Tube Dresses Are The '90s Trend That Will Define Your Sleek & Minimalist Style

If there's any fashion decade that seems to be making a full comeback right now, it's definitely the '90s. From bootcut jeans to column dresses to grungy apparel, '90s fashion trends are coming back in full force. And honestly, we're here for it. One old, slightly unexpected, and fondly remembered trend we're starting to see hit the streets once again is the infamous tube dress. 

Remember the tube dress? It was that one sleeveless, strapless dress you had that looked like a fabric tube when you held it up and that you always ended up stuffing in a drawer because you couldn't figure out how to hang it in your closet. Yes, this seemingly simple garment is indeed back, but with some fun modern twists. 

Some tubes are adding sleeves or spaghetti straps (which further harken back to days of old), and we're even seeing them accessorized with belts and jackets. Whether you want to go simple with the standard straight, sleeveless, strapless tube or you want to adapt the tube shape to fit your style today, you're in luck — we're talking about some of our favorite ways to modernize the tube dress for a sleek, simple style choice you'll find yourself reaching for day after day.

Get one in sweater

First up, a tube dress with sleeves! But not only that — this cozy tube sweater is the perfect comfy piece for chilly winter walks around town, brunches with your besties, or honestly just lounging around the house. Pair with some sheer tights and a scarf for extra warmth, or wear without any accessories for an easy, minimal, but still ultra-stylish ensemble. 

Wear satin to a wedding

Yes, you heard us right — you can wear a tube dress to a wedding, too, if you know how to wear it right. To make this comfy piece fit your wedding guest dress code, go for one in a more formal fabric choice, like satin, silk, or velvet. A silky tube dress has all the comfort of a slip dress, with none of the I-just-wore-this-to-bed-ness, making it a great low-key and comfy wedding style choice. Pair with your favorite understated jewelry for a fancy minimalist look.

Grab a minimalist floral

Want to go minimalist but look maximalist? Pick a tube dress with a pattern. Florals are great for spring and summer, which is probably when you'll be getting the most wear and tear out of your tube dress, anyway. We love the black and white floral above — it keeps the style minimal while still drawing visual attention. If you want to go all out, you can always snag a more colorful print. Wear it the next time you visit your local botanical gardens to fit the theme.

Get it in red

Your tube dress doesn't have to be understated. You can always use a comfy tube dress to make a statement by grabbing one in a bold color. We love statement reds for this very reason — they're a simple way to make a moment, and when you do it with a tube dress, your style becomes effortless. This piece looks great on its own, or you could dress it up with some jewelry or down with a basic jean jacket

Split it up

Listen, the 21st-century calls for breaking the bounds in every sphere, fashion included. When you want a simple tube dress look, why not split it up with a matching tube top and skirt set? Let your midriff show a bit for a cute look that's still comfy as anything. For the tube dress look, though, you'll want to make sure both your top and skirt are the same color.

Adopt an abstract look

A tube dress is simple to throw on, but it doesn't have to be simple to look at. For example — pair an abstract tube dress with a button-down shirt underneath for warmth, or wear it on its own when the sun is shining. You're sure to get compliments galore, and nobody will guess you threw your outfit together on a whim. 

Snag one with cutouts

Yes, your dress can still look like a tube dress with cutouts (and spaghetti straps, if you'd like). Cutouts add some visual interest to what can otherwise be a super simple garment, and they'll allow for some breeze in the summer months, too. You could go with side cutouts, like in the above photo, but a back cutout or even a simple slit up the leg can be just as fun.

Or go sexy in latex

In case you missed it, latex looks are also having their moment, and we've been kind of obsessed. Latex can be worn in nearly any context, but we love to reach for it when we're going for a sexy evening wear or club look. The next time you want to go out on the town with your besties, grab a latex tube dress and maybe even some matching leather boots to turn your 'fit up a notch. Any color will do, but we love black for the versatility it offers. 

Make it ribbed

If you want to take the comfort the tube dress offers even further, grab one in ribbed material. Ribbed clothing forms to your shape, allows for slight expansion, and moves as you move, making it one of the comfiest options out there. A ribbed tube dress is perfect for those days when you wake up late for your morning coffee date and have to quickly throw on something before running out the door. We promise nobody will ever know.

Get one in leather

A still-fashionable and slightly less shiny version of latex is leather. Leather adds a sense of sophistication and edge to what could otherwise be a very soft look, and we love the above brown leather tube dress and blazer look for casual Fridays at the office. You can make it sexy with a pair of strappy heels or go for more sophistication by pairing it with slightly heeled loafers and your favorite leather work bag. 

Or search for a vintage designer print

Tube dresses have been around for a while, though they've not always had that name — but this means if you have a good local consignment or vintage store in your area, you just might snag some vintage designer tube dress finds. We're a fan of the big, bold prints and sleeves on the above, but even a small logo moment on a tube dress can make for a fun outfit. 

Find one with a slit

If a tube dress is just too tube-y for you, or if you find they're typically tight around the thighs, look for a tube dress with a side slit up the thigh. Not only does this let you show some skin, but it also allows for additional flow and comfort. Slit tube dresses are a great opportunity for a thigh-high sock or boot moment in the colder months, but we do love wearing them to show some leg once it gets warmer.

Belt it for some shape

Tube dresses don't tend to have many variations in shape, and unless you buy a particularly form-fitting one, they have the potential to look a little potato sack-y. Mitigate that by belting your tube dress. Loop a thin chain belt around it or go full throwback with a chunky, big-buckle belt. Match the rest of your accessories to your belt for a super put-together look that still allows your tube dress to be the star of the show. 

Obsess over details

If the standard tube dress is just too simple for you, find one with little details, like the barely-there lace trim and bow on the above. Small details, when done well, can really elevate what's otherwise a pretty simple look. You could also opt for bigger details, like added sleeves or some texture. 

Go with a throwback print

Want to go full '90s? Then grab a '90s tube dress in a '90s print, like the acid wash tie dye above. Your best bet for these pieces will probably be your favorite local (or online) secondhand store, or if you want to do an acid wash, you can always DIY it with bleach and some creativity. 

Slide into sequins

Make your tube dress fancy as anything when you buy one that glitters. A little bit of sparkle will allow your comfy tube dress to be worn as formal evening wear for nearly any occasion. We recommend keeping your accessories understated and hair out of the way, so your dress can have its moment. But if you want to be maximalist, go all sparkle with the rest of your outfit.