Waves & Butterfly Clips Are The '90s Hairstyle Revival Ripe At Festivals

Whimsical and youthful, nothing emulates the energy of '90s hairstyles quite like the iconic butterfly clip. And whether you donned the cute accessory during its first round of life or are just now experiencing the reemergence, it can't be denied that there's something carefree and angelic about the little butterflies seen clipped into crimped, wavy hair. Particularly big at this year's music festivals, like Coachella, the clips will give just about any millennial of the era major dELIA*s catalog flashbacks.

There are more than a few ways to style these nostalgic butterfly clips and we're seeing no shortage of mini braids, space buns, and crimped waves paired along with them. As the '90s revival doesn't seem to be losing steam anytime soon, we're totally stoked to see this trend flying high and shining bright alongside platforms, flares, halter tops, '90s mood rings, and belly chains. Here's a closer look at the '90s hairstyle revival ripe at festivals this year.

Butterfly space buns

What could possibly be more '90s than the butterfly clip and space bun combo? We really can't think of anything. Paired with a bold, colorful eyeshadow and hoop earrings, this nostalgic vibe has it all. Try it out with a few different butterfly clip colors once you've perfected your space buns and you'll be ready to take on the festival season.

Elegant whimsy

Butterfly clips bring elevated fairytale energy to just about any hairstyle and we're loving these romantic, loose curls with mini braids. The pink butterfly clips are the perfect match for the gentle and playful take on this classic '90s fad. Oh, and the moody blue eye shadow. Need we say more?

Free-spirited and carefree

Half-up, half-down and fully ready to take on a day of music, we adore a good wavy hairstyle paired effortlessly with iconic butterfly clips. This rendition of the clip craze has multiple, magical avenues to choose from and we love to see where the creativity takes the wearer. Flirty, fun, and free.

Beyond the butterfly

Naturally, we're seeing some unique takes on the butterfly clip trend, like small hair hoops and daisy clips. We adore these shimmering, silver flowers in contrast with dark, wavy locks. And don't forget the discreet mini braids hidden throughout. It simply wouldn't be festival season without the beyond cute, peek-a-boo braids.

Neon brights

Whether you opt for pastel, neutral, or neon butterfly clips, you'll embody the trend of the music festival season effortlessly. While it may feel a bit odd at first to randomly place your clips in your hair, that's really what you're after here. And the results just could not be cuter.

Wild and free

Festival season is your time to go all out and we're loving the vibe of these bright patterns, wavy locks, and of course, coordinated butterfly clips. Ethereal, carefree, and ready for anything, plug in the crimper and give the look a go. The garden fairy vibes these clips bring just can't be beat.

Pretty in pink

While we love the multi-colored butterfly garden look, this delicately matched makeup and clip combo has us swooning. As you've likely noticed, the butterfly clip trend works on just about any length of hair. Your wavy tresses are your canvas this festival season and we love the results we're seeing.

Delicate flutters

From low maintenance to slightly more time consuming, the butterfly clip fad can be reinterpreted and recreated for days. We love the slight tousle and bunching of hair in between these butterflies for the ultimate look in romantic and playful festival styles. The authentic, free-spirited energy of the '90s is back in spades and we'll cherish this moment in time. It also doesn't have to be left behind on the festival grounds. Bring your butterfly clips home and integrate Coachella vibes into your everyday style.