One Of Summer's Hottest Swimwear Trends Combines Style & UV Protection

Trends in fashion change quickly, which keeps us excited and interested with each new season, and swimsuit trends are no different. This year, get ready to embrace a whole new look for swim season. The days of string bikinis and strapless one-pieces may be moving aside for the new, UV-protective, long-sleeve look. Because swimsuit styles vary drastically depending on your body type and comfort level, the long sleeve-topped swimsuit can be worn many different ways leaving you with endless style possibilities.

Instead of looking for a seamless tan, sun enthusiasts are currently searching for a safer way to spend their days basking in the warmth without the danger of ultraviolet rays. In addition, the trendy surfer look is perfect for any daytime visit to the beach no matter what activities you've planned for the day.

If you are ready to ditch the string bikinis and opt for stylish, long-sleeve swimwear options, you'll be delightfully surprised at how many ways you can style your look for fun in the sun.


A beautiful and romantic way to embrace the long-sleeve swimwear look is with the off-the-shoulder swimsuit. This style is especially stunning as a one-piece, but there are quite a few bikini tops that embrace the off-the-shoulder style, too. This will provide coverage from the sun as well as give you a stylish edge for a day at the pool.

Zip-up one-piece

Athletic chic is all the rage in all clothing genres and that includes swimwear. Whether you are wanting to take up a surfing hobby or just like the look of athletic swimwear, the long-sleeved zip-up one-piece is perfect for both. You'll stay protected from harmful UV rays while donning the sporty style that's trending right now.

Solid shorts set

Another way to keep your look athletic and put together is by purchasing a neutral pair of swim shorts in a solid color and matching them with a long-sleeved cropped swim top. By keeping your bottoms neutral, you'll have so many options available for tops to switch up your look all summer. 

Plunging neckline

If you'd like to go a bit sexy with your swimwear while staying protected from the sun, consider a long-sleeve suit with a plunging neckline. This gorgeous look will give you bodysuit comfort while making you feel sexy at the beach. Add a cowboy hat to give it a country flair; it's a perfect complement to your suit.


Not quite ready to completely cover your skin in a swimsuit top? Consider a long-sleeved swimsuit with a creative cut-out in the front, on the shoulder, or in the back. This will give most of your skin a break from the sun while adding an element of creative style to your look.

Sheer sleeves

What better way to match smart with sexy than wearing a bikini top with sheer sleeves? The sheer clothing trend is everywhere, from dresses to blouses, and swimsuits are no different. This sexy addition to an already sleek look is perfect for evening pool parties or a date at the beach.


A flattering way to shake up the long-sleeve trend is the color-block look. Instead of swimsuits with an abundance of floral and tropical images, express your creative style by investing in color-block swimwear. This trend looks great on a long-sleeved suit and can be found in a one-piece or in a bikini style.