Red Eyeliner Is Adding An Extra Pop Of Fierceness To Summer Makeup Looks

Viva Magenta might be the color of the year, but we sure have seen a lot more red in recent times. From the viral MSCHF boots earlier this year to Rihanna's iconic matte lip look at the Super Bowl, red has permeated almost every piece of popular culture we've had. And this summer, the red fever's coming for another component of our makeup: eyeliner. Unsurprisingly, we're living for it.

Summer is about three things: the outside, bright colors, and daring makeup looks. Whether it's the glitter cut crease you've been practicing or that blue-toned lipstick you got last month, now is the time to switch up your makeup routine. However, with eyeliner, it's pretty usual to stay in a box with a basic, black cat eye.

Well, just like your outfits and the rest of your makeup, it's time to switch that up, too, starting with red-hot eyeliner. Get ready for some major summer makeup inspo.

Start small

Red is known to be a bold and fierce color, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to ease into it. Instead of diving right into the deep end, stray a little from your comfort zone and use your red eyeliner only on some areas of your lash line. You can do this either by outlining only your inner corner or making a small wing that barely extends out of your outer corner. Either way, take your time, ease into it, and get used to the red.

Pair with your favorite red lipstick

Makeup can be so much fun, and one of our favorite ways to indulge is by applying matching products. Gold eyeshadow with gold lipstick, pink blush with some pink-toned lipgloss, and for the summer, red eyeliner with some red lipstick. Pairing your eyeliner look with a rich red pout is a simple yet bold look for the season and is a sure way to make the red look good on you. After all, who doesn't love a good monochrome makeup moment?

Smudge it up

Speaking of monochrome makeup moments, lipstick's not the only way to achieve that with your red liner. Here's an interesting technique: merge your red liner with red-toned blush or eyeshadow for a hazy look. To do this, apply your eyeliner and some red or orange-toned blush or eyeshadow to your cheeks or lid. Then, with a clean brush, blend and extend the product near your lash line so they merge and create a blurry effect on your skin. This technique might take a few tries and a bit of looking crazy initially, but the results are excellent.

Red is the new black

Black eyeliner might be your go-to for goth looks, but red liner shows serious potential. Take Emily Ratajkowski's smudge grunge eyeliner look, for example. If you're into darker themes, skip the cherry red eyeliner and try a maroon or burgundy variant, like Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Love Drug.

The reverse cat eye

If you're not already able to tell, we love Rihanna and her beauty tricks. And that's why this reverse cat eye might be our favorite way to rock red liner this summer. The technique involves heavily applying your liner to your lower lash line and extending it into a wing to meet the upper lash line. Again, with red eyeliner, you might need a bit of practice to know what shades and how long of a wing works for you, but you can be sure we will be rocking this all through this summer.

Get graphic

Red eyeliner isn't exactly the textbook color to go for, so why follow the rules at all? That said, get creative this summer with everything from a small swoop you wouldn't normally do to an intricate pattern extending past your lash line and into your lid area. You can add shapes made with your liner or red eyeshadow, like stars or sparkles, to your inner corner for even more creativity.

Gloss it up

Remember what we said about merging your liner with eyeshadow or blush for a blurred-out look? Well, add even more spice by glossing it all up. Glossy eyeshadow is a simple yet striking technique, and what better time to have glowy, wet eyelids than in the summer? This look goes well with a dewy finish, so consider trying the dolphin skin technique while you're at it.

Glitter's your friend

Red eyeliner's a statement on its own but with some glitter? Epic. Try shimmery red eyeliner products or apply a clear shimmer to your already-applied eyeliner. You can also add matching rhinestones for even more shine. 

Now that you know what to do with your red liner, it's time to know which ones you can start with. For a cool-toned red-eye look, we're fans of the Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear in the shade Cherry Punk and for a bright, neon red wing, we love Suva Beauty's Hydra FX water-activated cake liner in Bomb AF