Tips For Ensuring A Smudge-Free Finish When Applying Mascara To Your Bottom Lashes

When it comes to makeup, mascara is one of the key players, helping to deliver a voluminous dazzle of darkness to our lashes. With its impressive capabilities, the love for mascara stretches far and wide, with over 100 million individuals using the beauty product in the U.S. alone, according to Statista.

However, the much-loved beauty product doesn't come without its qualms. Since its creation, makeup users have experienced irritating issues, such as clumping and smudging. Both problems are equally annoying and can often set a perfect face of makeup up in flames. Nobody wants unsightly, sooty marks strewn beneath their eyes, but mascara is notorious for these pesky problems. As it turns out, however, smudging mascara is preventable and fixable. There are plenty of mascara hacks that can prevent these problems, such as altering how you use the wand. Let's break down more of these secrets to ensure a smudge-free finish after applying your mascara so you can focus on perfecting the rest of your look.

Change how you use your mascara wand

If you want to avoid smudging when applying your mascara to your bottom eyelashes, one simple trick can help. While it is easy to go in and attack your lashes with a full coat of product, this may not actually be helping your smudging woes. Instead, Paris-based makeup artist Violette recommends changing how you use your mascara wand, pointing it upwards or downwards instead of sideways. It may also help if you avoid the tips of your lashes when applying it this way — but ultimately, the choice is yours. If you find that smudging is still an issue after using this technique, then it may be worth a shot.

Applying your mascara this way can help prevent your lashes from becoming oversaturated with product. Furthermore, it can prevent it from potentially transferring onto your skin, reducing any chances of smudging. While it may require more patience, it's worth it if you want to prevent those dreaded "panda eyes."

Apply the right products to combat smudging

While mascara is an amazing tool for creating dream-worthy lashes, the accidental smudging that may accompany it can be unappealing. The error often requires you to remove a large chunk of your makeup and reapply it, but there is an easy way to combat the effect. To achieve a smudge-free finish when applying mascara to your bottom lashes, celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore told RealSimple that a primer is essential. A primer works to neutralize the natural oils that your skin creates, which is critical to prevent the smudging of mascara. It's for this reason that you should also avoid using products, such as facial oil, near your eyes. You can purchase eyelash primer as well, which can further reduce the chances of smudging. Likewise, you can try the same techniques on your upper lashes in order to achieve a smudge-free finish. 

While these techniques may take some practice to perfect, they are relatively easy to implement and can help you to apply your makeup more effectively. Now, you can say goodbye to your mascara mishaps and those pesky black smudges.