Ice Rolling Has Plenty Of Good Skincare Benefits That Prove It's Not A Fad

Ice rolling isn't a new skincare trend, but if you're unfamiliar with it, you should know that there are proven benefits that establish the practice as one that you should definitely consider incorporating into your daily skincare routine. Especially if you're someone who doesn't have the time to conduct an elaborate morning or evening skincare routine, or if you simply aren't interested in purchasing multiple products. A tool as simple as an ice roller may be the magic item you need to eliminate multiple issues, such as puffiness and inflammation, in a very short period of time.


In your search for an ice roller, you'll discover there is a plethora on the market, so you're destined to find the one that works best for your skincare needs and budget. Traditional ice rollers are made up of a set of small gel balls inside of a silicone wrap, and they come in an array of sizes to target various facial areas. Water globes have also recently become popular, both in spa settings and for DIY at-home ice-rolling sessions. And with advancements in the skincare practice of face rolling, there are also some other really neat ice rollers and facial manipulation tools on the market, including vibrating massagers and crystal rollers made from jade and rose quartz.

Ice rollers give you a boost first thing in the morning

Jumping in a freezing cold shower or going for a cold swim probably doesn't sound like the most enticing way to begin your morning, but as it turns out you don't need a full ice dip to boost your mood, energy, and body upon waking each day. Instead, an ice roller's isolated, mildly chilling, and muscle-massaging effects can be a mood-boosting and energizing way to get your day started. You may even be able to skip your morning cup of coffee or caffeinated tea, and use an ice roller instead for a needed boost of alertness.


Ice rollers, including chilled jade rollers or rose quartz rollers, can decrease the appearance of puffiness and reduce inflammation that might make your face — particularly the areas around your eyes — feel heavy when you first wake up from a night of slumber, reports Shape.

Using an ice roller can also help the facial products and serums in your morning and evening skincare routines soak into your skin more effectively. Getting the most out of your serums is worth it, which is why this is another added benefit of utilizing this phenomenal tool on a regular basis. Once all your products have been fully absorbed, you can then use your ice roller again to enhance blood flow and collagen production in your face.


Enjoy a moment of relaxation while using your ice roller

There is a surprising relationship between ice rolling and mindfulness, which you may have not realized even if you're already an avid ice roller user. When you spend a few minutes — even as few as five — ice rolling the muscles and tissue of your face, you're actually taking time to slow down and narrow your focus. Paying attention to these small details allows you to be more mindful of your body and how it feels.


The chilliness of an ice roller also draws your attention to the area being touched by the tool because our bodies are sensitive to sensations of cold temperatures. The cooling sensation can physically relax your muscles, helping to relieve tension and headaches, according to blogger Katie of Bits + Bites

Using ice rolling as this form of relaxation can be beneficial, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle and are responsible for juggling multiple things at once, from work and family to household matters and friendships. These relaxation and mindfulness benefits also apply to using quartz and jade rollers, and vibrating facial tools.