16 Best Crystals For Peace And Tranquility

Let's face it: The world we live in can be a fast-paced, scary, and chaotic nightmare full of stress and anxiety. While this thought alone is enough to make anyone's blood pressure rise, meditation and spiritual healing work with crystals may bring about some much-needed peace in your life. 


"Crystals absorb energy from pressure and movement and convert it into an electronic frequency," Jude Polack, founder and director of crystal-infused water bottle company bewater, tells Healthline. "It's this frequency, unique to each type of crystal, that users are relying on when working with crystals, and given that many pain and anxiety relief devices work on similar principles, we do believe they can help in these areas."

Just like select crystal energies are ideal for attracting money or blocking negative energy from your environment, certain crystals — like angelite, spirit quartz, turquoise, and more — are appropriate for helping you achieve inner peace and tranquility.


Found only in the Caribbean Ocean off the shores of the Dominican Republic, larimar is a stunning blue, turquoise, and white stone that embodies the peaceful, calming energy of the waters it resides in. It is known for its sky-like serenity as well as its ability to cool the fires of an overactive temper. It can also aid those who experience emotionally distressing situations.


Larimar does this by neutralizing more volatile energies like rage or frustration and introducing patience, hope, and harmony in their stead. Associated with the third chakra, or the throat chakra, larimar also helps you express yourself in ways that propel you toward your highest self. This stone is thought to reduce anger and fear by helping to reassert control over your life and emotions.

If you are holding onto a grudge or experiencing deeply rooted anger over something that happened a long time ago, larimar's soothing energetic release may help bring about balance and help you let go of the negativity festering in your body. It is the perfect stone to cut ties with what no longer serves you and put you on a path toward inner peace.


Black tourmaline

Traditionally, black tourmaline is used for protection in the spaces you spend your time or for clearing away the negative energies you may have picked up after a long, stressful day. However, this dark, mysterious-looking crystal also has a magnificent grounding energy that is ideal for bringing about calm and peace into your life.


Its purifying properties, which can be experienced during meditation, sleep, or by simply carrying the crystal around in your pocket, are thought to eliminate extreme levels of stress and anxiety and promote a healthier, happier mood. "It cleanses your energy body, particularly when paired with a stone like selenite or satin spar," crystal healing expert Ashley Leavy tells MindBodyGreen.

"It has this great ability to keep you mindful of the present moment and really tuned in to what's going on. If you're someone that has really intense dreams and you're looking for a good night's sleep, you might try working with some black tourmaline," Leavy adds. In addition to helping alleviate nightmares, black tourmaline may be able to help unlock and release pent-up feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and fear that keep you from feeling your best. Plus, dark-colored crystals can benefit your skin, which is an added bonus.


Tree agate

Exposure to the natural world (particularly to forests and greenery) has been proven to drastically promote physical and mental health in humans living in "urban areas," according to the American Psychiatric Association. Green spaces and trees are associated with lower levels of anxiety, stress, mental health issues like depression, and overall "psychological distress" that prohibits people from emotionally and mentally thriving.


But not everyone lives in places with access to parks or hiking trails through the woods, which is where meditating with tree agate comes in handy. Tree agate, also referred to as dendritic agate, is a white stone with dark green inclusions that resemble dappled light filtering through a canopy of leaves. These crystals are said to bring about a deep sense of calm and peace to those who wear them by providing grounding energy that connects one to the earth and nature.

Associated with the heart chakra, tree agate can also be utilized as a tool to promote the repair of broken relationships, finding forgiveness in yourself, and eliminating feelings of fear, panic, or hostility.


As its name suggests, angelite is a great stone to use when you want to connect with your spirit guides or guardian angels to find peace and healing. Although it is considered to be a high vibrational stone that can support astral travel via meditation, it also possesses forgiving and compassionate energies and is found in calming pastel shades of icy blue and lilac.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by a project at work, family drama, or just the stressors of everyday life, holding a piece of angelite to your crown or third eye chakras can help remove painful energetic blockages limiting your ability to achieve inner peace. Angelite is also great for those who fear living their truth or suffer from a lack of confidence in themselves.

Regular use can help guide individuals toward the best path for their unique journey and promote better self-expression, communication, and psychic channeling. This crystal sharpens your intuition and enables you to understand what you truly want from life through visions or dreams. Angelite is believed to help alleviate mental pain and encourages a higher sense of self-awareness needed to experience true tranquility.



Sometimes, in the search for peace, you may find yourself in need of a little extra protection. Hematite is the perfect stone to help guard against negative, unwelcome energies that may disrupt your personal sense of peace or calm — but it's more than that.


Hematite is believed to foster healing of your body, mind, and soul. Its powerful grounding energies are especially helpful for those with an unbalanced root chakra, creating a stronger sense of personal safety and security. Hematite is a dark-colored crystal typically found in shades of black, gray, or brown with a metallic sheen. It may also contain dark red inclusions that resemble blood.

