Shimmer Fabric Swimsuits Are Bringing Subtle Sparkle To Poolside Looks This Summer

Here's our glowy girl summer pitch: this coming season should be all about the shimmer and the sparkle, about being the star of the show and the brightest one at that. After all, The runways are already full of sparkly, sheeny fabric, so why not jump on this starriest of trends? Catch us poolside and oceanside in our glittering bikinis all summer long. 


Just picture it —a glass of chilled sparkling rosé in your hand, the shimmering ocean water in the distance, a glowy body oil that catches the sun rays just right, and, most importantly, a glittery bathing suit that does wonders for your self-esteem. Sparkle on sparkle on sparkle. Doesn't that sound just perfect? Your memories of this summer are sure to take on that movie flashback dreamy glow— as long as you take our shiny, trendy advice. 

Here's how to make sparkle bathing suits work in your favor.

Subtle shimmer

A slight, subdued shimmer is all you need to catch that sparkle this summer (and also any special someone's eye). We all want some healthy attention, and a subtle sparkle will attract it like no other.


If you're ready for some swimwear shopping and want to pick the perfect subtle shimmer bathing suit, make sure to check the swimwear brand's Instagram. The best photos are always on there, seeing as some swim brands don't usually post retouched pictures of customers. By checking their socials, you'll get an accurate idea of what the suit will look like in action. 

Metallic shine

If glitter and sparkle aren't your thing, a metallic sheen is a pretty close second in terms of shine and luster. Take the gorgeous copper-like fabrics that flow in and out of style, for instance. There's a reason we all keep dipping our toes in those molten copper waters, and that's because they flatter most people. 


Putting a shimmery copper swimsuit on when you're at your most sun-kissed is akin to draping yourself in bronze and coming out statuesque and admired by everyone. Or at least that's what it feels like, and we're all about it.

Scales and sparkle

What's sparklier than a tropical fish swimming in summer waters? The little guys look like they're constantly being chased by the natural spotlight of the summer rays as they penetrate the ocean surface. Honestly, not much can compete with the sparkle of scales, which is why we're so glad scaly prints exist. 


With the mermaid summer trend, scaly print fabrics are bound to be everyone's go-to. Prepare for your tropical vacation by getting some sparkly scale-print bathing suits. Swimming or snorkeling with the fishes has never sounded better.

Glitter galore

Some are glitter people, while some are decidedly not. In fact, never bring up the topic with the anti-glitter community, or you'll never hear the end of it. But one thing is for certain, a glitter girl will go all out with that stuff, regardless of how many showers it takes to get rid of it. And we commend them. In other words, hats off to you, glitter gals and pals.


Since most brands are incorporating glitter into their swimwear lines, we recommend getting your hands on a one-piece swimsuit for maximized gleam and shine.

Shine away

The great thing about a shimmery bikini is that you'll have your own spotlight all day long. Go ahead and book your getaway with your friends, and bring your best shimmery number. You'll be the recipient of compliments all day long.


The shine of a gleaming shimmer fabric is perfect for any occasion, not just your poolside. That being said, make the most of that sparkle by going on a boat and sunbathing on the deck or even jumping into the blue, twinkling ocean waters. Live it up, but always in your best bikini.

Golden glow goddess

It's nearly impossible to think of shimmery things and not think of gold. As the old adage goes, all that glitters is not gold. But it sure is the first thing that comes to mind. If you ask us, gold might have the shiniest display, metal and otherwise, beat by miles. So feel free to take your pick of glamorous shimmer, but know that gold is always there to give you that extra fancy glow.


If you want that golden goddess glow, the only obvious pick is a gold bikini. You'll look and feel expensive, trust us.

Star of the show

You can become the star of any poolside show by wearing the most cosmic of all shimmery fabrics — silver bathing suits, of course. Not only reminiscent of one of the most elegant metals, but silver fabrics also evoke star-like wonder and moonlit glow. Moon goddess vibes, anyone? It can't just be us.


For that ethereal glam, bam, and glow, be sure to pick not just any silver fabric for your summer suit. A little imperceptible glitter woven into the fabric will go a long way in achieving that otherworldly appeal.