Stunning Nail Art Inspiration To Fuel You Through Leo Season

The season of Leo begins on July 23 and runs through August 22. For some of us, this season marks the hottest time of the year, while for others, it marks the final days of summer. Either way, this season surely belongs to the fiery hot lion and the big cat's love of power, attention, and drama. Why not celebrate this love with a fresh mani?

Whether you're blowing out birthday candles this Leo season or simply want to commemorate the Leos in your life, there's a manicure sure to fit any aesthetic. And if you're a feisty and fun Leo, we know you love looking good, and we have some nail art inspirations that are sure to have you feeling bold and beautiful.

Needless to say, this is the season to make yourself stand out and show off how fierce you truly can be. From fiery hot looks to cute ideas that allow you to tap into your inner child, we have some nail art inspo to fuel you through Leo season.

Embrace that fiery side

Leo is a fire sign, and if you know a Leo, you likely already know this. While they can be the sweetest person in the world, if you get on their bad side, you will see the flames in their eyes and feel the ice in the way that they speak to you and treat you. For fiery Leo season, embrace the warmth in the air and the cold soon to come with some fancy fire and ice-inspired nails. Flames will always be a go-to for lions. 

Feel like the queen of the jungle

The lion is known as the king of the jungle, and we want you to feel like royalty with these animal-inspired prints. Get creative and embrace your inner zebra — which was delicious, by the way! Try out multiple animal prints, whether you opt for a look like the one pictured or you want to embrace the print on each entire nail. And don't worry about making your animal prints perfect; we love the uniqueness of the colors and spots on these nails.

Warming up with those campfire vibes

While summer is in full swing at the beginning of Leo season, it begins winding down toward the end, leading to potentially cooler nights — perfect for bonfires. Of course, any night spent outdoors is ideal for burning wood and some marshmallows. If campfires are your jam, then paint some on your nails. We love the fiery warm feeling this nail art gives us, and it's also cute — a nod to Leo's soft and fun side. 

Look up at those starry nights

These nails make us want to lay out on a blanket under the stars as far away from the city as we can get (the darker the sky, the better!). These nails scream style and sophistication, which is something we know that Leo will love. Aside from loving that shiny black background — which gives this mani its refined look — these nails are perfect for these lucky lions because the stars are painted in gold instead of silver, which is one of Leo's power colors

Sport those sunny hues

Leo is ruled by the sun, so they tend to have a very bright personality that makes them stand out in a crowd. If you want your nails to really garner attention, we think you should opt for some yellow hues this Leo season. Go for something bright and bold, or take it down a notch — yellow will catch people's eyes no matter which shade you choose. Depending on the day, the clouds, and the weather, the sun itself can look all sorts of shades of yellow from down here on Earth.

Make 'em shine like Leo's personality

Embrace that soft side, but make it shine like that big Leo personality. This look may seem simple, but those sparkles really make these nails pop. Paired with a pretty dress, you'll feel like a total princess. Whether you invest in a pink shade that comes with sparkles or add a sparkly coat to the top of your favorite pink nail polish, this is a look that even the most professional Leo can pull off without anyone questioning their strong side.

Leos love being dramatic

If you want something shiny that is wild and bold, skip the pink and dive into some sparkly red nails. Leo's sometimes have a flair for the dramatic, and these saucy nails will surely get you all the attention. These nails are absolutely impressive and offer a lot to the viewer. What makes this set of nails so dramatic? From the super sparkly reds to the dainty white accent flowers, it's hard not to want to look at these beautiful works of art. Even those accent flowers get their own bling. 

These lions love love

With all of that fire, it ought to make sense that Leos are pretty passionate about all things they love — and they are especially wistful when it comes to romance. For a zodiac sign who loves love, some romantic Valentine's Day-inspired nails can still look fab during this season. Plus, who says hearts are for V-day only? Wear them all year if you'd like to. After all, summer is still a season for love — if it weren't, Sandy and Danny wouldn't have had such a great summer in "Grease."

And they rule the heart chakra

Leo rules the heart chakra, which is symbolized by the colors green and pink. The heart chakra is not only the space where we hold love for others, but where we love ourselves. And we know Leos have a tendency to be in love with themselves! We've seen some fantastic pink nail art looks perfect for Leo season, but we want you to consider these gorgeous Kelly green digits that make us think of lucky four-leaf clovers, fresh-cut grass, and pretty green tree leaves.

