Balletcore Is Evolving: Dollcore Is Here To Take Over Your Makeup Aesthetic

If you're someone who loves the balletcore fashion aesthetic, buckle up: Dollcore is the new trendy aesthetic to get inspired by. As its name suggests, the trend is influenced by dolls, and some of the most famous inspirations include Barbie, Bratz, and the American Girl Doll.

If you're wondering just how to incorporate dollcore into your everyday makeup routine, we have a couple of suggestions. Naturally, this aesthetic leaves a lot of space for personal interpretation, so if you have a favorite doll, feel free to copy her look as much as you'd like.

Of course, just like any viral aesthetic, dollcore can also look costume-like if you take it too far. And while some might prefer the ultra-dramatic look, most people tend to look for ways to hop on a makeup trend without going too far out of their comfort zone. And luckily, these tips provide exactly that!

Aegyo sal is a big part of this trend

Highlighting right under your lower lashline might sound scary, but it's precisely what makes your eyes look more doe-like. Aegyo sal has been a popular trend in Korea for decades, and for a good reason — it makes your eyes pop like nothing else. "It's different from under-eye bags," Korean makeup artist Cat Koh tells Byrdie. "It's the muscle that pops out when you're smiling and makes you look cuter." Now all you have to do is add your favorite highlight to the puffy area and watch your eyes open up.

Instead of wispy cat-like falsies, opt for doll-like ones

Fox eyes and wispy falsies have been trending for some time. While it's difficult to believe that the trend will go anywhere anytime soon, neither of the two is something you want when recreating a dollcore makeup look. In fact, you want doll-like eyelashes that are long in the center and not just in the outer corners.

A white waterline is crucial for opening up the eyes

With dollcore, you want to ensure your eyes look as wide as possible. If you naturally have more almond-shaped eyes, an easy way to make them more round is to add white eyeliner into your beauty routine — specifically to your waterline. This will also instantly make you look more awake, so it's a perfect trick for early mornings.

Pastel eyeshadow is a must

Even though dollcore allows for black and brown eyeshadows, the classic way to interpret this trend is to use pastel colors. After all, most dolls have their eyelids colored purple, pink, or blue — which is why going for a smokey brown eye isn't very dollcore.

Pearls are an easy way to take dollcore to the next level

If you want to add more drama to a dollcore makeup look, add some half-pearls. You can easily make your face gems stay in place by gluing them on with some eyelash glue, and apart from adding them around your eyes, you can also glue some onto your hair for that extra touch of glam.

White lace details add that feminine touch

While black lace is edgy and gothic, white lace is something you can totally use for a dollcore look. Of course, not everyone is talented enough (or has that much time) to hand draw white lace designs around their eyes, which is why the second best thing you can do is use face stickers.

There's no such thing as too much blush

Blush has been trending for a couple of years now, and dollcore is all bout using a heavy hand with it. Start by applying your favorite shade to the apples of your cheeks and take it upwards to your temples, applying a tiny bit of it to your nose as well. To properly apply cream blush, feel free to use your fingers so the product melts into the skin. 

Pink is the epitome of dollcore

Even though you can opt for any pastel color you like, there is no doubt that pink is the most dollcore color you can choose. And while going all out with pink on your eyelids, lips, and cheeks sounds scary, it can actually look incredibly fresh and youthful — and it works with every skin tone.

For extra drama, add false lashes to the bottom

If you're someone who already uses white pencil liner, pink blush, and pastel eyeshadows, a fun way to take your look to the next level is by using fake lashes on your bottom lash line. With this look, you want the lashes to be obvious and not natural-looking at all, as that is the point of recreating doll-like eyes.

Play around with iridescent eyeshadows and jewels

If you love a sparkly makeup look, dollcore is the perfect aesthetic to try out. Glitter, holographic makeup, and face jewels are all perfect for adding that extra touch of drama to whatever your simple go-to makeup is. And the best part is that the options with glitter and jewels are endless — you can create different designs around your eyes, add some sparkle to your lips, or even use them to enhance your cheekbones.

Fake freckles (or reals ones) make the look more youthful

Even though dollcore can be very sultry and seductive, in its essence, it is a makeup trend that is supposed to make you look youthful. One way to achieve that is by adding freckles to your face — or enhancing those you already have. For this, you can get a special freckle pen or a regular brow or eye pencil in a shade that suits you.

Refrain from contouring your face

You don't want that chiseled look if you're going for the dollcore aesthetic. In fact, the plumper and softer your face looks, the better. This is why embracing the nontour trend and skipping contour is a good idea, at least on your cheeks. Instead, use some bronzer to warm them up and some blush to enhance the apples. 

If you opt for eyeliner, keep it doll-like

Most dollcore looks tend to skip the classic winged eyeliner and instead let the lashes shine. Since eyeliner tends to elongate our eyes, it only makes sense that the traditional wing isn't really in line with dollcore. However, if you want to include a dramatic eyeliner look, you totally can — just adapt it to look a bit more exaggerated and doll-like. Instead of a dramatic wing, opt for a couple of drawn-on lashes at the lower outer corner.

Glass skin is what you should aim for

For this trend, you want to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful, which is why you should avoid adding too many mattifying products. Sure, if you have oily skin, add some powder to your T-zone — but keep the rest of your face dewy and glass-like for the ultimate doll-like appearance. 

Say no to matte lips

Similar to your face makeup, you also don't want your lips to be matte. Instead, opt for a clear lip gloss or lipstick with a satin finish. As far as colors go, you can opt for nudes, pinks, purples, oranges, and reds — however, make sure they aren't too dark.

A pink lip stain is a dollcore staple

Apart from lipgloss and lipstick, a must-have for anyone who wants to rock dollcore on a daily basis is a lip stain. Not only will a good one last you all day, but you will feel like you have nothing on your lips. Once the stain has done its magic, apply a thin layer of your favorite lip balm on top of it for that natural shine.

Keep your brows fluffy and natural

With this aesthetic, you really don't want any harsh lines, which is why you should also keep your eyebrows as natural as possible. Mastering the fluffy brow trend is pretty easy — brush them upwards, fill in any sparse spots, and don't overthink them. The more natural you leave them, the more youthful the end result will be.