5 Signs That May Have A Hard Time Making It Work With A Scorpio

Known as the most mysterious, passionate, and at times, vindictive of the zodiac wheel, Scorpios tend to get on quite well with those who have high emotional intelligence and can also handle their deep, intuitive waters. As a fixed water sign, Scorpios don't budge easily and once they develop feelings for someone, they aren't likely to be dissuaded from pursuing the one they desire. Some will find this devotion romantic and endearing, while other signs may find it to be a bit much.


Naturally, the other water signs are a good match for Scorpio's sensitive interior — as are the earth signs. A fire sign like Aries can be hit or miss when it comes to compatibility with this scorpion, as they have a shared authenticity and drive to succeed — however, both can be emotionally reactive which can cause a few roadblocks. Here's a look at the five signs that may have a hard time making it work with a Scorpio.

Chatty Gemini

Scorpio's heavy energy might prove to be a bit much for this air sign. Gemini is more of a thinker than a feeler, and they seek out a fair amount of external stimulation through their social lives. Alternatively, Scorpio is often content to stay in with a few close and trusted friends. This difference in life pace can quickly become a source of contention for the pair.


Gemini's tendency to gossip and overshade might be off-putting to Scorpio, who deeply values privacy. While Gemini is actually quite intellectual, Scorpio will likely have a tricky time seeing beyond the sign's seemingly shallow exterior. There are always exceptions when it comes to sign compatibility, and an individual's entire birth chart must be taken into account, but water and air signs perceive the world from very different places, and again, sometimes opposites certainly do attract. However, Gemini and Scorpio aren't the most likely of pairs.

Adventurous Sagittarius

Sagittarius is known for bringing levity to just about any situation, and while this quality is greatly appreciated by some, Scorpio will likely find their lack of seriousness irritating and immature. Blunt, direct honesty just isn't the way to communicate with a Scorpio, and Sagittarius really doesn't know any other way to express themselves. The likelihood of Scorpio taking offense to Sagittarius' jokes and sarcasm is strong.


Scorpio also weighs their options carefully and moves with caution in the world, while the archer can't help but be led by their impulsivity and excitement for life. This goes for travel, finances, career choice, and relationships. The opposing forces are very strong in this pairing and the possibility of continued, unresolved conflict is high. Scorpio is a romantic and may struggle with the possessiveness of their partner — which is a major no-go for free-spirited Sagittarius. This fiery sign needs independence and freedom to roam more than just about any sign of the zodiac.

Eccentric Aquarius

Much like Gemini, Aquarius tends to navigate life through the lens of the mind, and eventually this will prove to seem shallow to Scorpio, who moves through the world tethered to their emotions. However, both placements are passionate and open to new experiences, which could lead them to some stimulating connections. They're also both fixed signs, so there is a shared innate stubbornness they may bond over.


Aquarius isn't one to conceal their truth or stand idly by in the face of injustice. This boldness will likely make Scorpio uncomfortable and possibly a bit embarrassed — as they wish to lead a more private life. Scorpio's need for deep emotional intimacy will likely go unmet in the presence of an Aquarius who tends to avoid that particular type of vulnerability. This misalignment will most likely feel frustrating and unfulfilling for both parties involved — but again, the entire birth chart will reveal more about the compatibility of any two individuals.

Romantic Libra

Libra is another air sign who doesn't exactly love diving into the deep, emotional waters and prefers to keep things light and optimistic — and this is how they show love in a relationship. This is roadblock number one for this couple, however, Libras can be quite the romantics, and this is where the two may find an attraction to one another.


Libras love a good fairy tale romance, and Scorpio can come close to providing that for them — but can't ignore some of the darker aspects of life, while Libra would much rather sweep it all under the rug. This will likely prove to be a source of contention for the pair, and Scorpio won't be able to sit with the inauthenticity or lack of vulnerability that may become the norm in the relationship. Libras crave a buzzing social life just like Gemini, so this will also stir up some issues in the dynamic between Libra and Scorpio, who would rather do a private, candlelit dinner any night.

Bold Leo

Scorpios are known to struggle with jealousy and possessiveness, and while Leos are equally as loyal and passionate as Scorpios, they tend to have a vast social circle and are natural flirts. This likely won't go over smoothly with Scorpio, who both gives and expects undying loyalty. There is bound to be some natural chemistry between this pair as both embody strong archetypes and are some of the most powerful signs of the zodiac, but ultimately Leos need a fair amount of external validation, and this again goes against Scorpio's innate need for a quiet life.


The two are quite magnetic and are sure to garner a fair amount of attention and admiration, but chances are the waters will be too choppy for this pair to stand together long. The shared fixed modality leaves neither willing to compromise enough to please the other. Of course, other placements, such as Venus and rising, will reveal a lot when it comes to compatibility.