15 Ways To Experiment With Your Eyebrows That Will Change Your Whole Aesthetic

It's mind-boggling when you realize just how much of a difference your eyebrows can make to your face. While we can't totally change the shape of our noses, the size of our lips, or the starting points of our hairlines without cosmetic procedures or surgeries, one thing we do have control over is our eyebrows. People who want to make major changes to their appearances without going under the knife for a full-fledged cosmetic procedure can take somewhat of a leap in the right direction by tweaking their eyebrows. 


You can have endless fun with your eyebrows when you keep up with the best trends and follow the right tutorials. Experimenting with different eyebrow trends is meant to be cool and exciting! From feathery brows to laminated ones and everything in between, there's a style for everyone.

If the idea of changing things up with your eyebrows on your own is a little too daunting, you can also enlist help from a professional who knows exactly what they're doing to elevate your look. Based on what you're hoping to achieve, there are several ways you can experiment with your eyebrows that can change your entire aesthetic. 

Fluffy textured brows

An easy starting point for eyebrow trends would be opting for fluffy textured brows. Have you ever noticed that some of the most youthful celebrities in the Hollywood industry often have fluffy textured eyebrows? Regardless of how old you might be, having fluffy eyebrows allows you to maintain a youthful appearance that doesn't quickly fade. Think about Brooke Shields, for example. One of the most iconic details about the star happens to be her fluffy textured eyebrows. 


You can achieve perfectly fluffy textured eyebrows by combing through the hairs to ensure they're well-groomed. Use your favorite colored brow product to fill in any areas where the hair is sparse or patchy. Apply a fluffy brow volumizing gel by starting in the center while brushing upwards and outwards. The inner corner of your brows should have the least amount of product so they don't come across as too harsh.

Bleached brows

Thanks to A-list celebrities like Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, Doja Cat, and Maisie Williams, bleached brows have been making a bold statement in the beauty world. The fun part about bleaching your eyebrows is that you can show the world how you look with missing brows without actually having to shave them off.


When you bleach your brows, depending on your skin tone, they can become nearly impossible to see, which means it's easier for attention to be drawn to other areas of your face, such as your eyes, cheekbones, or lips. Those with a darker complexion look stunning with bleached brows as well, especially when they match a blond head of hair.

You might be stuck on the notion that bleaching your eyebrows will have you looking like an alien, but there's something very high couture about being able to pull this off. Something else that makes bleaching your eyebrows worthwhile? If you decide you're not totally feeling the look, you can always dye your eyebrows back to their original color. Hair dye can usually always be corrected! 


Laminated brows

If you're on social media, you may be familiar with the massive February 2023 feud between Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner, which all stemmed from Gomez's joke made about laminated eyebrows. So, what exactly is this particular eyebrow trend about? Things between Gomez, Bieber, and Jenner have seemingly calmed down, but the conversation about laminated eyebrows is just as lively as ever.


Brow lamination is a treatment that allows you to style your brow hair into its best possible shape for sleeker and more polished results. It's similar to getting a perm on your head hair and is non-invasive. With the help of a process involving chemicals, this treatment forces your eyebrow hairs to stay in place instead of straying wherever they want against your will.

So anyone dealing with unruly brow hairs that stray in random directions at all hours of the day will adore the benefits of this option. Based on the local spas in salons in your area, brow lamination is priced anywhere between $50 and $100, though it could be more or less. Keep in mind that this treatment is not permanent and needs to be redone every few months.


Y2K-era skinny brows

If you thought Y2K-era skinny brows were a thing of the past forever, you'd be wrong. Although it's true that fluffy textured eyebrows can create a more youthful appearance, ultra-thin and skinny brows still hold their place in the beauty world.


For the longest time, skinny eyebrows have been neglected by just about everyone since they have a slightly bad reputation for visibly aging you. With stunning celebrities like Kate Moss, Bella Hadid, and Rihanna bringing the trend back to the surface, beauty gurus are starting to reconsider their opinions. Keep in mind that skinny eyebrows aren't just reserved for the punk crowd or the goth kids — anyone who wants to experiment with this trend should feel comfortable enough to dabble and see their results.

If you want to get the look without reaching for a pair of tweezers, check out this TikTok hack by @cutcreaser, which involves brushing the hair upwards with an eyebrow gel, brushing the top of the eyebrow down, and pinching the hair in the center. You don't necessarily have to pair your skinny eyebrows with dark lipstick or black eyeliner, but that would definitely be a great place to start if you're paying homage to Y2K-era trends.