When used in meditation or crystal therapy, hematite is useful for breaking negative or limiting thoughts. If you struggle to meet your body's needs for rest, proper nutrition, or adequate sleep, working with hematite can help open the door to a more balanced and sustainable way of living.


Shungite is another excellent grounding stone useful for achieving a more peaceful mind and body. Ranging from a dark bronze to matte black, this rare stone and its healing properties have been used for thousands of years to purify water, protect, connect, and open up one's self to a higher spiritual plane.


The warmth and light shungite brings to its users are said to open the door to ancient cosmic wisdom that can feed enlightenment. However, some anecdotal evidence suggests that the physical makeup of the stone may reduce inflammation in the body, reduce oxidative stress, and ease ailments ranging from chronic fatigue to asthma when infused with water. Shungite's benefits can be obtained by wearing the stone in a piece of jewelry that makes contact with the skin.

It can also be used in sleep to heal your troubled mind or as a tool for meditation. Author and crystal therapy expert Karen Frazier shares with MindBodyGreen, "As you feel the weight of the shungite in your hands, visualize roots extending from the shungite into your root chakra, and then extending downward through the soles of your feet and deep into the earth." Doing this work with shungite is especially useful for individuals who struggle with emotional blockages.


Blue lace agate

Delicate, soft, and found in breathtaking shades of blue (hence its name), blue lace agate is a popular crystal used by many to foster calm and contemplation and brings about general peace of mind in its users. Although it is considered to possess a lower, mild energy than many other healing crystals, blue lace agate's signature striations of white and blue resemble waves rolling over the water's surface, indicating both its powerful energies and its soothing grace.


"Blues and greens are inherently calming because they remind us of nature," Jamie Davis explains to Elle Decor. "Imagine looking out over the ocean on a beautiful day, or sitting in nature looking up at the trees." There are numerous ways to harness the benefits of blue lace agate. If you're drowning in a sea of emotion or struggling with stress or anxiety, meditating with blue lace agate or carrying it on your person can introduce a supportive and nurturing energy into your life.

It encourages you to embrace your inner strength without turning towards anger or discontent, fosters easier decision-making, and introduces harmony into your aura. This crystal wraps its energetic arms around you in a comforting hug with every use while also opening up the mind and spirit to new paths that allow you to grow toward your best self.


Spirit quartz

One of the earth's most visually stunning crystals is also one of its best tools for unlocking inner peace and divine knowledge. Spirit quartz is usually found in a single crystal point that resembles a tapered candle with smaller crystal points surrounding it. These smaller clusters are most often amethyst, displaying soothing lavender, lilac, and white hues and moving their highly directional energies along their numerous crystal points.


The energy from each high-vibrational crystal point is believed to be amplified and reflective, something Naisha Ahsian describes in "The Book of Stones" as "a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony" (via Mamta Fomra). As a result of the quartz and amethyst combo, spirit quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for opening the crown chakra and removing negative memories or energies that may have latched onto your aura.

It is an essential addition to any crystal lover's collection because it has a compassionate and creative energy that helps facilitate one's journey of self-discovery. The harmonious nature of spirit quartz can also be used to support group work, quiet resentment or hostility between family members, and bring a sense of peace to those working through grief.



Chalcopyrite is an ideal stone for aligning all seven chakras in the body and facilitating helpful transformation in one's personal life or physical being. In its natural state, chalcopyrite is a mixture of brassy yellows and greens. When it comes face-to-face with acid, this stone is a colorful masterpiece found in vivid metallic shades of purple, yellow, and blue that give it its nickname "Peacock Ore."


Its rainbow hue aligns with its joyful energy and the creative self-expression that comes from interacting with this stone. Meditating with chalcopyrite on a regular basis is all about intention. If you are seeking a fresh start after a particularly difficult time in your life, chalcopyrite's transformative properties can help put you on a new, more prosperous path. 

Chalcopyrite infuses so much expansive joy into your aura that it naturally opens your world up to new opportunities and good fortune. This stone is also useful for removing obstacles or blockages from your life, such as writer's block or limiting self-confidence, making it an especially useful stone for artists.


Selenite is a beginner-friendly crystal that possesses a luminous lunar energy perfect for helping you attract peace and positivity into your life. Often found in the shape of wands or other-worldly-looking towers, selenite is a high-vibrational crystal considered to be one of the most powerful crystals in existence.


Not only does it have its own metaphysical healing properties and benefits, but it can also charge and amplify other crystals' metaphysical properties simply by being near them. Selenite is typically found in a shimmering white color and possesses an inner glow, as if a moonbeam were trapped inside. "From a healing perspective, it has the capacity to calm the mind, to bring the soul to peace, and to bring clarity to those who need it," crystal healer Samantha Jayne shares with Healthline.

She also notes that, among its many uses, selenite is an excellent tool for lowering anxiety levels and soothing worried minds. "It brings a calming energy and slows down the [solar plexus] chakra if it's spiraling out of control," Jayne adds. Selenite does this by dispelling negative energies and influences from your auric field and reintroducing clarity and inner peace to the mind. Like chalcopyrite, selenite's ethereal light is ideal for aligning all seven chakras and bringing balance to the body.



