Long Live The Skort: The Best Ways To Style The Old-School Favorite

Ah, the skort. This classic tennis staple peaked in popularity in the late '90s and early 2000s. Regularly showcased in the pop culture scene, skorts have been gone for a minute now. We're happy to announce, though, that the resurgence of '90s trends has extended its reach to our favorite short/skirt combo. That's right, friends — the skort is back and better than ever, and we're hoping it's here for good. 

The last time you wore a skort, you probably paired it with a graphic tee, a chunky waist belt, and maybe even a loose necktie. No shame — the early aughts were a wild time. If you want to get back into the skort scene but aren't sure how to style it nowadays, don't fret!

We'll help you put a modern twist on this old-school favorite, and you'll probably find that some of your old go-to skort style tips have persisted to this day. So get ready to go skort hunting (or dig out your old favs from the attic!). Here are all our favorite ways to style the classic skort.

As a business casual ensemble

First and maybe least expected, an upgraded skort can be a stunning piece for a summer business casual ensemble. Take a leaf from Charlize Theron's book and pair a simple black skort with a white blouse for a very versatile professional look that you could wear to the office, a nice dinner, or a business seminar. Dress your skort up or down with your accessories — pair with large hoops and some stacked rings for a casual feel, or pearls if you want to go full professional. 

With a cropped blouse

If you want a look that you can take from brunch to the beach to a summer music festival, a skort and crop top combo couldn't be a better option. Denim skorts are casual enough to wear with anything, but if denim causes chafing concerns in the summer months, you could always grab a cotton or linen skort. The crop top will keep you from feeling breezy, and you can choose between a cropped blouse or a simple cropped tank, depending on how dressy you want to make your 'fit.

Play with genderless fashion

If you're exploring genderless fashion, skorts are a great way to add a feminine element to your outfit while remaining comfy and covered. Pair a skort with a crisp button-up, necktie, and some chunky loafers for a fabulous ensemble that defies gender norms. Go as long or short with your skort as you like — the most important thing when you're exploring genderless fashion is that you feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

With an overcoat

New to showing some leg? Opting for a skort is an excellent way to go for obvious reasons, mostly because with skorts, you don't run the risk of accidentally showing more than you want to. If you want a more gradual way to ease yourself into showing off your legs (or if it's simply just a bit too cold outside), pair your skort with a nice long overcoat or blanket coat. An overcoat will provide some additional coverage when you decide you want it, and you can take it off when you're ready to show off your legs.

With summery knitwear

Knitwear? In the summer? That's right: The popular winter weave has expanded its reach to all seasons, and we couldn't be happier. When you're wearing a skort in the summer months, match it with a summery knitwear top for some fun textural contrast that'll have everybody talking. You can pair your skort with knitwear in the winter months, too; pair it with a chunkier sweater and some tights to stay warm. 

In chilly weather

Skorts, especially in darker colors, can be worn just as often in winter months as you'd wear them in the summer — if you know how to style them, that is. Bare legs are a no-go once the weather dips, but you can still show them off in a skort when you pair them with some sheer fleece-lined tights. You can bundle up in a floor-length coat for maximum warmth, but a tight skort would also be a great contrast to a cropped chic puffer coat

While playing sports

Of course, we can't forget the tried-and-true use for the classic skort. Skorts are the perfect sportswear, as they let you go all-out with the action while keeping you reasonably covered during whatever activity you choose. If you're an avid tennis player and don't already have a skort, you should grab one ASAP. White is the most common color for tennis skorts, but you can always grab a fashion color if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Paired with a spring blouse

The simplicity a skort offers makes it a great choice to pair with other standout pieces in your closet. Take that floral blouse you've been waiting all year to dig out of your closet, for example. Pair it with a plain white or denim skort for an easy outfit that you can wear shopping or to a lovely brunch with friends. 

Tuck in a graphic tee

If you want to really throw it back to the early 2000s, look no further than a denim skort and graphic tee. Don't have either of these pieces? We'd be surprised if you couldn't find them at your local thrift store. Style your band tee by tucking it in to give your outfit some shape, and pair it with chunky flip-flops to go all-out with the nostalgia.

