Vacation Fashion Trends We're Bidding Adieu To (& Their Chic Replacements)

Going on vacation is your chance to dress to the nines and feel as confident as you possibly can. It's your opportunity to wear pieces you wouldn't ordinarily wear at home. Basically, it's your time to shine! Whether you're road-tripping to a nearby hot spot or jet-setting to an international destination, one thing is certain: Your fashion choices need to be on point. Who knows who you'll meet while you're exploring new places with your besties, significant other, family, or as a solo traveler?

Some iconic trends to take note of this summer include Barbiecore looks and mermaidcore aesthetics. Barbiecore fashion will have you feeling like a flawless doll, like Margot Robbie in the 2023 "Barbie" movie. You'll need every shade of pink to pull it off. Mermaidcore fashion celebrates and highlights the bliss and beauty of Disney's live-action version of "The Little Mermaid" starring Halle Bailey. Mermaidcore fashion requires plenty of blue, teal, green, and purple. Along with Barbiecore and mermaidcore, there are also many more trends to focus on for your next vacation so that you don't make any fashion mistakes.

Bandeau bikini tops are out

Bandeau bikini tops are out because they simply don't offer enough support to the ladies with bigger chests. Even for women with smaller busts, bandeau bikini tops still rarely offer enough coverage. You should be relaxing during your vacation, not stuck making sure you're not accidentally flashing people.

Underwire bikini tops are in

Underwire bikini tops have been a game-changer since their inception. Regardless of sizing, underwire bikini tops help your chest look so much better. Those with bigger breasts instantly get more support with an underwire top, while those with smaller breasts can rely on an underwire top to create the illusion of more cleavage. 

Low-waisted bikini bottoms are out

Low-waisted bikini bottoms are out because they aren't flattering in the slightest for many body types. They don't do anything to create a shapely silhouette since they awkwardly sit on your hipbones and don't make it easy to adjust them. Low-waisted bikini bottoms especially don't do any favors for people who don't have perfectly flat tummies.

High-waisted bikini bottoms are in

By now, the entire world knows that high-waisted bikini bottoms are in. They give your body everything low-waisted bikini bottoms don't. If you're hoping to show off your curves (or even the illusion of curves), high-waisted bikini bottoms that are pulled up and hit the right places will do that.

Square neckline maillot one-piece swimsuits are out

Square neckline maillot one-piece swimsuits are out because they're boring to look at. These one-piece swimsuits have been around forever, but in recent yearsthey've been blown out of the water by newer and more exciting designs. These swimsuits are the definition of playing it safe.

Cut-out one piece swimsuits are in

It's safe to say that cut-out one-piece swimsuits are in for another vacation season. Cut-out one-piece swimsuits are designed to be incredibly flattering. Depending on the areas of your body you're most confident about, it's simple enough to choose a cut-out one-piece that works to highlight your favorite spots.

Tankini swimsuits are out

The common purpose of tankini swimsuits is to hide your belly and lower back if those are areas of your body you're not totally loving at the moment. Still, tankini swimsuits have never been the most aesthetically pleasing style to wear to the beach or pool. Retire your tankini for good before your vacation.

One-piece swimsuits with built-in shapewear are in

Kim Kardashian has turned the shapewear conversation into something way easier to openly discuss. One-piece swimsuits with built-in shapewear are in for anyone who wants to feel cinched and tightened up in their swimwear. Shapewear swimsuits are lined with enough compression to help you achieve the shape you want.

Paperbag shorts are out

You can tuck your paperbag shorts into the back of your closet before heading off to your next vacation. These shorts completely fail when it comes to accommodating fuller body types. They will leave you looking disproportionate with whatever top, accessories, and shoes you wear along with them.

Pleated shorts are in

Pleated shorts are a fun vacation staple to pack into your luggage. They are beyond comfortable to wear since they tend to be a little looser and more breathable. You can dress pleated shorts up for a more upscale look or dress them down for a casual vibe.

Denim micro shorts are out

Denim micro shorts are a no-go on vacation unless the idea of chafing thighs sounds enticing to you. Micro shorts don't provide any protection between your thighs, which means you'll be out of luck if your vacation includes tons of opportunities to explore on foot.

