30 Bridal Hairstyles To Rock With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have taken center stage as one of the top hair trends. Universally flattering and low commitment, they're the perfect bang for almost anyone. If you're a bride-to-be with curtain bangs, you might be wondering how to style them on your big day. After all, bangs are attention-grabbing and will be in your face (literally) in all your wedding day photos.

There's something chic and modern about a bride with bangs, and curtain bangs have their own distinctive charm. They're demure but bold, and you can style them wispy and swept away from your face or go for a blunter and more eye-catching look. However you style them, curtain bangs bring a sense of glamour and romance to any wedding hairstyle.

Just a tip: If you want to trim your bangs before tying the knot, do so at least a couple of weeks beforehand so they will look more natural and grown in on your wedding day. And if you're looking for ways to style your stunning bangs on your wedding day, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up some gorgeous bridal hairstyle inspiration that you can rock with curtain bangs.

Half-up, half-down

With a half-up, half-down hairstyle, you really get the best of both worlds: the prettiness of having your hair down plus the convenience and elegance of having your hair tied up. Curtain bangs add a little more oomph to the front of this style, framing your face and creating an enviable peek-a-boo look when styled over your bridal eye makeup. Shorter curtain bangs are the right choice to get the same look as this photo; the shortest part of your bang should hit right under your eyebrow for that see-through effect.

Low ponytail

A loose low ponytail with curtain bangs looks so idyllic — it has a cottagecore vibe that makes you feel like you just stepped out of a meadow of flowers. If you're going for a rustic bridal look, a low pony and curtain bangs is casual, elegant, and romantic; all the important elements of a rustic fairytale wedding.

Adorned with a crown or hairpiece

You should feel like a princess on your wedding day, so why not seal the deal with a gorgeous bridal crown or hairpiece? Curtain bangs and an adorned crown are the perfect pair when it comes to your wedding day accessories. They'll frame your face beautifully, and if you go for a thinner curtain bang like in this photo, it will make your stunning hair accessory stand out even more.

High voluminous bun

If you can't get enough volume in your hairstyles, a high-voluminous bun will add height and oomph to your locks. Paired with curtain bangs, this hairstyle gives an air of lavishness, ideal for a bride who wants to look chic and expensive. Plus, with carefully placed bobby pins and hairspray, it will stay in place through a whole night of celebrating and dancing without getting in the way.

Updo with flower details

Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand, so it's no surprise that lots of brides want to include flowers in their bridal hair look. Flowers and curtain bangs look particularly romantic together, especially if you choose a hairstyle that's a little flowier and more unkempt like this one. If you'll have a lot of flowers at your wedding, choose flowers for your hair that compliment the colors of your wedding arrangements to look extra stunning when you're walking down the aisle.

Low chignon with a ribbon

If your hair feels plain when it's pulled back, curtain bangs are one solution to liven up your look. Feathery curtain bangs are a bit of a party in the front when your hair is formal in the back. A low chignon hairstyle is a classic bridal hairstyle, and curtain bangs add romance without the braids and twists (though you can include some of those too). An accessory like a ribbon adds a pretty feminine touch.

Natural curls and long curtain bangs

Curtain bangs work beautifully with curly hair as well, but you'll want to pay a little extra attention to how you plan to style them. Ask your hairdresser to cut your bangs depending on if you want to wear them straight or curly on your wedding day. Trim them so they sit exactly where you want them for your bridal style. For example, if you wear them straight day-to-day but want to wear them curly on your wedding day, you'll want a slightly longer bang so they don't look too short when your hair is in its natural curl pattern.

Short textured bob with curtain bangs

Trendy and with its own timeless charm, a bob is a chic look to rock on your wedding day. And guess what? You can rock curtain bangs with short hair, too. In fact, adding curtain bangs on a bob has an ever-cutesier appeal that looks fresh and youthful. The best part about bob haircuts is all the length options; you can go for a longer lob, a shoulder-length bob, or more of a French bob look like in this photo. 

Loose curls and pearl headband

Pearls are a gorgeous wedding accessory. You might be used to seeing them in pearl jewelry or on a pearl-adorned veil. A more distinctive option is a pearl headband, which brings these gems front and center to your wedding look. Loose curls give a pearl headband a more relaxed look that is effortlessly glamorous.

Glam updo

A bridal updo is a timeless classic that you're sure to love, even when you look at your wedding photos decades from now. Wispy curtain bangs and a more undone chignon style make an updo look more tousled and casual. If this hairstyle looks too unfinished for your liking, choose a sleek classic chignon instead — your curtain bangs will still tie the entire look together.  

High tousled ponytail

A high, tousled ponytail allows you to show off your bridal makeup look by keeping more of your hair out of your face. And this hairstyle isn't just showing off your makeup — it will keep your neck, collarbones, and shoulders on display in an elegant way. Curtain bangs will elevate the look even more, bringing some wispy texture to the front of the look. Loose curls give your ponytail more volume and movement, so you look extra stunning when you're walking down the aisle.

Style with a statement bow or ribbon

If you're having a glam wedding complete with crystal-covered decorations and a silky wedding dress, then a large statement hair bow might be the accessory you need to make your hairstyle the center of attention. Choose a bow or ribbon made of chiffon, a material that will look gorgeous with many wedding dresses.

Straight and sleek

If you love to keep your hair all down in a straight style, why not wear your favorite look on your wedding day? It's a day where you should feel most like yourself after all! This straight and sleek look is simple but pretty. Use an anti-frizz serum or hair oil to tame any flyaways and make your locks look extra luscious and soft.