Make it bright

Though you'll definitely want to have some neutral staple skorts in your closet (like black, white, and nude), skorts are a great way to show off your brighter side, as well. Grab a skort in your favorite color (or colors) to make this versatile classic a standalone statement piece. You can pair it with a neutral or matching top, depending on how much of a statement you want to make with your 'fit.

Go for an all-white ensemble

Keep it cool, classy, and elegant — yet still sporty — when you pair a white skort with a white top. Make it a crop top or even a bralette in the summer months when the weather is too hot to handle. Or make your white skort a transitional piece by wearing it with a long-sleeved white tee. To dress it up, grab a pair of shiny white gogo boots; if you want to keep it casual, white tennis shoes are the way to go.

Grab a printed skort

Who said your skorts have to be solid? Not us. If you want a statement piece that can also double as great casual workwear (looking at you, teachers), a skort with a printed pattern will do just the trick. Any color goes here, and you can have as many or as few colors on your patterned skort as you want. Just make sure you have a solid T-shirt that matches at least one color on your skort for an easy match.

Match with your little one

Skorts aren't just great staple pieces for adults — they're great to put your little ones in, as well! Skorts give the same cute factor as a skirt, but the shorts hidden underneath are great for keeping your little one from showing a bulky diaper. For maximum cuteness, take your kiddo out on a date in matching skorts the next time you need some good parent-child bonding time.

Grab a classic plaid

For a real throwback moment, snag a skort in a classic plaid print. A plaid skort can give you a fun schoolgirl moment, and you can amp up or tone down the sexiness based on how long the skirt part is (and whether it boasts a slit, like in the picture above). Go all-in on the schoolgirl aesthetic by pairing it with a collared blouse, or wear it with a form-fitting shirt for maximum versatility.

With a pair of cowboy boots

Forget Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots — skorts and cowboy boots are the way to go. Bonus points if you can grab a grungy denim wrap skort like the one pictured above. You'll be comfy and covered enough to take on whatever you want to do in your boots, whether it's actual cowboy activities (horseback riding, anyone?) or just shopping around town with some friends.

Pair white and cream

If you aren't wearing cream and white together, what are you even doing? Yep  — even if the only skort you own is white, and the rest of your closet is rife with neutrals, you can still make your skort a statement piece. To do this, make your skort the only white piece you wear and try to match the rest of your pieces to each other. Pair a white skort with a cream shirt, sandals, and a handbag for a simple look that tells everyone the skort really is back and better than ever.

Wear over swimwear

If you want to wear a skort at least once in a while, but you're finding them hard to style (or you're just not very comfortable in them), why not grab one and wear it as a swimsuit cover-up? If you want to pull this look off, grab a skort in a lightweight or water-resistant fabric that you don't mind getting messy at the beach. You can match it to your favorite bikini or just pick whichever one catches your eye. Anything goes on a beach vaca!

Fit for a country club

Need a comfy outfit to wear while golfing at the country club? With skirts, you run the risk of wind exposing everything you've got going on underneath, so wearing a skort is a great way to mitigate that concern. Pair a skort with a polo shirt, baseball cap, and some tennis shoes, and you're setting yourself up for a great day on the green.

Have a pop of color

As long as skorts are coming back, make sure they're here to stay by giving them their own fashion moment. Let your skort style shine when you buy one in a standout color. Whether you go with an earthy green or a fiery orange, it's your call! But to make it a true standout piece, we'd recommend wearing neutrals for the rest of your outfit.

Let your legs take the spotlight

Listen, nobody has to know your skirt is actually a skort (we promise we won't tell). If you want to capture the sexiness of a leg-baring miniskirt without sacrificing the security of a pair of shorts, opt for a skort with shorts short enough that they don't show. Bonus points if you grab one with a slit to throw everyone off your scent even further. 

Get one in leather

While we're on the subject of sexy, we can't forget to talk about leather. Leather is a staple fabric in every going-out wardrobe, and when you grab a leather skort, nobody will know it isn't actually a leather skirt — though you can grab a wrapped style if you want to show off a hint of shorts. Your 'fit is sure to be sexy either way!

Create a fun party 'fit

The next time you're invited to a party that you'd typically wear a dress or skirt to, wear a skort (and thank us later). You'll appreciate having a secret pair of shorts on when you find out that some people are actually playing lawn games, it's windy outside, or you want to sit on a picnic blanket. Pair your favorite casual skort with a fun, colorful blouse for an easy party look.

