Short Shorts Are Not The Stylish Set This Spring. Now It's All About Length

As fashion throwbacks to the '90s and '00s weave their way into nearly every possible trend of the early 2020s, there appears to be one very notable exception taking shape. While micro skirts and super short shorts ruled the '90s and '00s, there is a new style of shorts in town for the 2023 spring and summer seasons. Thankfully, this is not a drill. Get ready for a year of the ultimate in comfort and coverage because long shorts are officially back.

If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s, you might feel intimidated by the idea of styling shorts that aren't microscopic. Don't worry, babe, we've got you covered (literally). Here are a few of the most inspiring outfits featuring long shorts to encourage you to take the plunge this spring. Choose your favorites to create your own version of and then prepare to enjoy the most comfortable summer you've ever had. 

Long leather

When you're on a mission to turn a particular type of clothing item into a display of sophistication but self-doubt creeps in, reach for leather. Whether you prefer genuine or vegan leather, a slick and shiny long short will not steer you wrong, especially when paired with sassy boots. 

Light khakis

What comes to mind when you imagine a pair of classic light khaki shorts? Golf? Easter Sunday? Well, it's time for some new imagery. Add a black crop top and edgy black boots for an unexpected style mashup that will be sure to turn heads wherever you happen to wander. 

Elevated biker

It seems reasonable to assume that the resurgence in popularity the humble bike short has seen in recent years is directly related to long shorts stepping back onto the scene. Look for a pair that features mesh cutouts or other detailing to make them stand out. Combine with a denim jacket or coatigan for maximum casual coolness. 

Black denim

Black denim is basically blue jeans' punk little sister. If you're looking to add a bit of that edge to an elevated outfit rather than going full alternative, combine long black denim shorts with an upscale blouse, a designer (or designer-inspired) bag, and a pair of strappy white or metallic heels. 

Flowy linen

Aiming for the ultimate in comfortable fashion this spring and summer? Time to embrace the beauty that is long, loose, flowy linen shorts. Pair these wearable clouds with an open Hawaiian-style shirt with a crop top or tank underneath and then tie it all together with an unexpectedly polished shoe choice. 

Distressed denim cargo

If you've spent all winter in jeans, it may be easiest to begin your transition to shorts with a long blue denim pair. Look for ways to add visual interest to this basic — like distressed details and cargo pockets. Pair with a bright, flowy top and fun accessories for a bit of polish. 

Oversized plaid

Pleats? Plaid? Longline? Don't worry, you're in the right place. Next time you head to brunch, swap your sundress for a pair of long, roomy, pleated trouser shorts complete with plaid. Add a tie and a crop top for a fun casual take or a respectable button-down, if you've got a more formal meeting ahead. 

Fringed denim

Going for a laidback skater-inspired vibe this spring? Reach for a pair of long denim shorts that feature a raw, frayed bottom hem. Pair with slides or crisp white sneakers and a partially tucked oversized top. Bonus points for a classic slouchy bag and big sunglasses combo that screams "too cool for you".