Best Crystals For Your Heart Chakra To Manifest Love And Inner Peace

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra when you're looking at the most-known seven major body chakras. This chakra is located where your heart is, essentially, right in the center of your chest, where your breastbone is. It's believed that when your chakras are out of balance, it can cause issues in your life — mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

In the case of the heart chakra, if yours is out of balance, it can bring about issues with self-love, romantic love, self-esteem, and your inner peace. To bring these things back into your life, you will want to balance your chakras —  and one of the ways to do this is through the use of healing crystals.

The colors of the heart chakra are green and pink, so the crystals you pick for this will have these colors prominent in them. Green, because the chakras harbor the colors of the rainbow, so being in fourth place would make it green (when looking at the colors of the rainbow from top to bottom) and pink because that is a color we often associate with love. Let's take a look at some pink and green crystals that can help you manifest love in your life and assist in bringing more peace into your heart.

How to use your crystals

There are a plethora of ways to utilize healing crystals. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the vibrational healing of any crystal is to wear it as jewelry. You can get the most out of your jewelry for your heart chakra by wearing necklaces that sit right on the space of the chakra. While you can carry crystals in your purse or pocket, you also want to think about what you're using the crystal for — you'll get more out of it by focusing on where you want its healing energy to go and having it as close to that area as possible.

You can also use a pendulum to balance your chakra (and even to find out if your chakra is out of balance). A blocked chakra will cause your pendulum to move in a counterclockwise direction, and imbalances can make it move side to side or front to back. To balance your chakra, focus on it, picture it radiating, and move the pendulum in a clockwise direction.

You can also use a crystal grid, where you can place multiple crystals in a pattern and use them for meditation. You can also meditate with one crystal placed on your heart chakra. Keep a crystal in spaces where you need the most inner peace and love, such as in your bedroom or on your desk.

Rose quartz

If inner peace and self-love are what you're looking for, the rose quartz crystal is an ideal choice. This crystal has calming properties that will make you feel at ease in any situation — and if it's stress you're battling, look for a rose quartz worry stone to help you get those anxious feelings out.

This harmonious stone will push you to take time out for self-care, which can both help ease stress and bring self-love to the forefront. Rose quartz is a great stone to decorate your tub with when you're in need of a relaxing soak after a long day of forgetting how much you should love yourself.

They call rose quartz a universal love stone, and this is because it isn't simply used for self-love or romantic love. This pretty pink crystal can also help boost love in other aspects of your life, from familial love to opening yourself up more to your friends. If one of the things affecting your inner peace is a family member or friend, rose quartz may help you heal that broken bond if you spend time with this crystal. You could, perhaps, even gift one as a token of healing to the person you're having issues with.


While one may think all pink stones are created equally, when it comes to energies and vibrations, different crystals are thought to have different healing abilities. In the case of rhodochrosite, while it is definitely a stone of love, it speaks more to the love we share with others and how much compassion we have for them.

However, sometimes we need more compassion for ourselves, so don't discredit this crystal as a means to help find that. It just may help you find the balance you need to bring about the inner peace you've been longing for. Even if you've recently dealt with heartache, this crystal can help you heal your heart and find love again — consider finding a rhodochrosite in the shape of a heart as a reminder of how much you deserve to love again.

When you find that you're not being kind to yourself or others, carry or wear rhodochrosite close to your heart. If you're struggling to figure out what is holding you back from love, this intuitive crystal should be kept on your nightstand to help you dream about the resolution you seek (be sure to keep a dream journal nearby to write down your dream for later interpretation).


While rhodonite may look somewhat similar to rhodochrosite, these two pink stones can do different things to help with your heart chakra. Its name comes from the Greek word "rhodon," which means rose. Pink roses are a symbol of admiration, as opposed to red roses' symbolism of love.

They show that the person giving them is grateful for the person they're giving them to — like a precursor to love. The crystal, like the flowers, allows you to feel more gratitude toward yourself and puts you in the space you need to be in to heal your heart so that it is open for love.

Like the blossoming of a flower, using rhodonite will help you open your heart to its fullest. This is another crystal that makes itself into beautiful jewelry pieces, but you can also find great benefits from it in crystal grids with other heart chakra and love stones. If you're using it to reduce your fears and help with inner peace, meditate with one of these crystals on your heart chakra and carry it with you any time you're going to be in a position where your inner peace may be challenged.


Pink kunzite is looked at as a light-filled stone, one that pushes out the darkness that can sometimes make it hard for us to love ourselves and difficult to quiet those inner demons that tell us lies about who we are. This is why kunzite is a great choice for opening yourself up to love and bringing peace to your mind and body.

Some people use kunzite to help lower anxiety and blood pressure, as simply holding this relaxing stone in the palm of your hand is said to calm frayed nerves and bring peace to your mind. If one of the things keeping you from finding love — or loving yourself — is a lack of trust, kunzite is the stone for you, as this heart-opener will help you be more trusting when you need to be.

This is also a stone of empathy, so it will help you feel more compassion for yourself and others and better understand why you keep your heart locked away sometimes. We suggest keeping kunzite with you when meeting new people and placing a crystal in any room of your home you spend a lot of time in so it can light the way to a more open heart for you.