Tinted brows

Eyebrow tinting has been around for quite some time, but that doesn't mean it's old news. If you're hoping for some simple brow experimentation that will still totally elevate your appearance, eyebrow tinting might just be the route to take. It's a fast and non-invasive way to make changes to your eyebrows, with results that last up to six weeks. When you get your eyebrows tinted, a professional applies a semi-permanent dye that magnifies the definition and shape of your natural eyebrows. Eyebrow tinting can darken any of your thinnest eyebrow hairs to create a fuller and more complete shape. 


The process, as well as the dye, may be different depending on the spa or salon you visit. You may be tempted to skip the professional appointment to get this done since eyebrow tinting kits can be purchased to pull this off at home. Keep in mind, however, that most at-home eyebrow tinting kits are not FDA-approved — in fact, the FDA advises against it (via the Food and Drug Administration). It's important to do your research accordingly and proceed with caution. 

Colorful brows

There's so much fun to be had with bright and bold brows. Rocking colorful eyebrows shows the world that you've got an outgoing, energetic, and playful personality. While the majority of people will typically stick with natural eyebrow colors, opting for colorful eyebrows speaks volumes about the vibe you hope to give wherever you go. 


Colorful eyebrows create a dramatic change in your appearance that can only be achieved when you do something drastic. This trend works well for someone looking to make a significant change without dying their head hair or chopping it off altogether. 

To get a brighter color, you can bleach your eyebrows before dying them. If you want to keep things a little more simple, though, cover your eyebrows with a colored eyebrow pencil, some eyeshadow, or some powdered pigment to achieve the same results. After covering your eyebrows in your chosen color, dab on some concealer and setting gel to keep the color in place.

Microbladed brows

If you've been feeling curious about getting your eyebrows microbladed, you're not alone. Microblading as a beauty service has been around for decades. The semi-permanent treatment is ideal for those who currently feel like their natural eyebrows are slightly lacking and don't want to spend time in the mornings fixing them up anymore. You might love your eyebrows to a certain degree, but if you know there's a chance they could look better than they do now, why not take it? 


Instead of manually filling in your eyebrows with your trusty eyebrow pencil before leaving the house every day, microbladed eyebrows are full of deposited pigment that stays in your skin for one to three years. Once the results of your microblading treatment start fading away, book an annual appointment for a touchup. The best part of all is that you'll end up saving loads of time on your makeup routine!

According to Hepa Brows, those with skin conditions like rosacea or psoriasis, as well as other medical conditions like HIV, hepatitis, epilepsy, lupus, and others, are not good candidates for microneedling. It's important to talk to your doctor and your licensed esthetician prior to your appointment. 


Feathered brows

Feathered eyebrows are similar to fluffy textured eyebrows, but they're still special for their own reasons. For low-maintenance individuals who would rather not invest in anything that requires a visit to the salon, feathered eyebrows are simple enough to be done at home. When you master feathered eyebrows, they end up looking wispy and free.


It's best to get started with feather eyebrows after you've already handled the other basic steps in your skincare and face makeup routine. If you start your routine with feathered eyebrows, there's a chance they'll end up getting messed up as you start trying to handle other beauty business near your eyes, temples, and forehead. 

Use a clean mascara wand or eyebrow brush to fluff your eyebrow hairs up along their natural arches. Fill in your eyebrows to hide any sparse areas and avoid overdoing them in areas that don't need as much attention. Apply long-lasting brow gel over your feathered eyebrows once they look as wispy as you like. With long-lasting brow gel as a final step, you'll be able to successfully lock in the look. 


Straight archless brows

Straight-across eyebrows are the most popular brow shape in 2023 — and we can see why. Opting for straight archless eyebrows goes against the grain in a significant way since most natural eyebrows have slight arches. Although the natural arch of your eyebrow might already look fabulous, there's no harm in experimenting with straight eyebrow shapes to see if they actually look better on your face. This is especially true if you feel like your natural eyebrow shape drags your eyes down since straight brows can give a lifted appearance. 


You can take a leap with straight archless eyebrows by mapping out the natural shape of your eyebrows and brushing them into horizontal lines. Each hair should be laying down flat before you start trimming away all the hairs that don't go along with your intention. Use a tweezer in front of a mirror that's sizable enough for you to catch every detail. If there is a missing patch of hair where your arch used to be, simply fill it in to create that perfectly straight illusion. 

You can also shave the tail of your eyebrow off and use an eyebrow pencil to give a straight-across look. This is wildly popular on TikTok, with the hashtag #StraightEyebrows collecting over 107 million views and counting, filled with beauty gurus and TikTok creators shaving off the tail of their eyebrows to get in on the trend.


Embellished brows

Embellished eyebrows are just as fun as colorful eyebrows. Anyone who's seen "Euphoria" on HBO Max is fully aware that embellished makeup can create a more exuberant, festive, and lively outward appearance. Characters like Jules Vaughn, Maddy Perez, and Cassie Howard were rocking rhinestones, crystals, and other gemstones on their faces throughout many of the episodes. And you can too! 


