Chiffon Nails Are Even More Subtle Than A Milk Bath Manicure

Chiffon nails are the next big thing for nude-nail lovers everywhere. If you're looking to get into the "Naked Nail Summer," this is one way to do it. The nails are almost completely sheer — even more so than the milk bath manicure — with a wash of nude that allows people to embrace an old-money aesthetic in the simplest way possible. 

To get the best out of the look, manicurist San Sung Kim recommends picking sheer neutral colors that complement your skin tone. "If the white polish has a more yellow undertone, it will suit those with warmer skin tones," she told Byrdie. "If the white has a blue undertone, it will suit those with cooler skin tones."

As Cirque Colors reveals, chiffon is sometimes described as a "sheer ballet pink nail polish" reminiscent of the satin used on traditional ballet slippers, but with a see-through element. It is subtle and understated, which explains why it fits in with the quiet luxury trend so well, and easy to maintain. These nails can not only be recreated at the nail salon but remixed with different styles to create a beautiful and feminine look.

Add some color

While we all love the sheerness that comes with chiffon nails, it can be enhanced by adding a few pops of color. This can be done in a myriad of ways, depending on personal preferences. It's important to note that the splashes of color should still showcase the tip of the nail, which should be sheer to fully encapsulate the trend.

Embrace heart prints

Hearts are beautiful and look amazing next to chiffon nails. A nail artist can achieve this by including painted designs on your nails or even adding heart decals. Choose a few nails to add hearts to and keep the rest of your nails nude so they can complement each other without it being overpowering.

Create the Midas touch with gold flecks

Everything looks better with a hint of gold, and nails are no different. Gold helps the chiffon paint stand out in a major way and can be easily incorporated into your manicure. The easiest way is to have your nail technician add gold foil to your nail for a gorgeous look.

Make them long

When it comes to chiffon nails, you have plenty of length options. While it may look amazing on natural nails, don't be afraid to create the look with acrylic nails as well. To get the long stiletto or almond nails, use clear acrylic so the gradient between your natural nail and the acrylic shows through.

Add a touch of chrome

Chiffon nails are beautiful on their own, but chrome adds a level of shine that takes any manicure to the next level. Typically, chrome adds a metallic or pearlescent sheen to the sheer pink shade, which will add just a touch of edge to what is otherwise a soft and feminine style.