Peridot is a shiny green crystal that is sure to catch your eye when you come across one. One of the things that makes this crystal extra special is that it is not only a crystal used with the heart chakra, but its yellow hues make it wonderful for the solar plexus as well. The solar plexus is the seat of our gut — it's where you have those gut reactions and where your confidence, or lack thereof, sits. If you need more confidence when it comes to opening yourself up to love, peridot is an excellent choice.

Sometimes looked at as a stone of destiny, peridot's energy can push you where you need to go and help hold you back from the things that are not right for you. When it comes to your search for love, this crystal will help you open your heart, but trust it to keep you away from those who are wrong for you. It also seems that this crystal may have a way of easing our minds, so it will surely assist with finding inner peace, especially when you're struggling with decisions, anxiety, or trying to balance your thoughts.


Sometimes opening ourselves up to love means being willing to take risks, and malachite is the crystal to help you be more of a risk-taker. Think of it as your liquid courage without the liquid (or the regrets in the morning). Malachite will ease you into letting down your walls and lowering your inhibitions so you can let others in and experience a more spiritual love. In fact, it's believed that this striped green stone can help you find unconditional, limitless love.

When you're struggling to find that inner peace you long for, malachite is one of the best stones to reach for. This is because it is a crystal known for fighting off negativity of all kinds. Even if the only negativity in your life stems from your internal thoughts, we recommend you start carrying malachite with you (it makes gorgeous jewelry pieces).

This is a must-have crystal when meditating, and you can also hold your malachite close to your heart while reciting your positive daily affirmations that remind you of how loveable you are and how peaceful your life is. Keep malachite in places where you want to keep away the negativity — like your work desk, your bedroom, and any shared rooms of the home.

Green aventurine

While you may often find green aventurine used to bring money into your life, you should consider this pretty green stone a harbinger of abundance. Because it is green, it suits the heart chakra well and can assist in bringing love into your life even when you feel as though you're being held back from it.

If you're looking for success, whether in love or relaxation, this stone wants to bring it to you. Harmony in your heart and mind is possible with this crystal's help. You can also find comfort in this crystal when you're struggling with affairs of the heart, whether another person broke your heart or you're finding it hard to love yourself.

Green aventurine can help you manifest growth and is full of luck, so carry one with you wherever you go. It's great to take on dates or keep with a picture of the person you're hoping to win the affection of. This balancing stone will keep you from feeling off-kilter when new love sweeps into your life or when your anxiety strikes out of nowhere. You can wear it close to your heart or keep it on you in any area where you can hold it and remind yourself of how loving you truly are.


From external love to internal emotions, emerald has healing properties that can balance your emotions through your heart chakra and keep you wide open to receiving love from yourself and others. If you're looking to open yourself up to love that will be successful, this crystal will help you find it.

With this crystal, you will not only find the unshakable love you seek, but it will also help you find the ultimate friendship with this same person. This harmonious stone will balance your body, mind, and soul so that you can spend time focusing on the things that are most important to you — enjoying a peaceful life and opening yourself up to love.

There's no rush when you're using emerald to find love — it is a crystal that will help you remain patient. Patience is a virtue that will ensure you find what you need within yourself and in a partner. While green may be the color we associate with jealousy, emerald will help you see past this emotion and be more understanding. The focus this crystal gives you can best be attained by wearing it or meditating with it.


Are you feeling like your heart is blocked? If you struggle to find love for yourself, it can make it more difficult to open up to others. Moldavite is here to rescue your heart and remove that chakra blockage keeping you from moving forward and enjoying that view in your own mirror.

With moldavite, get ready to embrace self-love in all of its glory. And once you've mastered self-love, this crystal will help you find even more. It will help stimulate all seven of your major chakras and leave you buzzing with love and healing energy.

It will push the negativity out of your mind, and you'll find it hard not to love yourself inside and out. Use this alien-looking stone when meditating and saying affirmations — tell it your wishes and dreams so it can send its energy out into the world and help manifest your desires. Moldavite can throw out some pretty powerful energy, so be careful if you choose to wear it or carry it with you until you get used to the stone.


Sometimes what messes with our inner peace is too much stuff in our outer world. Whether you're hoarding things, people, or ideas, prehnite is a stone that pushes you to let go of the clutter that is taking up too much space in your mind and life.

Of course, when it comes to letting go of the things that no longer have a place in our life, we need to be patient with ourselves, and this crystal also helps with that. Go with your gut, as this is another crystal that also works well with your solar plexus chakra. Prehnite also can be used to connect more to your third-eye chakra, and this will help you open up more to your spiritual side.

By seeing into your mind's eye, you can find enlightenment — that space where we no longer worry about what holds us back because we know we have the power to move forward. Heal your heart and mind, and find the courage you need to love and be loved by keeping this stone in your possession and using it when you meditate. If you have multiple stones on hand, use them on all three of those chakras at once for a more powerful energy boost.


The main colors of bloodstone are green and red, so it is not only a heart chakra stone but will also help you find greater balance in connection with your root chakra. We also want to point out that red is a color of love and power, so this stone is a powerful ally when it comes to crystal healing.

Our hearts pump blood through the veins in our bodies, and bloodstone has a way of purifying our blood and helping with circulation. Use it in meditation to find calm, slow your heart rate, and relax — things you need when you want to find inner peace.

Bring more joy into your life with this crystal as it helps open your heart chakra big and wide. Nothing will hold you back from finding the love you're longing for and truly loving yourself unconditionally if you use bloodstone to open yourself up to the possibilities out there.