Sticker Book Nails: The Easiest Manicure Trend To Capture Your Inner Child

Growing up in the 90s or early-2000s, your school backpack was most likely filled with smelly markers, pencil grips, Lisa Frank folders, and of course, a collection of sticker books. We'd stick them on our notebooks and our friends' faces, and now, people are sticking them on their nails for a nostalgic manicure. 

Beauty and fashion are constantly moving forward, but some trends can take us back in time. Manicures have been transporting us back to the good ol' days of childhood with looks like the 'Powerpuff Heart' and Polly Pocket nails. This next look turns your favorite sticker book into an adorable and fun manicure.

Luckily, sticker book nails are a breeze. Just take your favorite tiny stickers, place them on your nail, and seal them with a top coat finish. You can wear them with polish, on nude nails, stick them on press-on nails, or even as a set of acrylic nails. There are stickers specifically made for nails, but if you still have your old collection of sticker books, you can put them to good use with this manicure. 

All-out sticker party

This is the most common way people are rocking their sticker nails — a collage of random stickers. The more random, the better. Pair your favorite cartoon characters with hearts, flowers, stars, skulls, and smiley faces. In this case, there's no right or wrong way to do it, so have fun with it.

Pick a color scheme

While many people go for a collage of different stickers and colors, you can make the manicure more cohesive by choosing one color to base your stickers off of. These green butterflies can bring your nails to life. Pick your favorite color and add some stickers that match.  

Simple and nude

Some stickers, like these pretty flowers, look gorgeous on their own without any nail polish. You can choose to stick one flower on each nail or have multiple stickers. You'll want to pick various colors and play around to create a sticker garden on your fingertips. However, don't forget to seal the stickers down with a top coat. 

An acrylic set

For sticker book nails that will truly last a while, acrylic nails are where it's at. This not only lets you create any nail shape you want but gives the stickers a great place to adhere to and be sealed in. And when it's time to change your look, check out how to remove acrylic nails without causing damage

No stickers? No problem

If you love the sticker look but not the idea of buying a sticker book, you can totally still achieve the look with nail polish. Choose some of your favorite designs, whether it's simple flowers, hearts, or stars, and let your artistic side fly. This definitely requires some patience and a steady hand, but it'll give the manicure a hand-painted sticker feel.