Aragonite is a potent and multi-use crystal most commonly found in small clustered masses. This effervescent crystal has a mild transparency and can appear in nature in shades of blue, yellow, or cream, although it is most commonly found in a golden-brown color reminiscent of dark caramel.


Aragonite's inherent strength and grounding, earth-like energy is perfect for beginners who struggle with brain fog, stress, anxiety, or a general lack of confidence in their own talents or abilities. When used in meditation, aragonite's powerful vibrations are also thought to give an impactful boost needed to enact change in your life.

It focuses your attention on parts of yourself you may habitually choose to ignore, helping to address feelings of doubt or insecurity that keep you stuck in old thought patterns. It faces negative influences in your life head-on and pushes you to identify the areas of your life that keep you from experiencing true peace.


The blue-green stone turquoise is one of nature's most glorious gifts. These little pieces of the sky have been utilized in kingdoms and civilizations all over the world for thousands of years, showing up in art, clothing, jewelry, weaponry, and currency.


Symbolically, turquoise is considered to be a stone of fortune, protection, and peace. It is also associated with wisdom, hope, and general positivity. Metaphysically, turquoise has a soothing but intense energy with plenty of healing attributes. Some believe it has detoxifying properties, while others believe it can be a great tool for strengthening the immune system after a bout of illness. It has the power to relax one's mind and release feelings of anxiety, stress, and worry.

People who experience panic attacks or suffer from emotional imbalances may be able to work with turquoise in their meditations for better balance. The stone's association with the throat chakra is also thought to help enhance communication, both in people who struggle to communicate well and for those who want to find a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.



Danburite is known for its loving, peaceful, and accepting energetic properties. Commonly found in clear or light pink chunks, this crystal's vibe is all about softness, kindness, and light. It encourages love and patience. It also exudes comfort, welcoming peace into your heart and soothing a fraying or overwhelmed emotional body with ease.


If you're feeling stuck or trapped by the missteps of your past, danburite pushes you forward with a firm but gentle hand, reminding you to keep pursuing your goals and following your dreams.Danburite is also helpful for erasing the mental fatigue of grief and pain. It offers a supportive presence throughout the grieving process and makes it easier to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

If you find yourself holding onto grudges or letting old emotional wounds fester, working with danburite in meditation or wearing it close to your heart can activate the heart chakra and begin to help you let go of trapped anger or fear as well.


A universal balancing and chakra alignment stone, fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is a crystal known for its fluorescence and vivid, varied coloring. Fluorite can be white or colorless but is commonly found in tranquil shades of blue, green, and purple. It is not uncommon to find fluorite specimens with multiple colors bleeding into one another, catching the light in a shimmer of color that naturally evokes a sense of calm in those who view it.


Fluorite is known for its ability to cleanse your chakras, remove energetic blockages, and keep the aura free of negative energies. It is particularly useful for mental clarity. Crystal healers and reiki practitioners who work with fluorite often use it to soothe overthinking minds or bring peace to people living through extreme stress. Fluorite's relaxing energy also invites a sense of stillness into the mind and body needed to heal sleep disorders.

If you suffer from nightmares or vivid dreams that keep you from experiencing quality sleep, sleeping with fluorite under your pillow can even help guard you against those negative dreams and improve your overall sleep experience. 


While many crystals for peace and tranquility are often found in shades of blues and purples, mookaite is a type of pink, yellow, and red jasper found in western Australia. It both nurtures and protects its users from dangerous situations that might negatively impact their sense of peace, especially those that cause high levels of stress.


As a supportive stone, mookaite is particularly good at providing mental and physical stability so that you are free to explore your emotions or invite in your own sense of power. Most importantly, mookaite is thought to help stoke the flames of your inner fire, promoting positive change and sending a wave of empowering, rejuvenating energy to wash over you.

You won't be able to fulfill your full potential if you feel weak, small, or full of self-doubt. Motivating mookaite removes these feelings from the playing field, providing a gentle push in the right direction when you need it most and helping you make the best life decisions. It promotes strength, fearlessness, stability, and durability.



No crystal collection is complete without the protective and peaceful violet-colored crystal, amethyst. This multi-purpose crystal is thought to enhance your health and well-being, purify the mind and body from negative energy, and strengthen your unique expression of humility and sincerity.


When paired with meditation or worn on the body, amethyst is also a powerful tool for overcoming sadness and negative challenges. "Amethyst is good for treating insomnia and grief, as it neutralizes negative energy," intuitive healer Emmy-Lou Knowles explains to Women's Health. "It also softens the nervous system. Just holding the stone is enough to act as a soothing emotional pick-me-up."

Its powerful connection to emotional healing makes amethyst useful for relieving unprocessed feelings of irritability, anger, and rage. It is also a great crystal for soothing anxiety and worry. Meditating with amethyst helps facilitate a balance between emotional highs and lows and brings a full-body peace needed to effectively problem solve, be creative, and remain calm in the face of chaos.