Ultra-Filtered Look Is Being Swapped For Letting Our Skin Shine As-Is This Summer

Less is more this summer, especially when it comes to makeup. Where we spent years of the 2010s packing on high-coverage foundations, liquid lipstick, and false lashes, now we are backing off the ultra-filtered look and heading in a more natural direction. Shockingly enough, social media is behind the take-off of natural makeup looks for summer. Once upon a time, our feeds were filled with filtered and Facetuned photos, whereas now they are overflowing with women going minimal and giving their natural beauty room to shine.

Makeup trends come and go faster than ever before thanks to social media. Yet, the natural look has proved that it has staying power. From "Clean girl" to "Cottagecore," many of TikTok's hottest trends are focused around a barely-there makeup look. Where there is nothing wrong with choosing to rock a bold makeup look, more women are no longer being shamed for choosing to go for an "all-natural" look. If you are looking to get a more natural makeup look this summer, here are six swaps and choices worth adding to your everyday makeup routine.

Swapping foundation for a tinted moisturizer

Full-coverage foundation is slowly becoming a makeup item of the past. "With more celebrities hopping on board the light makeup trend, it may be a sign that daily full-coverage looks are over," says celebrity makeup artist Beau Nelson in an interview with The Zoe Report. People are instead letting the real them shine and their skin breathe with a tinted moisturizer that is lightweight and non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores.

Juicy lips with clear gloss

When Doja Cat said to keep it "juicy, juicy" we took it seriously — by whipping out our lip gloss. Bold lips are great for a date night or special occasion, but as we switch to natural everyday makeup, they may not be the most practical. Enhance your lips with a juicy clear gloss that also provides hydrating benefits.

Long lashes with mascara rather than falsies

Rather than applying falsies, stick with a lengthening mascara for a natural look. Where false lashes have a time and place, they can take up a lot of your morning routine and feel heavy when you are wearing them all day. Sticking with just mascara can give your lashes room to breathe and prevent your overall makeup look from looking and feeling over the top.

Natural glow with bronzer

Bronzer is essential for an all-natural makeup look. It will give your skin a natural-looking glow while also adding dimension and warmth. No more sitting in the sun to only end up with a burn. Instead, embrace your natural beauty while making it warmer for summer with a bronzer.

Subtle draping blush for more color

Draping your blush is a great way to add color and more shape to your face. It doesn't have to be extreme, as you can use a smaller amount of pigment but still get the full effect that draping provides. "If you're going to drape your blush, rather than right on the apples of the cheeks, move your blush placement back a bit to the top of your cheekbones, dusting the orbital bone and then up to the temples," says New York makeup artist Kasey Spickard in an interview with Glamour about the trend.