Distressed denim shorts are in

Distressed denim shorts will always be a vibe when the rips, tears, and fringe are balanced properly with the material. When distressed denim patches take up too much space, it takes away from the overall appeal. You're on-trend when the distressed patches are well-placed throughout your shorts.

Teeny-tiny shades are out

Since teeny-tiny shades aren't the most helpful with shielding your eyes from the sun, they probably shouldn't be on the top of your preference list this summer. Teeny-tiny shades typically look nice on people with small-sized faces and small facial features. Everyone else might want to rethink wearing them.

Oversized sunglasses are in

Oversized sunglasses will have you feeling like Emily Ratajkowski or Priyanka Chopra while you're on vacation. Oversized sunglasses have been a staple in celebrity closets for years, and that isn't something that will be changing anytime soon. Plus, they're better at keeping your eyes protected from the sun.

Circular sunglasses are out

Circular sunglasses work well for people with prominent facial features and rectangular face shapes. If that doesn't sound like you, circular sunglasses might not be the move for your next vacation. The dorky school-kid vibe of circular sunglasses is another valid reason to ditch this trend.

Cat eye sunglasses are in

The vintage appeal of cat eye sunglasses makes them trendier than ever when brainstorming style ideas for your next vacation. Cat eye sunglasses give off '70s vibes, even though we're now five decades beyond that magical era. Watch all your vacation pics turn out undeniably cute with cat eye sunglasses as part of your wardrobe.

T-strap sandals are out

What could be more boring than a pair of T-strap sandals? These sandals are way too basic to be worn on vacation this year. Another issue that arises with T-strap sandals is that they often irritate the skin between your big toe and second toe when you walk long distances.

Exaggerated slides are in

Exaggerated slides are fun to wear compared to simple slides that don't have intricate designs, funky elements, or puffy materials. Exaggerated slides are the perfect thing to wear on vacation with an outfit that needs extra flair. A huge benefit of these slides is that they can serve as conversation-starters.

Crossbody purses are out

Although there might be some benefits that come along with the convenience of a crossbody purse, this style of bag is out this summer. Since crossbody purses hide a portion of your outfit and distract from the cuteness of what you're wearing, it might be best to leave them at home.

Oversized totes are in

Oversized totes make it easier for you to hold onto all your essentials for a pool day or beach experience. We're talking about more than just your cell phone and car keys! Mini flasks for liquor, sunscreen, suntan lotion, goggles, and more will fit. Plus, the front of an oversized tote has plenty of room to showcase stunning designs.

Denim on denim matching sets are out

Despite how much you might adore denim as a fabric, it's time to pump the breaks on denim matching sets this summer. Wearing a denim-on-denim matching set these days will simply remind everyone who sees you of outdated trends from the early 2000s. 

Crochet matching sets are in

You can never go wrong with a crocheted matching set during the summer season. There's something so artsy and creative about an outfit that's been crocheted from top to bottom. Crocheting skills aren't required to pull off this look, however, since matching sets made of sturdy yarn are available at plenty of boutiques.

Newsboy hats are out

Newsboy hats aren't a vibe this summer, but they've also been pretty challenging to wear during every summer season in the past as well. Since they can be a bit stuffy and snug on your head, it's easy to feel like you're totally overheating while wearing them. 

Oversized sun hats are in

One summer hat trend that will likely never go out of style happens to be oversized sun hats. Whenever you wear an oversized sun hat, you protect your face and the back of your neck from harsh UV rays while also looking like an absolute stunner. 

Puff sleeve baby doll sundresses are out

Consider taking a break from wearing your favorite puff sleeve baby doll sundress this summer. The youthful innocence of this dress style can be a total vibe in some cases, but it may also remind onlookers of something a bit too childlike in others.

Dark femme sundresses are in

Dark femme sundresses are in this summer because the dark femme movement is more popular than ever. A few scrolls on TikTok will reveal how many women are going out of their way to cling to their dark feminine energy in all aspects of their life, including fashion.