Toe Rings Are Coming Back - Yes, For Real

Those who are style-savvy should take this as a sign to update your fashion accessories and add a toe ring to your collection. A once arguably outdated look for some, it hit the mainstream again when none other than Rihanna, the fashion icon herself, posted a TikTok video where she can be seen wearing a toe ring. Of course, it wasn't any normal item. The piece appeared to feature a massive diamond and is apparently worth $1 million! She added an apt caption saying, "Quiet luxury."

Granted, toe rings aren't just worn by celebrities. Many Hindu and Muslim women start wearing toe rings when they get married. Known as Bichiya in Hindi, Kal-ungura in Kannada, Metti in Tamil, and Mettelu in Telugu (just to name a few), they're all meant to be a sign of a person's relationship status. These married folks tend to opt for silver rings which can be worn in pairs on each foot, specifically the second toe. As for the design, that may be up to the woman herself. She can choose from a range of classic or contemporary looks that suit her style and preference.

This vast variety also applies to toe rings that are simply worn for fun and to add a little (or a lot) of extra flair to your feet. From simple and subtle options to undeniably eye-catching choices, you'll surely find something that's perfect for your toes.

Thin silver band toe ring

If you've never worn a toe ring before or prefer simple accessories, then you may want to opt for a thin silver band. Along with being both classic and chic, it can also be a relatively comfortable option that won't annoy you as you get used to the feeling of having a ring on your toe. Although you could slip it onto any digit you like, you may want to start out with the second toe and then experiment from there by perhaps switching it over to your fourth or baby toe.

Thick gold band toe ring

Be a little bolder by choosing a gold toe ring. Although the elegant material is enough to make this piece stand out, you can make it even more noticeable by wearing a toe ring that has a thick band. Another ideal choice for your second toe, this position will help to anchor the piece on your foot which can benefit the rather heavy look. If you're not interested in having a pure gold ring on your toe, then you can always nab a gold-plated piece instead.

Wave band toe ring

Embrace your love of artistic designs by wearing a toe ring that features shapes, symbols, or even full images. In this case, the wide silver band has been engraved with a continuous wave-like line that travels around the entire piece. The outer sections of the ring have been left with a light gleam, however, the interior of the wavey areas have been made slightly darker which helps them to stand out. A fabulous option to wear on any toe that strikes your fancy, it could also finish off a casual outfit or a semi-formal ensemble.

Intricate band toe ring

You don't have to save intricate rings for your fingers. They can also adorn your toes. While you might not have the budget for a diamond-boasting accessory like Rihanna, there are more affordable options. This silver piece may seem to be delicate at first but if you look a little closer, you'll see there's much more to this toe ring. Featuring a sophisticated design that includes curves, swirls, and a butterfly-like shape in the center, the pattern is cut out in each shape as opposed to being carved into a flat band with smooth edges.

Floral-shaped toe rings

Many people show off their toes during the warmer months thanks to the fact that they wear sandals and take off their shoes when at the pool or beach. That's why you may want an accessory that reflects a spring- or summer-like vibe with a floral toe ring. Or, in this case, two floral toe rings that are quite different. One features a full flower that may remind you of a sunflower or daisy. The second piece has been designed with lovely leaves that branch off from the slim band that connects them together.

Stacked and curated toe rings

Ring-stacking your hand jewelry is a popular trend that can be customized to suit your style. It also gives you the chance to show off multiple items at once. You can do the same on your feet by stacking rings on your toes. By taking any or all of the styles mentioned above, you can create a curated look that's excessive in just the right way. Top off the look with vibrant nail polish to balance the heavy appearance of the rings, and you're ready to step out and let your toes shine.