Tousled updo

A tousled updo is popular on red carpets, which means it should be formal enough for your wedding as well. This type of style usually starts with voluminous curls. Pile them gracefully on the top of your head to give your look gorgeous volume, then style your curtain bangs and curl some front pieces for a pretty finishing touch.

Voluminous long waves

Another look that works for both every day and for your big event is voluminous long waves — especially if you sport long curtain bangs. Use a big-barreled curling iron to get big, bouncy curls reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret model. Swooped long curtain bangs give this hairstyle more dimension, perfect for your special day. It's a popular style for good reason; it looks stunning on anyone with long hair.

A pretty barrette

If the usual wedding hair looks a bit plain to you, one way to bring a distinctive touch is by adding a pretty hair barrette. Barrettes come in a huge range of designs, from trendy butterfly clips to classier pearl-adorned accessories, so you should be able to find the perfect choice with a little searching. You can add them to any bridal hairstyle, whether it's a neat low bun or a loose wavy style, like in this photo.

Ballet bun

Ballerinas have a graceful reputation; if you want to look just as refined and sophisticated on your wedding day, a sleek ballerina bun might be the style to capture the dancer's essence. Loose, wispy curtain bangs make a ballet bun look less severe and more like it belongs on your wedding dance floor rather than on a professional stage.

Add a headband

A headband placed just behind your bangs will frame your curtain fringe perfectly and add a bit of preppiness to your wedding look. A bedazzled headband is gorgeous for glam weddings. For a more boho or rustic wedding, a lace or velvet hairband might suit the atmosphere best. Pearl and crystal-adorned headbands are pretty much always a good pick for a stunning bridal look.

Extra voluminous lob

Lob haircuts are the perfect in-between length, and we don't think this flattering haircut is leaving the spotlight anytime soon. A version of the long bob is almost always in style, and right now, it's a lob with curtain bangs. To elevate your lob from your everyday look, bump up the volume on your wedding day. Swooped curtain bangs bring movement and a lovely face-framing effect to this classic cut.

Hair wrapped ponytail

We just love a hair-wrapped ponytail. A hair wrap is a simple addition, but it takes a regular ponytail from casual to event-worthy. The finished look is refined and put-together, but best of all, practical to keep your hair out of your face for your nuptials. Keep the hair wrap loose for a slightly undone effect, or opt for a tighter, neatly wrapped look for a more formal look.

Messy updo

A messy updo is a relaxed version of a typical wedding hairstyle and is a lovely option for casual brides who want a more informal look. It's elegant but not too much, and curtain bangs add a little extra to an already gorgeous style. Before putting it up, use a curling iron or wand to create a bit of texture to your hair.

Braids with flowers

Pigtail braids are probably the most casual hairstyle on this list. To take it from everyday to wedding-worthy, scatter some small blooms in your hair. This casual look is perfect for a boho bride, especially for a spring garden wedding. Style your curtain bangs with extra volume and pull out a few wispy pieces on each side to get this effortless look.

Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail can still work beautifully with curtain bangs, though you might want to keep it a little less slicked back for a better blend between your bangs and the rest of your style. To get a similar look, style your hair in a high ponytail and use a flexible hairspray to keep most of your hair in place.

Statement hair piece

If you want your wedding hair to take center stage, a statement hairpiece is a way to accomplish this goal. There are lots of bridal hair piece options out there — go bigger and bolder if a dramatic look is up your alley. Small and dainty hair pieces are a subtler option as well if a large floral clip is too much for your look.

Layered and voluminous blowout

There's something that's movie-star glamorous about your classic blowout, and voluminous curtain bangs bring an old-school vibe, perfect for vintage brides. A lot of volume, a noticeable swoop to the bangs, and curled-in ends give this blowout its wedding-worthy feel. While a blowout works with any medium to long hairstyle, we think a lob length makes it feel even more old Hollywood.

Simple updo

A simple updo is a bridal hair classic for good reason: It's timeless, every stylist knows how to do one, and it keeps your hair out of the way, showing off your makeup and wedding dress beautifully. Curtain bangs automatically make a basic updo feel pretty. Style them to frame your face by adding a bit of volume and a light curl to create a romantic bridal look.

Flower crown

If you've spent any time on Tumblr or Pinterest, then you know flower crowns are a well-loved wedding trend. Bring this trend into the modern day by styling it with curtain bangs. Curtain bangs look particularly beautiful with a big and bold flower crown: The fringe brings the focus back onto your hairstyle and balances the overall look so the flowers don't overwhelm your silhouette.

Ribbon headband

Feminine and pretty, ribbon headbands have a romantic aura to them. Plus, with their soft material, they work perfectly with most wedding dresses. For a spring or summer wedding, opt for a classic satin ribbon. For fall or winter, a velvet ribbon headband can add warmth to your look. Play with ribbon thicknesses to find your perfect choice. Curtain bangs make this hairstyle look all the more gorgeous.

Undone bun

An undone bun really captures that effortlessly put-together look that many of us love. If you prefer not to look perfectly coiffed on your wedding day but still want to look glamorous, then a messy chignon is a stunning choice. This undone bun looks flowy and casual, but you can tell that each hair was placed where it needs to be. Long curtain bangs bring a relaxed vibe to the front of the look to frame your face.

Curly topknot

Most brides want to look and feel like the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day, so for curly-haired folks out there, that can mean working with your natural curls. A curly topknot piles your curls on top of your head for a gorgeous formal look that shows off your wedding gown and jewelry. Curly peekaboo bangs bring the volume around your face as well.