7 Outdated Purse Trends To Say Goodbye To This Spring

We're getting a total upgrade on purse trends this spring, and we couldn't be more excited! In the past, we've seen a lot of small, floral bags and bright colors — it is spring, after all. However, things are going in a different direction this year. Of course, it's always sad to watch your favorite handbags go out of style, but don't be disappointed. Consider it a spring cleaning for your closet, and take it as an opportunity to expand your style! Who knows, you may just find something you like.

When there is a wave of new trends in fashion, it can feel overwhelming trying to sort through everything and see what fits your style. So, to get you started on the right foot, we've created a list of the latest purse trends of spring 2023. No matter your aesthetic, we can guarantee you'll find something for you. Now, go make some room in your closet — you're going to need it!


This one may seem shocking, considering spring is all about bright colors, but neon is extremely outdated. This spring, we've been seeing a lot of red everywhere, and not just handbags. This color has taken the fashion industry by storm, which is why we recommend saying goodbye to neon and hello to cherry red. Oh, and did we mention red is the color of confidence?

Miniature sized

It's no secret mini bags are anything but practical. Sometimes, they're too small to even fit your phone (and at that point, why bring a purse at all?). If you're used to carrying your life around with you, we suggest a hobo bag instead. They're incredibly spacious, so you don't have to pick and choose what to bring along with you. Save the micro bags for an event that only requires your essentials.


It feels like crossbody bags have been in style forever (and they kind of have), but we're sad to say their reign has finally come to an end. Crossbodies were a hit for so long because of their practicality; you didn't have to haul around a huge, heavy bag everywhere you went. Plus, it's kept close to your person, which made it a lot more difficult for someone to come along and steal it. They're a great utility bag, especially when you're walking around on vacation, but not something you want to wear on a night out.


Suede purses require a ton of maintenance, especially if you live in an area with a ton of snow or rainfall. They're the kind of bag you only wear on days with nice weather, unless you want to spend a pretty penny getting it cleaned after it fell victim to an unexpected thunderstorm, or got dropped in two feet of snow. As of spring 2023, suede is out and metallic is in.


Tbh, customized purses were never really the vibe. We know how fun it is to let people know you're getting married, but you don't need a sequin bag with the word "Bride" on it to get your point across. The same goes for any milestone birthdays. Trust us, you're never going to wear a purse that says "Dirty 30" ever again. Instead, show off your edgier side with a bada** studded shoulder bag or tote.

Fanny packs

Thanks to Lululemon, fanny packs were the hit of 2022. Seriously, everyone was obsessed. Whether you bought the real thing or one of the millions of knockoffs other brands made, chances are you had one, and we don't blame you. They're cute and practical, but this spring, we've been introduced to the utility belt bag. It offers the same functionality of the fanny pack, but with a bit more style. Don't believe us? Just ask Miu Miu.

Drawstring evening bag

For a while, you couldn't go to any evening event without running into someone with a satin drawstring clutch. You may have even spotted some women sporting the cage bag, as if they were bringing their pet bird to a black-tie affair. This year, it's all about the sleek, oblong clutch.