Chunky Boots Are The Spring Must-Have You Can Wear With Literally Everything

If you ask us, chunky boots should be a shoe staple for every closet — they're comfy, edgy, and durable, and they can be worn with nearly any style. Traditionally, chunky boots are considered winter wear. "Chunky boots are definitely a winter wardrobe essential," stylist Seppe Tirabassi tells Harper's Bazaar. "They can withstand the elements while allowing you to remain fashion forward and cool with an attitude." But just because they are great for snowy days, that doesn't mean you can't put them on in the middle of spring to withstand the rain and mud in style.

While they look great with casual clothing, they also have the ability to dress down any fancy outfit and make it more daytime appropriate. Regardless of whether you prefer ankle or knee-high chunky boots — we've got you covered. Here are all the ways to style chunky boots that will inspire you to think spring.

Chunky boots and an oversized button-up are casual and cute

Wearing a button-up as a dress can often look a bit unfinished, you know — it can give off a "forgot to put pants on" vibe. Luckily, you can ensure this isn't the case by picking your shoes more mindfully. Instead of slip-on sandals or sneakers, consider rocking a pair of chunky boots that will immediately make the dress shirt edgier. While any boot height works, the closer it is to the knee, the better.

Chunky boots and a mini skirt look ultra-cool

A mini skirt will always look great with boots, but a mini skirt with chunky boots definitely shows everyone that you are not afraid of trying new things. In the winter, put on a pair of tights, but in the warmer months, forego them for an even more casual look.

Chunky boots anchor a long coat

A long coat almost reaching your ankles can quickly look too posh, especially if paired with something like heels or oxfords. However, pairing it with chunky lace-up boots will make it more casual, allowing you to wear a more comfortable outfit underneath it, as well.

Chunky boots add edginess to an all-denim look

2023 is the year of denim — whether it's jeans, skirts, jackets, or everything, all at once. In fact, denim-on-denim is a '90s trend that is back big time, and it looks fantastic when paired with some edgy combat boots. If you opt for a denim maxi skirt, chunky boots with a bit of a platform are a flawless choice.

Chunky boots make any dress seem more casual

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to use chunky boots to make an outfit more casual is to wear them with a short dress. For this, any dress will work, and depending on the rest of your accessories, you can either lean more into the casual vibe or go for more of an edgy glam look.

Chunky boots are in the spotlight when paired with a midi skirt

Since a midi skirt usually lands between a spot just below your knees and above your ankles, it is the perfect choice for pairing with classic combat boots. This way, the boots will be visible in their entirety, and since the eye will naturally be drawn to the skirt's hemline, the boots will immediately be one of the focal points of the look.

Chunky boots and classic jeans are always a safe combo

If you want to go the safe route, pairing chunky boots with your favorite jeans is always a good choice. The two balance each other out perfectly, and since neither of the two is screaming for attention, you can pair them with a bolder top or some fun accessories.

Chunky boots and cargo pants bring back the aughts

Cargo pants are another aughts fashion trend that is popular again, and because of their military style, they pair well with chunky combat boots. And don't worry about the fact that your cargo pants are too wide to be neatly tucked into the boots — that messy look just adds more effortlessness to the outfit.

Chunky boots in the same color as your coat elevate any outfit

The most common color for chunky boots is black; however, getting a pair in a different shade will make the boots that much more eye-catching. In particular, consider matching the color of your chunky boots with the color of your favorite spring coat — that way, your outfit will always look more put-together.

Pair chunky boots with a preppy dress for an unexpected twist

Because chunky boots are typically military shoes, combining them with contrasting pieces can look daring and unique. A preppy dress and combat boots balance each other out in an unexpected way, and together they make you look cool and sophisticated at the same time.

Chunky boots in beige are perfect for a bohemian look

If you're someone who loves intricate bohemian clothing pieces, you'll be happy to hear that chunky boots look great with those, too. Depending on the colors you wear most, consider getting chunky boots in an earthy brown or beige, as those tend to fit with the boho style more than harsh black ones.

