The '90s-Inspired Styling Trick That Will Upgrade Your Layered Outfits

We are always up for styling hacks that updgade our wardrobes without breaking the bank. With the re-emergance of '90s and early 2000s fashion, has come the resurrection of some of our favorite affordable styling tricks. Cuffing denim, a flannel tied around the waist, and, even the modernization of overalls are all '90s fashion trends that have trickled into today's looks. One of the most elevated '90s fashion trends has already been worn by plenty of today's celebrities and is one of the easiest to pull off.

If an outfit was boring in the '90s, they just added more pieces to the puzzle. Layering was a huge trend in the '90s, especially with turtlenecks, as they add an instant upgrade to any outfit. So you can simply use a basic tight-fitting turtleneck to practice layering in your outfits. If you are looking to elevate your layered outfits this season, we have curated six ways to pull the turtleneck styling trick into your wardrobe.

Under a sweatshirt

Stay comfortable and on-trend when you layer your favorite sweatshirt over a classic turtleneck, allowing the neck to peep out. You can add even more '90s elements into this look with a sweatshirt from an iconic brand like Fiorucci, and a vintage headband.

Layered under a button-down

A classic '90s way to style a button-down is by layering a turtleneck underneath. There are a couple of options as to how to pull this look off, whether it be leaving the button-down fully open or buttoning the button-down with only a peak of turtleneck showing. Fashion YouTube creator Gloria Gao showcased her favorite ways to wear a black turtleneck, which included layering a buttoned-up white shirt over a black turtleneck, tucked into tan trousers.

Sleeveless for summer months

With a sleeveless turtleneck, you can still practice layering during the summer. Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you have to stop wearing this '90s trend. Simply pair your favorite baggy T-shirt or button down over a sleeveless turtleneck. This will give the turtleneck illusion while avoiding all of the extra fabric on your arms.

Under your favorite band tee

Styling a turtleneck under your favorite band tee is a great way to stay warm while elevating the look. While a band tee can be comfy, it takes some styling to be a fashion-forward piece. We recommend styling the turtleneck and band tee combo tucked into denim with plenty of jewelry and paired with cute ankle booties.

Inspired by The Rock

We all laugh when we see the iconic Instagram post of The Rock, posed in a black turtleneck, chains around the neck, and a fanny pack. But this '90s style is great inspiration for your next layered look! It's obvious that Instagram influencer Olivia Miller took inspiration from the aesthetic when she paired a black turtleneck and gold chain under her trench coat, calling it one of her "go to" outfits.

Under a classy slip dress

Two '90s staples come together when you pair a classic turtleneck under a slip dress. This is a great way to stay warm, while avoiding covering up your beautiful dress with a jacket. Go to dressy from casual in a flash as you can create another full outfit out of the look by tucking the dress into your favorite pair of jeans.