Let the shorts peek out

Skorts are a great way to hide a pair of shorts, but nobody said they have to be hidden. In fact, getting a skort that shows off the shorts underneath is a great way to showcase your unique style. Let people know you're down for truly anything when you show off the pair of shorts in your skort and pair it with a unique top for a truly standout ensemble.

Match it to a patterned shirt

If you're struggling to seamlessly incorporate skorts into your wardrobe and create fun, visually interesting outfits, look for skorts that you can pair with patterned shirts you already own. The pattern can be as simple or complex as you like; just pick a color present in the pattern and find a skort that matches. You could keep it simple by matching a white and brown striped tee with a brown skort (like above), or you could go bright and pair a yellow skort with a floral-patterned blouse. 

Opt for an elegant satin

When it comes to skorts, you're really not limited to any one type of outfit — so why not glam it up with a satin skort? Be careful when playing with this material, though, since it can easily look like a slip if it's dressed down too much. Pair a satin skort with a satin camisole, a gold medallion necklace, and a pair of heels for an elegantly understated look. Or you can wear it under a colorful jacket for even more subtlety.

Make it fit for a brunch party

Skorts are a great brunch option, especially if you're unsure what the seating situation looks like. Wear it in the spring or summer by getting one in a bright color and pairing it with a neutral blouse or tank top. You can dress it up or down for your brunch with your accessories, and don't forget to grab heeled sandals and a thin bracelet for a look that says, "I put this together in my sleep."

Get a wrap skort

If you want the ultimate casual, wear-it-anywhere spring or summer ensemble, utilize a wrapped skort. The sporty wrapped skort is easy enough to wear as a bathing suit cover-up but still stylish enough to wear on its own. It might be obvious that you're wearing a skort, but who cares? You're making a statement, and we wouldn't be surprised if you find people asking where you got your skort left and right.

Pleat it!

Want a fun twist on the classic skort? Get a pleated one! Pleats add a flirty, feminine vibe to what may otherwise be a pretty sporty look, but they also offer some extra comfort and coverage to your standard mini skirt. Bonus points if you find one with pleated layers for a maximalist-chic vibe.

Find a vintage skort

As you already know, skorts aren't just popping on the scene — they've been around for a while, and we refuse to forget the glory of the skorts of yesteryear. If you're in the market for a fun, unique skort, check out your favorite local or online vintage shop. We wouldn't be surprised if you walk away with a stunning Lilly Pulitzer skort like the one pictured above.

As an alt look

Yes, skorts can fit anyone and everyone's style, even if your fashion preferences tend toward the edgy alt scene. Expand your alt wardrobe by adding a skort to it! Grab one in black or a dark crimson, depending on what will vibe best with the rest of your closet. Pair it with your favorite boots for a look you won't get tired of anytime soon.

Don't forget the denim

If you're a denim fan like us, you probably already have denim shorts and even a denim skirt or two in your closet. This is a sign to replace those pieces (or at least supplement them) with a denim skort. Denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, and a denim skort can dress down what might otherwise be a too-dressy outfit. Bonus points if you find one with some embellishments for added visual interest.

Bring back the animal print

While we're bringing back old trends, can we please bring back more animal print? We think skorts and animal prints go together like peanut butter and jelly. If animal prints tend to bring out your inner tiger, don't fret — there's a pair of shorts to keep you from accidentally showing off more than you want to. You can grab an animal print skort in standard animal print colors, but if you're feeling extra, try a black-on-black leopard print or a brightly-colored zebra. 

Find a matching set

If we've sold you on skorts, but you don't want to go to the trouble of styling one, we've got good news: you don't have to. Find a matching set that contains a skort and whatever style of shirt you'd prefer, whether it be a tank top, tee, or even a jacket. Find one with some texture, like the quilted texture in the above set to let everyone know you really mean business.

Match it to your accessories

Maybe you've had a fabulous skort that's legitimately been in your closet since the '90s. You've been waiting for them to come back for decades, and it's finally time ... but you have no clue what to wear it with. Well, friend, we've got a pro hack for you: Take that "Clueless"-style skort and match its primary color to your accessories. You can match your skort to a hat, your shoes, or even just your jewelry, but matching it to at least some of your accessories will help your whole outfit come together effortlessly.