7 Handbag Trends That Will Be Unavoidable This Fall

Handbags have become increasingly vital in the process of creating a cohesive aesthetic. This fall season has all of the makings of continuing with this pattern with more handbag trends becoming essential for completing our looks. Just like with clothing items, many of these handbag trends are based on comfort and practicality. Long gone are the days of wearing bags that can't carry anything we need (we're looking at you micro-purses). Instead of sacrificing your necessities for the sake of style, these handbag trends blend the two for the benefit of everyone.

Although wearability is the base for many of these trends, there is still a considerable amount of style and personality included in them. As an extension of your outfit, your handbag must still be chic enough to match your 'fit. No matter what your style is, your handbag should be able to complete your look while holding everything you need to take with you. 

Top handles

Although the Y2K style has gotten us accustomed to shoulder bags and crossbody bags, the top handle is coming back to your collection. Top-handle bags may not be a major switch-up to your overall style, but they add some sophistication to your look. They give you an extra glimmer of elegance by making you hold your bag and show it off. While they're not the most practical, top handles give serious quiet luxury vibes.

Fuzzy shearling bags

Fall through winter is the time to bring the coziness back into your wardrobe. With the inclusion of warmer fabrics, shearling bags are becoming more of an attractive trend for the season. Although it won't do anything to keep you warm, the shearling fabric will add texture to your look, tying it all together. The soft fabrics are sure to blend in with any shearling and fuzzy accents you include in your outfit.

Croc-effect faux-leather

With textures and materials becoming more prominent, you can't forget one of the most iconic bag fabrics. Crocodile leather has been popular in the past, but it was slowly phased out in favor of sleeker and more minimal materials. But this look is coming back into fashion, and the best way to replicate it is with croc-effect faux or vegan leather.

Slouchy styles

Once again, Y2K bags are taking over the trends with their casual but chic vibe. A slouchy bag doesn't have a structure to it that holds its shape, but it holds all of your belongings with ease. Adding accents like sequins or embellishments can elevate this casual item and turn it into a must-have accessory for the fall season. 

All the totes

In the spirit of practicality, tote bags remain one of the best pieces to complete your wardrobe. Not only are tote bags essential for carrying bigger items, but they can also take your outfit to the next level. Smaller tote bags can give you a sophisticated chic style without having to lug an office bag around. On the other hand, a larger tote can carry all of your necessities while still looking chic. If you can't choose, go with both to rock the "double bag" trend.

Quiet luxury, label-free bags

On the theme of quiet luxury, label-free shoulder and handbags are becoming more desirable than those exhibiting logomania. Nowadays, a slick and simple design with minimal branding and only hardware showcased is more than enough to stay on-trend. This is fantastic news for those looking to spend less and get more out of their investments. These minimal bags are versatile and suit all your fall looks, but they will also remain timeless and suit you for many seasons to come.

Bucket bags

A few seasons ago, bucket bags were everywhere, from the runways to the streets. Now, they're making their triumphant comeback. Bucket bags cater to both practicality and style. The bucket shape of these bags will hold all of your items and still earn you extra style points. If you're looking to impress with your handbag collection, you can't forget a bucket bag, whether it's high-end or without a label.