Curtain Bob: The Perfect Middle-Ground Style Between Short And Long Hair

Whether you're growing your hair out or simply looking for a sleek new 'do, you should consider trying out a curtain bob. This in-between option is longer than a relatively short micro-bob but doesn't have the length of a lob. It involves a middle part with the hair falling on both sides in the same way.

Despite its seemingly straightforward appearance, the curtain bob is actually fabulously versatile. It can look amazing during the day and night, and it suits pretty much everyone. "This chic and minimal cut is extremely flattering in the way it frames the face, particularly for those with a longer neck due to the crisp contrast of the horizontal line of the haircut and the long vertical necklines," Tom Smith, a hairstylist and Evo international creative director, told Stylist.

"This cut can also be adjusted for those unwilling to lose their length by creating a longer bob – just keep those ends tucked forward," Smith added. In fact, there are various ways to slay this particular style. That's why it's likely that there's a curtain bob that's just right for you.

Blunt curtain bob

If your interest has been piqued by the idea of a curtain bob but you've never opted for one before, then you may want to ask your stylist for a blunt version. By keeping the ends the same length all the way around, you can create a slick frame for your face that will also flatter the shape of your neck and shoulders. An ideal option if you have straight hair, it can also be achieved with curly hair by professionals who know how to handle spiral textures.

Curved curtain bob

You can give your blunt curtain bob a subtle yet striking twist by embracing curves. To achieve this style, keep the majority of your hair straight, but curl the strands in at the ends. You can do this with a little flick of a hair straightener or you can use a round brush while giving yourself an at-home blowout. This technique works well for both shorter curtain bobs that end around your jawline and those that reach just below your chin.

Messy curtain bob

There's no doubt that sleek straight hair looks amazing with a curtain bob. However, you can mix things up by adding a touch of messiness to your style. All you need to do is skip blow drying and straightening your hair and let it dry naturally. If you still want to put your tools into action, let the air move your hair around as it dries. Not only will you appreciate the added volume and tousled texture, but you'll also love the chic, laid-back, and easy-breezy style.

Wavy curtain bob

You don't have to give up your beloved beachy waves just because you have shorter hair. With a trendy curtain bob, you can keep your hair long enough to add fashionable swoops whenever you're in the mood. There are two options for this style. You can keep the waves symmetrical on both sides, as you would with a blunt and straight curtain bob. Alternatively, you can add slightly different waves to either side. Both options are trendy and gorgeous.

Tucked curtain bob

Another benefit of having a curtain bob that's not as short as other cuts is the ability to tuck your hair behind your ear. One side back, two sides back — both are stylish and practical options. In addition to highlighting your facial features, tucking your hair back also keeps it out of your face when needed. Although a blunt curtain bob can work, gently curled ends will help your hair curve around your ears in a comfortable and attractive way.

Clipped curtain bob

Keep your hair pulled back and away from your face without putting it behind your ears by popping in a couple of clips. Simply add them to the upper section in front, the same way you would if you pinned back bangs. This chic style is obviously practical, and it can also be wonderfully trendy with the help of creative clips. You could choose clips with artistic designs, eye-catching shapes, and stunning shades. For instance, the clips seen above are stunning accessories that look amazing against the dark, straight hair that makes up this enviable curtain bob.