Parachute Pants Are Coming Back (Yes, Really) & They're Honestly A Vibe This Time

Just when you thought that we were done with all the '90s trends, parachute pants fly in to remind us that there are still a few we are missing. Even though parachute pants are controversial (and were in their time as well) because of their ballooned volume, they're a chic pair of pants to take you through all the seasons. Closely similar to cargo pants, parachute pants are bouncier and tend to have an elasticated hem. It's easy to see why they're one of the most iconic styles to come out of the era. 

Although we remember parachute pants fondly as a relic from the decade, they can still be worn with your wardrobe today. The trick to wearing these pants is to style them along with sleek and form-fitting pieces that balance out an oversized bottom with a tighter top. No matter which type of parachute pants you choose, you can be certain that you'll end up with a comfortable and unique retro look.

Neutral parachute pants

Just because parachute pants are an ode to a retro and nostalgic era, it doesn't mean they can't be chic and modern. Neutral parachute pants could be your ticket to styling this unique item easily and quickly. Whether it's black, white, or beige, going with any neutral hue will increase the number of outfits you can create with your parachute pants. Simply add a form-fitting top in a similar shade to complete the look, and opt for some colorful accessories if you want an element of fun.

Nylon parachute pants

There are plenty of fabrics to choose from when picking out your parachute pants, and nylon is one of the best. Nylon is known as a sports fabric that's breezy and airy but still chic. Nylon parachute pants were widely worn in the '90s, making this variation even more nostalgic. Go with a nylon top or jacket for a street-style look reminiscent of Sporty Spice.

Minimalist parachute pants

Parachute pants worn in the '90s and early '00s were filled with prints and bold hues. However, you don't necessarily need to replicate this design today. Minimalist parachute pants are sleek and have less volume. Although they may not look like your typical parachute pants, they still give you the throwback aesthetic that you're looking for.

Bold parachute pants

Whether it's a printed design or a vibrant color, going bold is an exciting way of taking on this trend. Neon-colored parachute pants, in particular, can give you just the right nostalgic look to pull off this funky pair of pants. Opt for a deeply saturated hue to take on the look and turn it on its head.

Casual parachute pants

Parachute pants are ultimately a deeply casual piece. No matter how you style them, there is bound to be an element of being dressed down. To embrace that casual, no-effort look, go for a khaki pair of parachute pants, and mix and match them with outerwear pieces of different fabrics and textures. 

Linen parachute pants

No matter the season, linen pants are always winners. Linen is undoubtedly a summer and spring staple, but it can still come in to save your fall and winter outfits. Especially when paired with a fun garment like parachute pants, linen will give you a mix of texture and volume in one piece.