Lavender Latte Nails: The Milk Bath Manicure Adapting One Of Fashion's Hottest 2023 Colors

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This year, we're seeing lavender everywhere — in Taylor Swift song titles, on the runway, and in the lineup of pastel eyeliners. The calming color has also made it on the list of creamy, milky manicures that have become super popular, like blueberry milk nails and strawberry milk nails. This time, it's lavender latte nails bringing spring pastels into summertime, and you're in for a real treat.

This look takes inspiration from the decadent lavender latte, a creamy blend of espresso, lavender syrup, and steamed milk of your choice. You can achieve this yummy manicure at home with your favorite lavender polish. There's a spectrum of lavender shades to choose from, such as OPI's Polly Want a Lacquer? shade and the darker Lavender Fields polish from Ella+Mila's. However, you can keep it simple with a solid lavender manicure or get creative with swirls and nail art. The hashtag #lavendernails has over 85,000 photos on Instagram, and we've provided a few of our favorites for your inspiration.

A subtle light lavender

If you're not a fan of very pigmented nail polish colors, you can go for a light lavender. It still gives you a pop of color without taking over your look. To do so, try Pacifica's shade of Light Lavender or Lavender Moon for a pinkish lavender hue. 

Lavender French tips

French tips are a timeless look that you can't go wrong with. That being said, it's always good to have some outside-the-box French manicure ideas to remix the classic look. In other words, try out a new color on your tips that you normally wouldn't go for, like lavender or lilac. 

Chrome lavender

Don't exclude pastels when it comes to a high-shine chrome mani. You can wear a creamy color like lavender but add some shine if that's your thing. In the look above, the nail artist used lavender gel polish from Le Mini Macaron along with a White Chrome Nail Powder from Pretty Diva. 

Creamy lavender swirls

To truly capture the essence of a lavender latte, give your nails some swirly latte art. For this look, you can start with a milky white base and add various shades of lavender for the squiggles. You can even incorporate a light shade of brown to give the appearance of coffee, as seen above. Whether you go for a matte or glossy version, your manicure will be delicious. 

Lavender plant nail art

Using a thin brush, paint lavender sprigs to pair with your manicure. You can add some green grass and leaves to make it more realistic, but the lavender plants alone will also be a stunning addition to the manicure. Think of it as the garnish on your lavender latte nails. 

An ombré gradient look

Instead of sticking to one polish shade, an ombré manicure allows you to transition between two colors, smoothly blending them together. Play around with other pastel shades like pink, yellow, or blue to complement your lavender. This looks great on longer nails, as there's more room for the colors to blend, but it can be achieved on shorter nails too. 

Abstract designs

Add some quirkiness and personality to your manicure with abstract nail art. Lay on a base of lavender polish, and after it dries, take a different shade of polish to create shapes and lines. You might feel inspired by these wavy squiggles above or go for a different approach. With this look, there's no right or wrong way to do it, so no one will notice if you make a slight mistake.