Flower Jewelry: A Mood-Setting Must-Have For Every Summer Look - Here's How To Rock It

Floral jewelry is by far the most flexible and versatile thematic presentation when it comes to accessorizing. Flower jewelry can set the mood of your outfit with styles ranging from casual and handmade to elegant, ornate, and opulent (via Yahoo). As fashion trends are skewing towards embracing individuality and diversity amongst styles on a personalized, unique level as well as within a cultural trendsetting environment, floral jewelry can make the most of any maximalist or minimalist ensemble while looking effortlessly elegant regardless of the modesty or exaggeration of the precise bijouterie. 

From head to toe, quite literally, flower jewelry is as vast as naturally discovered floral landscapes themselves. You can choose from your favorite flower, color, hue, or aroma for inspiration in your floral jewelry journey, or opt to choose bijoux representing your birth flower. That's right, in case you didn't know, the months have floral ambassadors, which represent the qualities, attributes, and strengths of those born under the guide of each respective bloom, according to Almanac. In a quick rundown of birth month flowers, carnations rule January, violets valiantly pilot February, daffodils direct March, April's daisy flowers bring May's lilies, roses rule June, July leans on larkspurs, poppies protect August, morning glories greet September, marigolds manage October, chrysanthemums chaperone November, and December's holiday-spirited holly conducts the annual floral encore. Your bijouterie bouquet awaits.

Mixed metal magic makes for elegant flower jewelry

The craftsmanship and artistry required to create flowers out of metal are as impressive as the natural beauty of wild blooms themselves. Metalwork has been a staple of style and voguish ensembles for centuries, but in modern trends, the appearance of mixed metals has captured the attention of the fashion world. For elevated expressions of sophisticated taste and mood-boosting excitement with each glance, mixed metal flower-inspired rings, necklaces, and hairpieces, like the floral metalwork headpiece Kate Middleton sported during King Charles's coronation ceremony, are your key to thriving floral fashion.

Create resin-coated jewelry with real flowers

Flower jewelry crafted entirely from metal is certainly a grand work of art, but if you want the real deal, aka actual flowers, in your jewelry box, relish in realistic resin raiment. You can create your own DIY resign accessory that reveals real preserved flowers, petals, or floral pieces using supplies purchased at your local craft store, says Modge Podge Rocks. After pressing flowers beneath weighted objects such as books, a process intended to flatten and preserve the appearance of petals, DIY resin jewelry is a fabulous feat for beginners and experts alike.

Polymer perfectly pairs flowers with relaxation

Another type of at-home DIY project you can take on for delectably delightful flower jewelry is the creation of floral-inspired polymer clay pieces, another product that is purchased at art supplies shops. Polymer clay promotes creativity, increases relaxation by lowering cortisol as your hands manipulate, mold, and manage the texture of clay, and results in inexpensive personalized pieces for yourself and for others, shares Faire & Co. After creating your design and ensuring you've punctured holes to attach earring posts or chains for necklaces or bracelets, bake your bijouterie to finalize your floral feature. 

Cocktail rings are wearable statement-making bouquets

One accessory, which rose to prominence over a century ago, is making waves again with its presence that simply can't be overlooked, and that fashion mode is the cocktail ring. The eye-catching glitz, shimmer, and designs of cocktail rings are the perfect landscape for building a bouquet on your finger. The possibilities of curating floral cocktail rings range from gemstones clustered together for rainbow arrangements to metalwork topped with pearls or jewels set in the flower's center, and striking engagement rings, which boldly brighten the big day with bouquets of diamonds, shares The Rose

Nourish your nostalgia with brightly colored beaded pieces

Opposite statement-solidifying cocktail rings on the spectrum of flower jewelry are nostalgia-nourishing beaded rings, necklaces, bracelets, and designs fulfilling the need for childhood-inspired curiosity in contemporary times. When you were young, it's likely you weren't afraid to be adventurous with your outfit selections, perhaps wearing the same Halloween costume for months. With past decades propelling modern mode, free your inner fashionista and explore the re-emergence of beaded flower lanyards, accessories tied with elastic string, and colorful floral displays reminiscent of the excitement of arts and crafts sessions at summer camp.

Daisy chains link everything together

Daisy chains are symbolic of creating lasting connections amongst any entity. You may have experience making literal daisy chains from actual flowers. Now your ensembles can be linked with minimalist-styled dainty daisy chain bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Even better, gift daisy chain jewelry to connect beloved friendships. Rather than counting daisy petals to ascertain a crush's interest, the flower daisy chain jewelry is all about boosting your mood and authentically connecting relationships.

Find freedom of floral fun from head to toe

Exploring the excitement, optimism, and vibrant aesthetic of wearable flower jewelry is as mood-enhancing as viewing a field of flowers. Playfully switch up your flower jewelry with bijouterie options from your head to your toes. Flower crowns set atop your head make for a vivacious mood-setting modish presence, as do flower accessories attached across your body, but as your ensemble unfolds, don't forget about your toes. Billboard confirms toe rings are at the top of trends, so embrace floral fun as you dip your flower-adorned toes into the sand or pool.

Flower wire jewelry is akin to floral fingerprints

Wire jewelry, like rings and earrings, are top choices for jewelry with unique flair, in stark contrast to standardized recreations of mass-produced items. By the very nature of the jewelry style with its design and mechanisms for creation, wire jewelry pieces are analogous to the bijouterie version of fingerprints. Using nothing but jewelry-specific wire, you can wrap the materials to create the semblance of a rose in mere minutes or enhance the floral ornament with beads. No two flowers are exactly the same, nor are two wire pieces of flower jewelry alike.