The 'Slob' Haircut Is No Slacker Look, And It's Perfect For A Cool-Girl Vibe

Making a change in any part of your life can be scary, especially when it comes to getting a haircut. You might tend to stick with the same length and color, but it's nice to switch it up occasionally. If you like to keep your hair longer, try going short for spring and summer. We've been seeing so many variations of the bob hairstyles lately, like the "Job," that we've added another to the mix. The "slob" haircut is the most talked about hairstyle in London. It's everything that will give you the cool-girl vibe. While the name isn't the most appealing or the prettiest, it's a blend of the two words "sleek" and "bob."

You might've imagined bedhead hair in the morning, but it's the complete opposite. The slob haircut is all one length, unlike a regular bob that is cut higher in the back and lower in the front, without any framing or shape to it. In addition, it's the most minimalist hairstyle you can have since it doesn't require much styling. The slob is ideal for those with naturally straight hair; you won't have to take time to straighten it. However, anyone can pull off this haircut regardless of their hair type. Here are a few ways the slob has made a name for itself.

Add some fun highlights

Natural hair is beautiful, but if you're going for a complete change in hairstyle, then add some bold or subtle highlights to your slob. This slob is the perfect length, cutting right at the jawline. The mix of brown and blond highlights elevates the haircut and makes it look effortless and lightweight. Instead of highlights, try out some lowlights or a balayage style to show more of your natural roots. On the other hand, the trendy mushroom brown color has been a hot pick that has cooler tones. 

Short slob

If you want to be daring, go for a short slob style with a length that stops right below your ear. You'll get more volume in your hair when it bunches up at the bottom, and you can curl the ends just slightly to give it some shape. The idea of the slob is to make sure it has a smooth finish without much styling, so towel drying your hair after your shower and brushing it can be enough to get the perfect look. Or, you can blow dry it and use a styling cream to prevent frizz.

Go for a shoulder length

Slobs work perfectly with any length you decide on, so if you like long hair, ask your hairstylist to cut it just above or past your shoulders. Then, keep it the same length all around with the infamous middle part to achieve the sleek look. You can also add some color to your hair for a soft appeal. For example, this balayage style brightens up the face and adds interest to the minimalist haircut.

Keep it natural

While making a new change is always thrilling, sometimes keeping things as they are has perks. If you enjoy your natural hair, embrace it with the slob haircut. You can try styling it in different ways with a straighter, curling iron, and even some cute clips. However, if you like a bit of color that isn't highlighted, try something new, such as dyeing your hair wholly blond or copper that will still brighten up your face and make your features stand out. Spring and summer are perfect for embracing the warmer weather.

Opt for a wavy look

The slob hairstyle is minimal and straightforward, but you can always add your personal touch with a few curls or waves. If you have naturally wavy hair, add styling sprays or leave-in conditioners to make it smoother and less frizzy. Finally, you'll have the perfect slob with a semi-slick look. In addition, the slob hairstyle can sometimes make your hair appear too flat so that a few curls can add some bounce to your hair.