear, just like the strict-but-loving guardian it is.

Saturn will retrograde in Pisces

In case you didn't know, Saturn goes into retrograde annually for approximately four months, though the exact timing of its retrograde varies from year to year. This year, in summer 2023, Saturn will go into retrograde while in Pisces. Though the retrograde won't commence until June 17, Saturn actually entered Pisces on March 7. Since Pisces is a mutable sign, sometimes referred to as a shapeshifter sign, the 2023 retrograde of Saturn will have some interesting fluidity to it. It's important to note that unlike the often sudden changes brought about when Mercury goes into retrograde, Saturn's annual retrograde is usually felt with less of a jolt because of its length, though the magnitude of change that can happen is comparable. But with Saturn entering retrograde in a mutable sign, the changes might be a little less subtle this year and you may feel Saturn's encouraging push to take action in respective areas of your life fluctuate from June to November.

Given the shapeshifting characteristics of Pisces, the energetic effects exuded by Saturn's retrograde will be felt most by both Pisces and the other mutable signs, which include Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. For a preview as to how strong the effects of Saturn's retrograde will be on you this year, check your birth chart for any of the four mutable signs with degrees from zero to seven. If you have any matches, you're likely to receive an extra tough love nudge.

Saturn's retrograde promotes inner work

Saturn is a planet that gives you a push towards fulfilling all of the responsibilities that come with adulthood, as well as your professional duties and commitments to family life. Essentially, the astrological equivalent of a parent giving you a list of chores to complete and holding you accountable for getting them done, knowing that you'll build character and life skills in the process. However, when Saturn goes into its annual retrograde the aim of its drive is less concerned with whether you've attended to your inbox or paid your electric bill, instead shifting its focus to your inner self, ideals, and values. While Saturn is in retrograde, many people with corresponding elements on their birth charts experience self-evaluations of their core beliefs and innermost desires. Saturn's retrograde is prone to getting you to question why you're pursuing certain undertakings and if they're aligned with what you really want.

Mix the inner work of Saturn's retrograde with the location of Pisces in the zodiac's concluding spot. Pisces is a sign capable of managing the lessons from itself and all of the other signs while still remaining collected. Perhaps it's fitting that Pisces is a mutable water sign given how it surfs the waves, including the ups and downs of the entire zodiac, and stays afloat. During Saturn's retrograde in Pisces, be ready for an unpredictable surf and catching a giant barrel wave that may just carry you to an equally massive revelation within yourself.

Saturn's return in Pisces

Being the stern-yet-supportive parent that it is, Saturn is ready and willing to launch you into a new stage of life, especially every three decades. Being on the farther end of the planetary order, Saturn takes approximately 28 to 30 years to make a full trip through the zodiac, reports Nylon. This means that everyone is likely to experience Saturn returning to the location it was in at the time of their birth up to three times. Though three occurrences within an entire lifetime may seem minor, the shakeup of Saturn's return to its spot upon your birth is certainly colossal.

At the three intervals, which occur more or less when a person is on the verge of turning 30, nearing their 60th birthday, and around age 90 for lucky nonagenarians, there's a significant change as Saturn presents life-altering decisions, changes, and opportunities. It isn't unusual for someone to experience a huge shakeup in their life, such as ending or beginning serious relationships, moving to new places, or accepting new job offers, sometimes making career changes. This is also a time when many people reassess their trajectories and overarching goals for their lives. With Saturn entering retrograde in a mutable sign, people experiencing one of their three returns are in for a supersized transition, especially if they have Pisces or another mutable sign in their birth chart. Expect swift, bold life changes while Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, but trust that this parental planet has your back.

Set clear goals early on

Saturn is currently making its way from Aquarius to Pisces. Since Saturn takes longer than other planets to make its revolution through the full zodiac, it tends to hang out in each sign for a while. Saturn's trip through Pisces is anticipated to last through 2026 with lengthy spans of time in the mutable water sign combined with short jaunts in Aries and other signs. Saturn will go through the entirety of its retrograde in Pisces during the years 2023 and 2025, reports Shondaland. What this means for everyone, especially those with mutable elements on their birth charts, is that for the next handful of years, there will be waves of internal and external surf to navigate. The best way to be successful during this time is to define clear goals from the onset of Saturn's 2023 entry into Pisces. Be clear with yourself about what you want to accomplish in your career, personal life, social life, interests, and other endeavors.

Make certain that your goals are specific, and that they can be reasonably and realistically achieved by the time Saturn leaves Pisces. This is especially imperative for the inner goals you set for yourself. If ever there was a time to utilize the structure of Saturn with the wealth of knowledge from Pisces to reach for your most heartfelt aspirations, now is your opportunity to pursue what you truly want. Pisces is known to swim upstream, so set clear goals and ride the waves!

Mutable elements should prepare

For people whose birth charts have elements of any of the four mutable signs, particularly within zero to seven degrees, the combination of Saturn's retrograde with the attributes of Pisces will be strong. Elements of Gemini are likely to be felt first, with the convergence of Mercury going into retrograde from April to mid-May. If you have elements of Gemini, be prepared to assess your professional path and whether or not your current pursuits are aligned with your true calling. It might be scary to take a leap toward the career or job you really want, but remember that Saturn is a structural planet that won't let you face anything you can't handle.

As mutable signs, Sagittarius and Virgo will face similar levels of intensity in their personal and home lives, per Astrology. With Virgo in your birth chart, you can expect to face intimate vulnerability when presented with the chance to let your romantic feelings be known. For Sagittarius, the interpersonal intensity will be less about vulnerable matters of the heart and more of a wild roller coaster ride, all thanks to the waves of Pisces. Family issues in the spirit of the elephant in the room will make themselves apparent, with Saturn's responsible nature forcing discussions about long-ignored conflicts. Be aware that Saturn will motivate you to respond with maturity and humility, which can admittedly be difficult to do sometimes but Saturn's influence in this manner isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Powerful prospects for Pisces

Last but definitely not least, in both the zodiac lineup and the impact Saturn's retrograde will have this year, those with Pisces in their charts are in for an especially wild ride with the retrograde occurring in their home element. Before you start to fret, know that it's likely to be a ride full of new opportunities, adventures, and achieving your dreams, according to Shondaland. Anticipate that doors will open for you, but also be aware that many of those doors will be internal. Like the other zodiac signs, Saturn's 2023 retrograde will set you up for success while simultaneously presenting you with hurdles requiring strong boundary setting and being vocal about what it is you really want. Unlike the other signs, though, you may find yourself having to define your boundaries more than you ever have before, like telling your boss that you aren't available to reply to emails in the evenings or letting your partner know that you need some alone time to refresh.

During your solo free time, you should take the opportunity of Saturn's entry into Pisces to really listen to yourself and dedicate space to the things you want to pursue but haven't had the courage to try yet. This could be anything from learning how to play a musical instrument to realizing that you have a knack for computer programming and want to pursue your interest more in-depth. For all signs, now is the time to reach for the stars!