Bodysuits Are Your New Best Friend - Here's Why

Bodysuits may be one of the most polarizing pieces of clothing. Some people swear by them; after all, they're a wardrobe staple. Others avoid bodysuits, often citing issues regarding undergarments and how exactly you go to the bathroom. While clothing should always be all about comfort and what you prefer wearing, if you do need the push into wearing bodysuits, here's your sign. This simple piece of clothing may be the best item in your wardrobe if you find the right one.

A one-piece clothing item, bodysuits look like a one-piece swimsuit, leotard, or onesie. The top half looks like a typical blouse or T-shirt, while the bottom half resembles undergarments. Bodysuits can either fasten at the crotch, which many people prefer as it provides an easy way to go to the bathroom. Or they can be a continual piece of fabric that you can step into and pull up around your body.

There are plenty of benefits to wearing a bodysuit over a traditional shirt. That's not to say that you should throw out every blouse and T-shirt in favor of a collection of bodysuits. But there are a few reasons why you may, at least, want to consider having a few you rotate between. Once you find the right bodysuit, you may not want to go back. These are just a few reasons you may want to run out and buy a new bodysuit for your wardrobe.

Universally flattering

Across the board, bodysuits are a pretty flattering piece of clothing. Typically, they're made from a knit material that hugs your body and curves, so you're able to show off your shape without any of the awkward bunching that can sometimes come with ill-fitting tops. If skin-tight clothing isn't your preference, you can find bodysuits that have a more relaxed fit, so they're still fitted but not as body-hugging. Overall, they're meant to hug you in the right places and accent the areas you want, all while remaining smooth.

Seamless and smooth

Bodysuits being seamless and smooth are just another reason why they'll be your new favorite piece of clothing if they aren't already. When tucking a typical top into your pants, you often get a bunchy bulge around your midsection. With movement throughout the day, there's a good chance your shirt will come untucked, and you'll have to take a few moments to shove it back in: a minor wardrobe malfunction, but majorly annoying. But with a bodysuit, because it extends to the crotch area, your top will stay tucked in and look smooth without you having to readjust.

Versatile, year-round pieces

Imagine any popular style of top; there's a good chance there's a bodysuit that looks just like it. Many people imagine bodysuits to all be tight tank tops, or even lingerie-esque pieces. But bodysuits can run the gamut of style. Bodysuits can look like T-shirts, blouses, and even sweaters. They can be long-sleeved, high-necked, or low-backed. They can be made of velvet (which had a moment this winter), faux leather, or satin. There's a bodysuit style that fits any wardrobe, so they're truly a versatile, year-round staple.

Buildable and layerable

Bodysuits easily pair with any bottom, be it jeans, trousers, shorts, or a skirt. Their seamless and smooth appearance not only makes them a great piece to tuck into bottoms but also makes layering easy. Layer a sweater, cardigan, jacket, or blazer over a bodysuit without it feeling bulky. With the layering and buildability, you could ideally wear one bodysuit in a variety of outfits and make it feel brand new each time.

Built-in support

One concern with bodysuits is that they won't offer support, particularly for those with larger breasts. Wearing a bra under a thin dress or bodysuit can create undesirable bumps that ruin the smooth appearance. But this doesn't mean you have to cast bodysuits out of your wardrobe. There are plenty of bodysuits that offer built-in bras or built-in support to keep your breasts in place while wearing them. Some even have compression material to hold in or support your midsection. You can feel assured that you'll be comfortable, supported, and stylish while wearing a bodysuit.