Tuck a pair of wide pants into chunky boots for a relaxed vibe

Classic pants also work well with chunky boots, and while you can wear them over your boots — you could also tuck them in. Particularly, if you have chunky boots that hit just below your knee, tucking your pants in will make your outfit look more interesting.

Chunky boots and a maxi dress are effortlessly stylish

A mini dress looks amazing with chunky boots, but if you prefer wearing maxi dresses, you can still rock them with your favorite pair of boots. After all, a fun dress that is longer looks so much cooler when paired with edgy footwear.

Chunky floral boots are a fun way to explore the trend

Since chunky boots tend to look very intimidating — especially if they're in black — many might end up skipping out on this trend. However, chunky boots come in all colors, and some are even available in fun patterns. Floral chunky boots add just the right amount of color and spring to any outfit.

Chunky boots and faux leather pants give off a cool girl vibe

A faux leather outfit definitely isn't easy to pull off, especially because it can be difficult to style and accessorize properly. Luckily, combat boots are always a safe choice for leather pants — no matter what color they are. If they are skintight leather pants, tuck them in, and if they are wide, don't — the material can look a bit odd and bulky.

Chunky boots and bike shorts are super comfy

Bike shorts found their way into mainstream fashion in the '80s, and while they are known to be worn with heels for a night out — most commonly, bike shorts are paired with sneakers. However, if you want to still look casual but you'd like to stray away from going overboard with athleisure, elevate your bike shorts with some chunky boots.

Chunky knee-high boots are the perfect choice for leggings

This one might be obvious for some, but a lot of us tend to forget that a pair of simple black leggings look so much better when they are tucked into a pair of boots. Pick your favorite chunky boots, add an oversized sweater on top, and voilà — you're ready for the day.

Chunky boots look great with socks peeking out

Knee-high chunky boots are ultra cool, but a pair of classic combat boots that hit just above your ankle are a lot more versatile. Not only will you be able to rock them more during warmer months (you won't be too hot), but you can also combine them with fun socks that will peek out and add that tiny bit of extra pizzazz to your outfit.

Pair chunky boots with a pantsuit to switch it up

Rocking a pantsuit to begin with is such a boss move, especially if you opt to wear the blazer as a top with nothing underneath. To make the pantsuit look even bolder, pair it with some chunky boots that peek through underneath the pants.

Chunky boots are a great shoe to pair with a sherpa jacket

Even though any kind of jacket looks great with combat boots, one of our favorite choices is a cropped sherpa jacket in the same shade as the boots. These two clothing items will perfectly finish off any outfit — whether you're wearing sweatpants or a floral dress.

Chunky boots always work well with a maxi skirt

Just like a maxi dress, a maxi skirt also looks fabulous with chunky boots. If you happen to have a skirt that is slightly too long and causes you to trip when you wear sandals or sneakers, pair it with some chunky flat platform boots for an inch of height. The best part is that your foot will still be super comfortable because they aren't heeled.

Chunky boots and animal print are a match made in heaven

Animal print is often difficult to style, especially if you fear it will look too overwhelming. If you want to give those animal print clothing items that are in the back of your closet a chance, pair them with casual shoes — like a pair of chunky black boots.

Chunky boots pair well with cropped jeans

Cropped jeans are the perfect choice for combat boots, especially if the jeans' hem hits right above the boot's top. If you're worried about being chilly, make sure you wear a pair of socks that are higher than your boots to ensure that no skin is peeking through.

Chunky boots add plenty of texture to a maximalist outfit

Monochromatic minimalist outfits have been trendy for a couple of years now, but 2023 is slowly reintroducing maximalism into fashion. If you want to hop onto this trend early on, chunky booties are perfect because they immediately add more volume and texture to any look.

Chunky boots and denim shorts are perfect for a festival

You can call this the classic Coachella outfit, but a pair of Daisy Dukes and some combat boots are one of the most popular festival outfits for a reason. Chunky boots keep your feet safe no matter where a festival is held, and the shorts will help you remain cool no matter how much you're dancing.