A Pop Of Color In Your Inner Eye Is Never A Bad Idea (& We'll Prove It)

Between the dopamine nail trend and TikTok's newest colorful trend, Clowncore — yes, you read that right, clown-inspired fashion is trending in 2023 — it's safe to say that bright colors are trendy in the fashion and beauty worlds. Experimenting with different colors when creating makeup looks is always fun, as we love exploring eye-catching statement looks. For instance, a bright red or pink lip can transform any look from minimalistic to bold and beautiful.

Moreover, we enjoy seeing how beauty enthusiasts use neon and colorful mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshadows to make their eyes pop. For example, TikToker @rebeccamolloymakeup posted a video showing viewers how to create a fluorescent pink look with eyeliner and eyeshadow. Another fun way to incorporate colorful and neon pops into your makeup is to add bright shadows or liners to your inner eye areas. While it might be your instinct to stick with a more subtle neutral shimmer for your inner eye corners, you shouldn't be afraid to explore more colorful options for more noticeable looks.

Rock a hot pink

Nostalgia is having a moment with the Barbiecore fashion trend, as many girly, trend-savvy people have been wearing as much bright pink as possible, taking inspiration from Barbie dolls. Adding a touch of pink eyeshadow to the inner eye area is a fun and easy way to ease into this trend with makeup.

Explore electric lime green

While wearing lime green eyeshadow on your entire eyelid might be overpowering for most eye colors and outfits — depending on where you wear it — a hint of the neon green eyeshadow in your inner eye is a cute and tasteful way to show off the vibrant color. Flaunting this exciting shadow hue in the inner corner of your eye is also one of the best ways to embrace scene beauty in 2023.

Experiment with ethereal blue

You can never go wrong with wearing pastel or shiny blue eyeshadow to exude dreamy energy. Add a touch of light or shiny blue shadow or liner to your inner eye area for delicate, ethereal vibes. If you have blue eyes, you'll present a beautifully cohesive, monochromatic look, and if you have brown, green, or hazel eyes, the hint of blue will make your eye color pop.

Have fun with contrast

The inner eye area is an excellent place to add some contrast to the rest of your look. Try adding eyeshadow or eyeliner in a different hue from the rest of your eyelid for a more dynamic, artistic appearance. For instance, if you're wearing orange eyeshadow, add a pop of blue or green in the inner corner for bold contrast.

Show off sultry red

Red eyeshadow is a stunning spring staple, so everyone should have at least one red shadow or palette featuring red in their makeup bag. Red eyeshadow is super sexy, and if you want to ease into wearing it, add a bit to your inner eye instead of painting your entire eyelid red. Pair the pop of red with red lipstick for a stunning monochromatic appearance.

Don't forget about a vibrant yellow

Yellow is always our go-to eyeshadow color for cheerful, upbeat looks. All you need is a touch of bright yellow shadow or liner in the corner of your inner eye to present brighter, happier-looking energy. Yellow accents are also fun to pair with various other shadow colors, from blue to red to orange to green.

Work with face gems

Another way to add a pop of color to your inner eye area is to put on some makeup gems. Donning these sparkly details is a glamorous way to add more color to your look. Whether you only add one face gem to each inner eye corner or wear a bunch of them for an ultra-glamorous design, the sparkles will be perfect for nights out, festivals, and raves.