J.Lo's Fantasy French Manicure Is Trend Overload. Here's How To Get It

More than just another body part, nails are an extension of your style and have the power to elevate any of your looks with a simple swipe of the brush. Thanks to plenty of new nail trends that have surfaced in the last couple of years, more people are finding nail design to be another component of their looks. Recent nail trends have included glazed nails, lipgloss nails, and graphic nails. All these trends have completely changed how we view our nail colors, shapes, and designs. Thankfully, the nail trends continue, and this time we have actress and singer Jennifer Lopez to thank. During a recent red carpet look for husband Ben Affleck's newest movie, "Air," Lopez donned the latest nail trend you'll soon see everywhere. Her pearlescent french nails are a peek at how you can combine various trends to create your unique look.

While pearlescent nails and French manicures aren't new to the nail world, they've perhaps never had the opportunity to be showcased like this before. Lopez's pearly nail color is complete with a fine micro french tip that's hardly noticeable at first glance. In further detail, you can see how this micro line adds more definition and elegance to an already beautiful nail. While not everyone will be a fan of a micro French manicure, it's the newest addition to a growing list of nail trends.

The fantasy French manicure

Lopez's nails, now dubbed the fantasy French manicure, is a combination of two well-known nail trends. The "mother of pearl" nails come together with the micro French manicure to create a look that is ready for the red carpet. Unlike other French manicures, the white tip on these nails is all about being subtle. The trick to achieving this look is taking the thinnest nail brush possible and outlining your nails with white polish. Apply your white tip after your pearl nail color has dried and you'll get a subtle definition that will make your nails pop. Like eyeliner for your nails, this small addition can create a Hollywood-worthy nail design.

What's a micro French manicure?

The micro French manicure trend is nothing new to the world of nail trends. These subtle lines are proven to be a chic and small way of adding some elegance to your nails. While regular French manicures are always a classic option, this tiny twist is a modern take on an icon nail. You also don't need to stick with a white tip. If previous nail trends are any indication, the micro French manicure can easily be customized with your favorite nail polish shade. Simply take a thin tool to create your micro French tip, and you'll have the perfect nail to take anywhere.

Soft pearly manicure

The most significant aspect of the fantasy French manicure is the pearly finish of the nails. Since the micro French tip is so subtle and small, the pearl color is what will take up most of your design. Getting this pearl color at home is simple and can be done in just a few minutes. Begin by painting your nails in a nude or white coat. Once this initial coat dries, add a metallic chrome top coat to finish your nail design. Always finish your nail designs with a top coat to seal them in and prevent chipping. Once everything has dried, you can add your micro French manicure around the edges of your nail.

Create your own fantasy French manicure

Because the pearl finishes on your nails are the most significant part of the design, you'll want to choose your colors wisely. While Lopez used a shade closer to white, you can always add in your favorite color to give your nails more personality. Choosing a nude color will give you a mix of a pearl finish with a touch of glazed nails. Other options include adding a pop of color or a neutral shade like brown. Whichever color you decide to go with, add a similar shade along the edges to act as your French tip. This small variation in hue will still give your nails the French manicure look — but with your personal touch.

Add a significant French tip

Part of what makes the fantasy French manicure unique is the fact that it's outlined with a subtle white line around the nail. While this is perfect for a subtle touch, you can always choose to go with a more significant (read: bold) French manicure. Add a white French tip to your nails that will mix both nail designs in a stellar way. Don't shy away from creating a more obvious French manicure, as this combination will still look chic and modern.