Adding A Pinky Ring To Your Daily Jewelry Collection Is The Ultimate Show Of Power

Curating your hand jewelry can simply involve choosing the rings that you think are pretty. On the other hand, you might like to wear pieces that have a deeper significance. For instance, a pinky ring is an item that tends to be associated with success and sophistication, according to Gentleman's Gazette. Of course, pinky rings aren't just for the gents. Far from it. They're the kind of tiny touch that can suit anyone and flatter pretty much everyone.

As Forbes points out, although pinky rings are a timeless yet often overlooked jewelry trend, they've again seen a surge in popularity thanks, in part, to fashionable and formidable characters on "Emily In Paris" like Sylvie Grateau (played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) who opts for an ever-changing adornment on her little finger. That's not to mention the various famous figures like Meghan Markle (see the pic above), Emma Roberts, Cate Blanchett, and Jodi Turner Smith who have all been spotted with this particular accessory. That's surely one of the reasons why modern jewelry makers have taken the style in chic and contemporary directions while also sticking with a few classic designs.

Indeed, women who wear pinky rings these days are showing off their strength and power as well as their personality and their particular aesthetic. That's why you will surely want to check a range of options when it comes to this relatively small yet striking statement piece.

Band pinky ring with jewels

Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies, oh my! You can show off your birthstone or your love of diamonds with the help of a pinky ring that boasts a band of jewels. Of course, you could also combine both into a stunning design. Although this might sound like a pricey option, you can always opt for smaller stones and ones that are produced in a lab. Wearing a jeweled ring on your little finger is also a great option if you've inherited a special piece that's a little too small for your other digits.

Pinky ring with two gemstones

If an entire band of jewels is a little too much for your style but you like the idea of a precious piece, then you might want to consider a pinky ring that features a pair of gemstones. Still offering you plenty of choices when it comes to the specific material and design, you could choose from a wide variety of stones and either match them or mix it up with two different gems. They can also be the same size or you might want one to be larger while the second stone complements it.

Signet pinky ring with figures

Signet rings can feature initials, dates, and other script as well as animals, faces, and, as in this case, full human figures. Often a relatively wide design that's either round or oval in shape, they may seem like an accessory that's too big for a pinky finger. However, signet rings are actually a traditional choice for this certain spot. In fact, their significant size and often intricate composition make them an ideal option if you'd like to wear something on your pinky alone while keeping your other fingers unadorned.

Dramatic statement pinky ring

Just because you're choosing a ring for your little finger doesn't mean you have to pick out something that's on the smaller side. Frankly, you can go as big as your fashionably dramatic heart desires. Or, at least, as big as your baby finger can handle. A statement piece with an unusual size or eye-catching design — or both — can definitely stand alone or be paired with one or two more subtle accessories on your other fingers if you prefer a modern maximalist look.

Rustic pinky ring

Pinky rings can be elegant and refined or they can be rugged and rustic. When it comes to the latter, you can't lean more into the natural vibe than wearing an item that was hand-carved from the antler of a fallow deer like the one seen above. Fortunately, you don't have to go hunting for this item as these charming creatures shed their headpieces each spring. If you're not intrigued by an antler, then you could capture the same kind of look with a ring that's been carved from wood or a natural stone.