They're as bright as a sunflower

It makes absolute sense that Leo's flower is the sunflower — a bright and bold flower that shines as much as they do. Sunflowers are not only a symbol of the sun, but they also stand for loyalty. When you see sunflowers, they are usually facing their big flower heads to the sun, worshipping that fiery ball in the sky that gives them life. You can have fun with the flower colors, too, as there are orange, red, and other shades of sunflowers out there in the wild. 

Show that power with red nails

Red is considered a color of power, and they tend to make people feel more confident, which is why many folks wear red ties or other red accessories to job interviews and important meetings. Skip the red tie and feel bold and confident each day with some shiny red fingernails. Our favorite thing about this particular set of nails is that the polish looks so slick and wet that it makes us want to take a dip in the lake before Leo season ends. 

Get classy with gold nails

Gold is the metal that symbolizes the lion, perhaps because of its sunny aura, and it's a color that does well for Leo. Their aesthetic surely pairs well with the likes of gold jewelry and fabrics. To go with your gold accessories and outfits, we suggest some bold gold fingernails. These nails look like they were actually dipped in melted gold. The milky nail color at the base makes the gold stand out even more — a perfect bold look for Leo season.

Vibe up with orange nails

Orange is yet another one of Leo's colors, often symbolizing the bright blazing color of the sunshine and an inferno of flames. Like that blazing ball in the sky, Leo has a fiery side that can be passionate, or it can be anger-fueled — one breath in the wrong direction could set this zodiac sign on a fiery path of vengeance. No matter which way you're feeling, consider making your nail art stand out with some bright orange hues that make it hard to look away.

Leos are in touch with their inner child

One thing you may not know about Leo is that they have a childlike side that they love to share only with those closest to them — just because they've got a temper in there doesn't mean they don't have a sweet side. If life has been getting to you and you're tired of the constraints of adulthood, consider getting in touch with your inner child by painting your nail with some fun characters from your childhood.

Creativity sees a new level with Leo

Leo is one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac, so take that creativity to your nails. While these nails have a bit of a watery vibe (bubbles and coral), we love the bright and bold colors in a creative design and think this would be a great inspiration piece for anyone looking for new nail art ideas this Leo season. They're perfect for anyone who is outgoing and loves getting attention. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors, gems and bubbles, shapes and designs, and anything else. 

For their appreciation for the fine things

Leos are the types of people you're likely to see dressed to the nines and attending fancy soirées. Black tie affairs are for sure things that attention-seeking and confident lions want to be seen at, and when it comes to looking fancy, pick a nail design that feels elegant as well — like a classic and dainty French manicure. It has a polished feel, perfect for work or a night on the town. 

Immovable Leo is a rock

Leos are fixed — they're not fans of change. They like to stand rock solid in their beliefs and can be rigid sometimes. Because of this, we thought this marble nail design would be a perfect choice — especially in that heart chakra green that reminds us that Leos are just hard-shelled folks with a soft inner core. The gold also gives a nod to the sun and the glitz that this sign loves. Take this look as inspiration because it would look fantastic in a multitude of shades. 

Their gloomy side can sometimes come out

We all get a little moody sometimes. Leo may be a sunshiny person most of the time, but they too can have those clouds roll in that rain on their parades and make them feel a little down. When bright and bold colors just aren't doing it for you, tap into Leo's gloomy side with some gray nail polish. What we love about this gray is that it almost looks as though it has a hint of other colors, like a bit of a holographic feel.

Get inspired by the sun and sand

Remember, Leo season is happening while summer is still in full swing, so you may want to get some more beach time in before it starts to cool off out there. These beachy wave nails make us want to dive in. From the glittery sand to the crashing waves with white caps, we can feel the cool breeze on the lake just looking at these. The waves on these nails also kind of make us want to take up surfing and enjoy the fun we know Leos love to have.

And don't forget the lion

We wouldn't honorably be celebrating Leo season if we didn't have at least one nail art design capturing an actual lion. Luckily, this little lion cub also helps you tap into that childish Leo adventurer with Simba from "The Lion King." Again, we're looking at some sunny yellow nails that will warm the hearts of any lion. Not in the mood for cutesy Simba? Go for the dark side with Scar. He would look great paired with some solid black nails and offers the power Leo longs for.