A few things you'll need to embellish your eyebrows in the best possible way include tiny gemstones, tweezers, and eyelash glue. Be sure you're using eyelash glue instead of something as hardcore as acrylic nail glue. Use the tweezers to carefully place the gemstones across the hairs of your eyebrows until they are covered with your ideal level of glitz and glam.

Of course, you'll want to brush out your eyebrows so each of the hairs is lying as flat as possible before getting started with your sparkly gemstones. When you're pressing the gemstones into your eyebrow hairs, hold them down for at least 30 seconds to make sure they won't easily fall off.

Slit brows

Is there an edgier eyebrow trend out there than slit brows? Slit brows might be considered totally uncommon and unusual, but the trend certainly has enough beauty gurus feeling excited these days. Eyebrow slits are vertical cuts along the lines of your eyebrow hair. If you have a steady hand, eyebrow slits can easily be done at home in front of your own mirror. If the idea of accidentally cutting crooked slips into your eyebrows is spooking you too much, ask a professional makeup artist or barber to make it happen for you. 


One of the most famous individuals to rock an eyebrow slit happens to be Jason Momoa from "Game of Thrones" and "Aquaman." As Access Hollywood reports, his eyebrow slit came from an interaction at a bar, but that doesn't take away from how amazing it makes him look. Momoa's eyebrow slit elevates his attractiveness, and it can do the same for you. Whether you go for a single eyebrow slit on one side or double trouble on both eyebrows, your overall edginess will instantly become undeniable.

Heart brows

The softer version of slit brows happens to be heart brows. Slit brows might be vertical cuts through your eyebrows that reveal just how much of a trendsetter you are, but heart brows take a gentler, more feminine approach. You don't actually have to cut into your eyebrows by removing any hair in order to pull off this look. Instead, simply find a wet foundation that matches your natural skin color, a glue stick, and a thin makeup brush. 


First, you'll want to slick your eyebrow in the right direction with your glue stick and let it air dry. Once the eyebrow hair feels dry and solid, your brows become an easy base for you to work with. Carefully apply the wet foundation in a heart shape over your eyebrow wherever you want the heart to be. Some people only add a heart shape to one of their eyebrows, while others go for both. It's totally your prerogative when it comes to how much heart-shaped love you want to display on top of your eyebrows.

Wet-look eyebrows

Wet-look eyebrows are the right move for you to make if perfectly-polished fluffy textured brows are the opposite of your vibe. When you rock wet-look eyebrows, it looks like you just took a dip in a pool or just stepped out of a steamy bubble bath. Wet-look brows will have you looking completely flawless and sleek, regardless of how long it's been since you had your last water experience. 


And the good news is you don't have to fully submerge yourself in water to pull off wet-look brows — all you need is to run some thick gel into your brows with a spoolie. One thing you have to be careful with when rocking wet-look brows is the way they dry. If you accidentally rub them throughout the day, they'll potentially get a bit flaky. Be sure to avoid touching your wet-look brows after you've successfully gotten them where you want them.

Matching brows, lashes, and lipstick

Matching your brows and eyelashes is an exciting trend to try for makeup lovers everywhere. You can take things a step further by matching your lipstick, too. When it comes to making sure your eyebrows match your lashes and lipstick, you're free to choose whatever color makes you the happiest. If pink is the color that makes you feel girly and feminine, make sure your eyebrows, lashes, and lipstick all match the shade of pink you adore. 


If gothic black is more up your alley, then black eyebrows, black lashes, and black lipstick will totally suit your vibe. Go for cherry red brows, lashes, and lipstick, like in this photo above. The content creator pulled off the look in an effortless way, even though the bright red color she chose was incredibly eye-catching and dramatic.

Colors that look good on your lips may never cross your mind as colors that should be applied to your lashes and eyebrows. The same rule applies when it's the other way around. Even so, this trend is worth exploring if you want to roam outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Naturally untouched brows

Sometimes, less is more. Natural, untouched eyebrows may sound like the only trend that makes sense to you. There are still a few steps you have to take to create brows that appear to be "naturally untouched" in a way that still looks stunning and chic. If you simply avoid managing your eyebrows altogether, you might deal with some regret about your lack of effort every now and then. Making sure it looks like your eyebrows are on point without looking like you're trying too hard is possible.


Make sure that your eyebrows are well-groomed and well-maintained to begin with. Whether you get your eyebrows waxed, threaded, or tweezed, having a great starting point matters most. Lightly fill in your eyebrows by starting from the center, using multiple similar brow color shades, and blending everything together using feathery strokes. No one will be able to tell you spent more than a couple of minutes on your eyebrows if you follow these simple steps for a naturally untouched look.